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  1. Time for a PXG purge... my loss (bad playing) is your gain. I’m not playing as much as I once was, and I need to go back to more forgiving irons - oh well, it is what it is. I would LOVE to give a deal as a package for everything. Here’s what we have on the chopping block: The irons are 0311T Gen3, 4-PW. These have KBS Tour 125 S+ shafts with Golf Pride Z-Cord grips (logo down) with (to my knowledge, as I’m the second owner) standard L/L/L. These have maybe a dozen rounds or less on them. See pics for details. There are some marks here and there but overall in excellent condition. The hype is real on these. They are absolutely FANTASTIC irons and feel incredible. Price is $OLD Next up is the perfect accompanying wedge set for the irons. The Sugar Daddy wedges. The set consists of 50/54/60. These have Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts with new Golf Pride Z-Cord grips (logo down). Standard L/L/L. These are hands down the best wedges I’ve ever used. Again, the hype is definitely real on these. They feel phenomenal. These have less rounds than the irons. Maybe 3-4 total. See pics for details. Price is $OLD To top off the bottom end of the iron set is the best driving iron I’ve ever used (I don’t play hybrids and have hit just about every single driving iron you can think of). It’s the 0311X Gen2 3 driving iron. It’s a monster off the tee and very easy to hit off the turf (second shots in on par 5’s are a cake walk). It has a HZRDUS smoke shaft in 6.0 flex with a new Golf Pride Z-Cord grip (logo down). Standard L/L/L. This was used seldom for only a handful of rounds. See pics for details. Price is $OLD And finally, another absolute cannon off the tee, a 0341X 3 wood head. The is shallow enough to easily hit off the turf. It’s a bomber and super forgiving. It’s been used a handful of times. See pics for details. Price is $300 OBO Please feel free to PM me with any questions. I’ve been on here since 2009 and have bought and sold a ton throughout the years. I always try my best to describe everything to the best of my ability (and my transaction history would echo that). Thanks for looking!
  2. ^ This. I've tried them all as I don't use a hybrid. I've been using driving irons for years now. I've used a couple PXG 0311X driving irons throughout the years (and most recently went back to it - I tried to replace it and now it's back in the bag). It feels amazing and if you can find one, they're fairly cheap now. It's a monster off the tee and they're incredibly forgiving.
  3. I’m glad I’m not alone on this! I LOVE Jones bags. But why they changed the pocket arrangement makes zero sense. My utility Greyson herringbone is the best bag I’ve ever had - with the exception of the top. The new tops are absolutely perfect, but the pockets suck!
  4. I received mine over the weekend - the 2.0 trouper. I absolutely LOVE the top (especially compared to my Jones utility herringbone Greyson bag). However, I hate the pocket setup. My current one, as well as the trouper 1.0 had a great pocket layout. Why they put a giant cooler in the main area baffles me. The new pocket layout is bad IMO. Anywho, I’ll probably return it, or try to trade for a 1.0.
  5. I wish you had the matching fairway to that Seamus driver (I'd be all over them). Sweet setup! I love my Seamus covers. GLWS!
  6. First up is really sweet set of TaylorMade My Hi-Toe wedges. The set consists of a 50, 56 and 60 ATV degree wedge. These were custom ordered through the My Hi-Toe department (over $700 new) and took weeks to get. These are the full RAW heads and the only way to get them is through the custom ordering. They have S400 shafts and new Golf Pride Z-Cord grips. They all have gray TPU plugs and gold paint. These were used for a couple rounds and are mint. I'm asking $525 OBO shipped Next up is a really neat SWAG golf Kids Hot Dog cover. There is one left, and it's brand new and still sealed in the bag. I'm asking $125 shipped Next is a Masters golf towel. This is straight from Augusta! It's brand new and the tag is still on it. The price is $OLD ***JUST ADDED*** Here’s a super forgiving and easy to hit driving iron. The SIM DHY 3 (19 degrees). I am the second owner of this. The first guy only it a couple times. Since I received it, I’ve hit only a couple times on the range. This is extremely mint. I’m a driving iron nut and I’ve hit them all! This is so much easier to elevate than the others (which is why it’s great off the tee, as well as the turf - my main reason for the DHY over the UDI). I’m ONLY selling it because of my gapping. It has a Project X HZRDUS Smoke shaft in 6.0 flex. It’s standard loft and lie. It also has a Golf Pride Tour Velvet standard plus 4 grip. I'm asking $235 OBO shipped - - - If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate. I've been on here since 2009 and have bought/sold MANY items with zero issues. Cheers!
  7. I have all previous ads closed. I've submitted my most recent for sale ad two different times today, only for it to be deleted both times. What gives?
  8. Boston Tea Party sold. Hot dogs and donuts remain.
  9. For sale are 3 SWAG covers. -The Kids Dog Blade Cover. There are 2 available and both are still sealed in the bag. Price is $135 OBO each. -Boston Tee Party Blade cover. This is brand new, but the bag has been opened. $OLD. -Donut Skull Blade cover. This is also brand new, but the bag has been opened. $150 OBO -The ACE Rad Putter. This putter is gorgeous and feels absolutely amazing. If you’re looking for an extremely clean and simple putter, this is the one for you. Only 55 made. It’s 355g with 3/4 toe hang. It sits at ~33” and was used a couple rounds. See pics for details. It comes with a (no longer offered) midsize leather Swag stitchback grip. It’s like a Super Stroke Mid Slim 2.0 in size. Really sticky and comfortable grip. This grip has one round on it, so it’s like new. Price is $OLD.
  10. It's got to be the search function for me. It's been a bit wonky for a while now... ?
  11. Clean and a more familiar look, as well as a much less convoluted user experience.
  12. What size Claw Glove would you like to win? Right-Handed Player, Cadet Large What is your current golf glove? Footjoy Contour How often do you replace your current glove? Every 4-6 Rounds What would you want to improve with your current golf glove? With sweaty hands and cord grips, I want longevity and a good grip when I sweat
  13. Last years Masters... as a huge Tiger fan it was absolutely incredible to watch - especially the embrace with his son. Definitely unforgettable...
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