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  1. It does not come with original grip and and shaft, I honestly don’t know where they are. Think I lost in moving houses a while back.
  2. I am the original owner of this button back newport 2 and only used about 5 rounds. It could never beat my other gamer out of my bag. I did switch shafts and grip from original because I never liked the leather grip and thought this would be my new gamer. Plays at 35 inches, great condition with a few brush marks on sole from being used for those few rounds. Besides that, everything looks perfect. Looking for 1650 shipped in US. Does not come with headcover. No trade offers please and only serious offers Thanks PRICE DROP: let’s drop it down to 1450 shipped.
  3. I thought it was a bay hill cover. I used to collect Cameron covers and putters, but stopped about 7 years ago due to a divorce and starting to think it’s been about that long or longer since a good cover came out. Sold most my covers after divorce, but held onto putters. I was thinking about getting back into it, but between the customer service and lack of effort (imo), I just can’t justify always passing on all these covers and such. Fun and expensive hobby, good luck to those still in it.
  4. Is that the cover for this major? It can’t be or I hope not, I do not see that it has anything to do with this championship.
  5. On Tuesdays 99% of time unless it’s a surprise drop. Especially for all majors, it will always be tuesdays unless something is wrong with his site, which is becoming more common
  6. Little off topic, but does cameroncollector.com still exist? I used to collect anything and everything Cameron related till the site got so bad, but still kept up with new stuff on that site. For past month or so it seems like it’s down. Anyone have any knowledge on this?
  7. cameroncollector.com. Great members that don’t really try to make profit unless it’s limited items. Been a member for 15 years myself
  8. I got early access and I honestly do not buy that much, maybe 3-4 pairs a year. Guess I got lucky, I never get early access and of course on the ones I am not going to get. I think it’s actually random
  9. Pass for me on Jordan’s, even though I never get access. Spent enough this week
  10. Might be better buying from stockx to guarantee a pair, they are not running a ver high markup. Size 10 are 235, they are losing money after their fees I assume since Nike wants 220
  11. Looks like several had early access because everything on stockx and really not asking as much as I thought, especially the Jordan’s.
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