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  1. On Tuesdays 99% of time unless it’s a surprise drop. Especially for all majors, it will always be tuesdays unless something is wrong with his site, which is becoming more common
  2. Little off topic, but does cameroncollector.com still exist? I used to collect anything and everything Cameron related till the site got so bad, but still kept up with new stuff on that site. For past month or so it seems like it’s down. Anyone have any knowledge on this?
  3. cameroncollector.com. Great members that don’t really try to make profit unless it’s limited items. Been a member for 15 years myself
  4. I got early access and I honestly do not buy that much, maybe 3-4 pairs a year. Guess I got lucky, I never get early access and of course on the ones I am not going to get. I think it’s actually random
  5. Pass for me on Jordan’s, even though I never get access. Spent enough this week
  6. Might be better buying from stockx to guarantee a pair, they are not running a ver high markup. Size 10 are 235, they are losing money after their fees I assume since Nike wants 220
  7. Looks like several had early access because everything on stockx and really not asking as much as I thought, especially the Jordan’s.
  8. I see where I can now purchase the 97 through member access, but not any of the other ones. Hoping they unlock for me before public release, only looking for zit and Jordan’s
  9. Not a fan of tie dye either, might get just because the will prob be super limited and love my other zit that I have now. Same reason I will TRY to get tie dye Jordan’s
  10. Found some me roshe tour hot punch in 11.5 today but left for next person since not my size. Used to see tons of TPs at this ross, none last 3 weeks
  11. i know the Jordan’s will be very limited with no restock when they sell out, but how limited do you all think the zit will be?
  12. I was able to get wide in white on initial release for zit and glad I did. Most comfortable shoe I own
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