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  1. No one regrips anything of mine except me...problem solved. Too many times ive had golf store people "save" a grip by either cutting it off, stretching it so bad its ruined, or trying to blow it off and it snap rips right in the middle....and yes, still get charged for labor after destroying single putter grips that are worth 30 or 40 dollars more than the labor charge itself.
  2. [Heavy Sarcasm] - How dare you criticize the OP for calling for evidence. How dare you say that said evidence is worthless! Its like the climate change debate....its gets warmer....oops global warming. It gets colder....oops global warming again.
  3. Probably time to lock this thread up. Mods...cmon on in anytime.
  4. Yep...just like the folks who drive themselves slowly and dangerously to the mall, somehow find their way into a store, pull out their cash and count the change out and everyone in line behind them is perplexed. The mall doesnt stop them at the door. eBay should have a layaway option...where these people buy something (one time only), eBay fronts the seller the money and eBay collects payments from the buyer. It would force eBay to HELP these people get setup quicker. Layaway would exist as a one month promotion (December) and one time use only, because that would be a big hit to eBays bot
  5. My dad doesnt know how to use his I-Phone, but hes still able use it. Not everybody just "gets it'. Some of these people dont even know what PayPal is. My grandma used to call it PlayPal...., but she used it, because I set her up with it. When she wanted to buy something, I did everything.
  6. What happened with that putter was the bidder won the putter, and I reach out to all winners immediately to see where they stand on being able to pay. Some people ask to for my patience, and thats fine sometimes (which was the case for the ninja turtles ShellRaiser), and sometimes they arent setup and Im not gonna wait. When a zero feedback person wins, I immediately (sometimes I wait a few hours) relist the item to get them to pay me. If I put something back up for sale, it gets the winner (zero or no zero) to pay a lot faster. When (if) they pay, I pull the item down and it's their putte
  7. Yes....and you dont even see the people who have buyers remorse and ask for a return or a partial refund. One guy said...Id like to return this because my back is sore....I took ot back and sold it again. The new accounts are getting worse on eBay and using a buy it now option with immediate pay turned on works well mitigating against these bidders. And you said that you wouldn't do business with me because of reading this thread. Thats a shame. I could probably help you find a putter you have been looking for or get you into a setup you really want. I have some sweet connections, don't f
  8. I used to sell stuff here, it was great for selling items to a small market. eBay opens me up to 35 different global eBay sites and the exposure has generated some good, repeat customers. But....you get the zero feedback bidder thing...you get all the crazy questions...and you still get the lowballing, but your stuff is worth what the market says it worth and you just have to accept it.
  9. That would be correct, if a mortal requests a heavy or light swingweight, they use tip weighting or badge weighting....you arent going to be getting any tour heads to meet your demands.
  10. JBent9610....yea, its bad. Plus, you have to deal with the people asking what your buy it now price is during a live auction....like this guy just did. Many people tend to save you as a seller and then bid on many of your things. Those Ninja Turtle toys were popular when I posted them. Thanks for highlighting the issue for everyone to see. Selling on eBay tests your patience....
  11. IceCat....I thought you had my back, I mean, per your heartfelt message you sent me on eBay. Trash me on WRX and then say you defend me, then ask for a quote on a putter. Bahahhahahahhaha. You gotta love this forum. So now, unfortunately, I will have to block IceCat on eBay, on priniciple.
  12. I get it....its cool to feel like a justice warrior, and I did that as well with Pure Impact Golf when I got legit burned by the guy who owned it and it went like 120 comments and exposed the business for being crap. Thats not what is going on here at all. Ive been selling stuff on eBay for a long time and this issue has been going on for a long time. I used to sell to zero feedback new accounts because these folks would send me their info over eBay and there would be no relisting. Now...eBay has things in llace to prevent this but they are still weak on preventing people who arent yet setu
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