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  1. Poor GO, he was actually practically apologizing for winning! He was really good for a while there.
  2. Ya, and the last play, even I felt bad for them. Dallas be like
  3. Ha! We ordered in some breakfast this morning, little French Toast and sausage doused with fake syrup ; )
  4. Quick food bomb post lol. Went out with a best friend since grade school and his wife last night. Colombian restaurant and this is chicharron, basically a thick hunk of fried bacon .
  5. Ha! I respect that. Wife doesn’t like fish at all, well she likes lobster and shrimp , of course lol. But when we go sushi, she gets this beef dish that’s thin sliced and rolled with scallions kinda like a sushi roll. Oh and deep fried shrimp tempura, and pork dumplings! Food “hang ups” are all but impossible to overcome. Wife just smells fish and it takes her back to fishing with her dad (RIP) and the smell from so many years ago comes back and grosses her out. But, back in our 20s, I was shocked that my buddies, who swore they’d never eat sushi (“it’s full of worms!”), came out one night and tried it and they got hooked. We ended up practically living at this sushi place in the city one summer lol Ok, to take our minds of sushi, how bout Lasagna and some pasta with sausage. Now, can’t go wrong there ; )
  6. LDT win the internet today! Man, what a show that was.But then I think it developed into something so complex and convoluted that even the writers had no idea what was going on lol
  7. Sully so full of himself he look in mirror and see like
  8. I luuuvvv sushi. Its pure. Hard to explain how perfectly clean and subtle the flavor is. The actual taste of the fish has very little impact compared to beef or pork or ever pretty flavorless meat like chicken breast. But it’s the texture of incredibly fresh sushi, done by a master sushi chefs surgical precision cuts, that makes it so sublime an experience. Good sushi is truly an experience in gastronomic delight that matches the beauty of its presentations Actually, here’s my plate at this fantastic place in our hood. The pink pieces on the right are called toro. It’s the tuna belly. That’s the “bacon” of sushi ; )
  9. So, like over 10 years ago, we are flying over to Italy and we had rented a bunch of DVD episodes of Lost to watch on the plane (lol remember portable DVD players) We never saw the show before so we’re like half way over the Atlantic and we pop in the very first episode. We’re watching and it shows all these people on an airplane and then all of a sudden The plane breaks is half and everybody is getting sucked out into the abyss and dying! I turn to wife and say, Dont worry, we’re totally safe, what are the odds that our plane crashes…while we’re watching a plane crash!
  10. I don’t think so. But I’d try! I like octopus and squid and all kinds of raw fish for sushi. I like most everything besides… hard boiled eggs, soft shell crabs (but love crabs otherwise), and cilantro.
  11. Golf fans in 1982 with nothing but crappy tv reception of a few hours of events and no other media coverage. And if you miss it live, you’re out of luck and see 15 seconds of highlights on the evening news. ”This is great!” Golf fans in 2022 with 5 live streams of featured groups, featured holes, super HD you can see grains of sand flying, rewind, replay, dvr, on demand highlight reels, individual player media accounts, drone cameras, shot tracker, shot tracer, and movie studio produced, multi-episode, in-depth, on demand streamed, docu-series featuring the pros on tour, ”This stinks!”
  12. Could have all been avoided if he didn’t run into the birds in the first place yo! I thought pilots supposed the see good smh
  13. Ha! I just remembered flying to Europe as a kid in the 70s and seeing people grooving in the lounge on the plane like
  14. But ya gotta give him credit for landing a jumbo jet on a river with a stewardess on his lap and while drinking a Campari.
  15. Sully. So overrated. Look at me, I landed a 747 in the river. Saved hundreds of people blah blah blah
  16. Thanks for this bill! Felt like I was reading a chapter straight out of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer! Riding a horse in the woods, that’s so cool. Well, not the hornets! But sounds like no permanent damage done to any key “regions” and that’s a memory that must stay fresh in your mind for a lifetime. And Id definitely like to try some of that possum soup with corn bread ; )
  17. tw_f! I don’t know, on this one, might have to
  18. Nice ones touch! Would say this one a great song. But on the radio so much in the car cruising around, was just part of lots of good times …
  19. No not back in the day when we were on the field that was all lined out We used to run back and forth across the field countless times in every possible increment and combination of yardage. Im talkin bout like now! If you wanted to time yourself in a 40, barring going to some football field, how would you go about measuring out 40 yards? Ahh, here’s something…
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