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  1. Selling a Scotty Cameron Phantom 5.5 that was used for 18 holes. I did change the grip, it is a Super Stroke pistol grip. I will include the original Pistolero grip as pictured. This is a 34 inch model, the shaft band has been removed. The 34 inch models are sold out in KC stores. $500 Shipped and Paypalled
  2. For sale are two pair of Nike Air Max 1 G size 9 shoes. These are getting harder and harder to find. The grey pair has been worn for about 25 rounds but still in great shape. Lots of life left as the pics show. The white and blue pair have only been worn for 5 rounds. They are in great shape! SHOES SOLD! Also for sale is a Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Black S400 wedge shaft. The raw length is 32 3/4 inches, was pulled from a Vokey 60* that played 1/4 inch under
  3. The weight is excellent, I have not noticed anything at all. The extension that is in the shaft is really impressive
  4. For sale is a Graphite Design AD XC 6S shaft with a Titleist Driver tip, tipped half an inch. This shaft does have an extension so it will play 46 inches. With out the extension it will play about 44 3/8 inches. The extension is not one of the cheap ones that are solid. It is inserted 3 inches into the shaft and was professionally installed. The graphics on the shaft are lined up with the 1 position on the tip. Please let know if you have any questions. $sold Also for sale TS3 weights, one is a OEM +6 and one is an aftermarket +8. weights are SOL
  5. For sale is a Scotty Cameron Red X2 34 inch 340 gram putter. As you can see the putter is refinished in black. I cannot confirm who did the work but looks very good and based on the condition of the headcover and shaftband I would not rule out the Custom Shop. When I regripped it I noticed an extension but it 34 inches. This really is in nice shape and the headcover is in great shape as well. Please reach out with any questions. $160 Shipped and Paypalled
  6. For sale is a Tour AD BB 6s shaft. This shaft has been tipped .5 an inch and is 41 7/8 total inches. It would be prefect for a 3 or 5 food but needs to be extended for a driver. I actually had a extension in it for a driver but that was pulled. Either way this is a GREAT shaft with tons of life left. If you are looking for a low spin shaft this is the one for you! Please reach out with any questions $125 Shipped and Paypalled
  7. For Sale is Titleist U510 3 iron with a Hzrdus Smoke 80g shaft in 6.0 flex. This club is gently used but could pass as almost brand new, the grip brand new. All specs on the club are standard. Please let me know if you have any questions. sold
  8. For sale is a Fujikura Blue Tour Spec 6S shaft. The length is 42 15/16 inches, this played 44.5 inches in a Titleist driver. I cannot speak to other tips and what it will play with them installed. The prep length is about an inch and a half, I had the tip professionally pulled. The shaft has not been tipped. Please PM me with any questions. $Sold - Shipped and Paypalled
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