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  1. Youve obviously been so traumatized by McCord That you have blocked him from your mind completely
  2. Thanks! Here it is at 2:17. These highlights are dope!
  3. Well, lots of golfers over the decades way overweight with no major back or knee issues. TW added about 20 pounds, prolly a good 15 of that muscle. And that was over years. Generally, fitness and adding muscle will protect your core, back, and joints. I think the latter part of your statement is on target. Violent swing, hundreds of thousands of times, with technique that, combined with underlying injuries that he added to with the running (and dopey seal thing, perhaps) and it set him on this path to injury. Look at BK. I think he did something to his knee just by accident stepping weird, not even from swinging, and it seems to be an ongoing problem now.
  4. I guess the guys who did the Korean TV Olympics graphics got new jobs
  5. Wait, wut? Meantime, defending champ Kokrak +5 and dfl. Thats golf ️ for ya ; )
  6. Yeah but Lanny got a Lanny Tracker? Im actually pretty shocked
  7. KMitchell been eating his Wheaties He -6 through 9. 2 more guys with 31s at the turn.
  8. TW had a bad knee from way before then. And even after he hurt it with dopey seal training, he didn’t get it taken care of. He kept playing. For a year. Continuing to destroy his knee. And the back is definitely from golf. Lots of guys, Love, Delaet, Appleby, Chappell has the microdiscectomy surgery. The fusion was a last ditch because those didn’t work well enough. You actually think his seal thing caused his back and knee problems? Understand if you consider a minor contributor. But TWs injuries were contributed to by several key things with his athleticism and reckless way of playing golf being the primary.
  9. You know we talkin TW right? He not like you or me. He completely trashed his messed up knee, kept playing like a nut job, heck with the pain or resulting damage, “I had ruptured my ACL in July the previous year and I played on it with no ACL and my meniscus was just, I was trashing it. My leg was sloppy. So I knew I had to go in because I had fragments in there. But my surgeons were saying that I also have to have the knee reconstructed. And I said, ‘Well, we’ll just do a cleanup job first,’ because I wanted to play the next three major championships. I took time off after that surgery. When I came back, I was doing a photo shoot and I was hitting a shot from a downhill lie and that’s when I cracked (the tibia). They were saying I was pretty much done for the year. I said, ‘Ah, I don’t know about that.’ Because I played basically from July of ’07 through ’08 with no ACL so I was kind of used to it.” His knee was toast, but then once he fractured his leg he really couldn’t practice. His practice was limited to hitting one shot, sitting in the cart, recovering for a little bit and then trying to hit another shot. He would practice for 45 minutes or so.” “I watched the tournament. I remember Tiger hobbling, hobbling, hobbling, occasionally hitting a good shot, making a putt. Hobbling, hobbling, hobbling, occasionally hitting a good shot, making a putt. Tiger is Tiger, there was no one like him.”
  10. The swing speed and reckless way he treated his body playing golf were the key contributors to his back problems. He doesn’t end up needing back fusion from just jogging and playing commando. Golf caused that. The knee injury was originally started when he was young and running and whatever dopey SEAL thing he was doing didn’t help. But the destruction of his meniscus/ACL was absolutely accelerated by the speed/way he swung and that he ignored treating it for so long. “Nobody’s happy in this town except for the losers. Look at me, I’m miserable, that’s why I’m rich." -Ari Gold
  11. Advertisers lookin at leaderboard like
  12. Lanny be like, ”Hon? Where’s my orange shirt?! Hurry, Rickies on!” ; )
  13. If he can grill a few rib-eyes and strips along with a pack of hot dogs Hes ok in my book.
  14. Oh nothing. We just talkin bout Rickie and renouncing satan.
  15. JRose with a 7 on the par 3. And AS dropping some blade porn https://www.pgatour.com/equipmentreport/2021/10/14/adam-scott-new-titleist-irons-68-1-as-one-of-one.html Scott indicated Titleist engineers took a different tack: They made CAD (computer-aided design) copies of his beloved 680s and CNC-machined what he called, “basically the same clubs.”
  16. All goes back to that PGA Championship dinner when Phil said, ”Could you pass the salt there Lonny?” Lanny be like
  17. That includes the Chiclets but not the erasers
  18. Yes, later I saw he said, in effect, Golf *does, at least in part, define him. Sometimes you have to give yourself a kick and he feels like he’s just getting started on that journey. Let’s see if he can light it up again. Cmon Rory, kill yo! Be like (Well, just without the chicks ; )
  19. Crème brûlée dope! Gotta go bistro now, haven’t had in long time. I order it as “cream brool” and waiter scowl at me lol. I see on GC. DJ rambling that Ryder Cup was fun but it’s the end of year. Took 2 weeks off and “has some work to do”. Then won’t play til January. Collin says lots of eagles this week and it’s good for tv Rory got there over the weekend. He say to see course cause hasn’t played before. But I think like 2am Saturday you see RM at high roller Baccarat tables like, Mcilroy. Rory Mcilroy ; )
  20. Thats a good point. I know BD likes to analyze things to the greatest extent. And it’s served him well it seems. Beyond the results I think he’s a guy who needs to constantly have all kinds of things on his mind. It’s like his natural state. But I wonder if, as you point out here, you can overdo it. And actually start psyching yourself out if you overload your head too much while trying to play.
  21. Ha, thanks ms. You immediately transported back to “the day” as a kid. Those karate movies be on Channel 7 in NY I think like Saturday afternoon. We used to do the voices and sound effects all the time for laughs. One time we did a whole skit for some class freshman year in HS. This kid, he was Korean, played a character. He was actually a total [email protected] himself this kid. Totally knew martial arts and could bench like 300lbs freshman year!
  22. Hard to say in business. I mean Michael Corleone baptized his sisters kid But it coincided with a seemingly unethical elimination of his professional rivals
  23. Ha, well, Rickie sport joggers. And high tops! But the difference is, unlike some folks, Rickie can pull it off. Plus, that’s just a style thing. Like Arnie bunching his sleeves to show off his guns ; )
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