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  1. Thanks very much - that's what I thought, but a little extra confirmation never hurt!
  2. Hey all, I used to have a Scotty Monterey and sold it, which I regretted. I came across one locally and picked it up. Honestly, I have no reason whatsoever to think it's fake - milling looks good, finish looks proper, feel off the face is sweet, and the price definitely wasn't too good to be true (I'd say reasonable for the condition). With that said, I always like to get some feedback from my fellow WRXers. One day, I'll likely send it in to the CS for some paintfill and a new grip/cover, so I'll no for sure. One note - the finish on the sole pic looks very "bead bla
  3. Many clutch putts remain. As an added bonus, I’ve used up pretty much all the 3-putts she has to offer.
  4. ALL PRICES SHIPPED CONUS/CANADA Looking to offload one of my older putters. Played around with weights, but ultimately my Circa 62 won out. I'm the original owner of this - bought in 2010. In great shape given the age. I've stripped off most of the paint, as I prefer that look (only paint at this point is the flange line and the dots/"cameron" in the cavity). 34", 350g, comes with a Matador grip I ordered, which is used, but still has plenty of life left. Unfortunately, doesn't come with the original headcover - lost it years ago. I'll throw in a basically brand new Modern Golf magnetic
  5. First, apologies for the somewhat OCD nature of my post. I'm getting some fresh wedges to start the season off - my old set was Vokey SM7 50.08F 54.10S and a PM Grind in Slate. This year, I'm going to get the same Vokeys (just need new grooves as it's been a couple years) and I'd like to get the PM grind in tour grey. However, where the old slate finish was essentially the same type of un-plated finish as the jet black Vokeys, I gather the Tour Grey is a plated finish. I'm just wondering if anyone can share experience (or even photos) of the Grey Slate after some use - I'm kind of hoping it
  6. wow, super thorough, thanks so much for that!
  7. I’m surprised there are so few head-to-head comparisons online. It’s time for a new bag and I’m down to the Hoofer and the Hoofer life but other than the divider and minor weight, I’m not seeing any real differences. Can anyone give me their experiences with the either of them - or maybe even both - to let me know if there’s any real benefit of one over the other? Thanks!
  8. Hey all, Title says it all. It's been played but in good shape overall. There's a little bag rub on the specs, which I've tried to show on the pic - that's the extent of the wear on the club - purely cosmetic. Has a New Decade grip ant Taylormade tip. Looking for $210 OBO shipped CONUS or Canada. Not really looking for trades at this time. Any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for looking.
  9. As the title says, selling my BLāD 1 putter, 35° long, with Ping Winn grip. Comes with matching cover - and will also come with a few extra goodies.Looking for $225 shipped CONUS and Canada. Not looking for trades at this time any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks! SOLD! Also have a Stitch Arnold Palmer Limited Edition Leather Set - Stitch will not sell these outside of the USA (for any international buyers interested). These are brand new, have been on my clubs, but never out of the house. Only willing to currently sell as a set. Looking for $200 $150 shipped CONUS and Canada OBO (S
  10. Yeah I found that interesting too - must come down to the weight.
  11. I paid similar prices for the Anser, the Kombi and the Notchback as they were bought new, but the others were all bought used, so I'm not sure it applies here, as 2 of the 3 more expensive ones are out.
  12. Round 2 Update added to the first post!
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