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  1. Any opinions of face depth vs the Original One?
  2. If anyone can get a pic of the face so that I can get an idea of depth, that would be unreal!
  3. Wait, so they do have that?? Granted, I haven't seen them in-person yet, but the renders definitely don't suggest that they have the sky-proof crown. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I don't get why Cobra wouldn't incorporate this technology into the fairway woods - I'd think that skymarks are maybe more of a concern with a fairway wood.
  5. Any chance you could take a pic of them face-on? I'm so curious about face depth, especially with something to compare to.
  6. I disagree - I'd say looks at address are just as important as feel and sound - maybe more so. Feel and sound don't come into play until impact and have precisely zero impact on performance. I couldn't care less about the look of the sole, but if you aren't comfortable looking over the ball, you're already at a disadvantage. I'm sure you were all over the square driver trend a decade ago..
  7. Interesting - I abstained from the SIM because it looks to have a substantially shallower face than my M5, so it's nice to see that deeper face again. With that said...that look at address isn't what I'd call clean... Thanks for sharing in any event.
  8. If a switch to Callaway means no one's forcing "Rahmbo" down our throats, it'll be the best switch of 2021.
  9. OEM Scotty heavy weight kit - no wrench, but they’re easy to find. Please note that these fit mallets only. I removed the paint for that tour-only look. Looking for $110 shipped CONUS or Canada. Will not split for now. Any questions, let me know. Thanks.
  10. Thanks very much - that's what I thought, but a little extra confirmation never hurt!
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