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  1. That word never seemed to be a problem for Dire Straits or Main Stream Radio....... See the little f***** with the earring and the makeupYeah buddy that's his own hairThat little f***** got his own jet airplaneThat little f***** he's a millionaire I know, different era. Now, everyone seems to get there Ovaries Bruised at the slightest hiccup .LOL
  2. I wouldn't pay to see Antler man to park cars....
  3. There are plenty of Bigfoot sightings! Usually seen in a bunker with a small , white, yellow ,pink red,(you get it) ball. After the interaction with the small white yellow, (I know) ball, the only thing left in the bunker is the Bigfoot and the smile on the face of the person holding it!
  4. If TM is the king of Mount BS, Scotty Cameron is the Queen of BS
  5. I have the shot scope V2. Excellent product. No issues with watch size. I realize its not fashionable to say positive things about something these days but the only thing that bothers me about it is distance accuracy. I swear when I crush one its out there 300 yds but the SS V2 says 260...weird ....lol
  6. I bought a Shot Scope V2 last June. Over the season it has tracked my yardages with each club. I'm not to concerned about distance when I'm practicing at the range(more on that). I work on Pre shot routine, aiming and tempo. Wedges are where more focus goes on the exact distance. Knowing my wedge distance already ,I'll laser targets and hit clubs to that distance. Depending on the range I'm a ,there can be a small distance variation depending on the ball quality. Being winter for me, I've been practicing in an Indoor Range. This is the first year I'v practised in the winter and crappy balls or not, my swing is improving.
  7. He talks about it at 7:30 into this video.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgNGgxKjJ_o
  8. I have the 50,52 MG2 in black along with the 58* Bigfoot. Very nice set up. My Black MG2's have not rusted at all. I've he'd them since the release. I was going to try the vinegar thing but Chris Trott from TM said not to do that, let them rust naturally . The Bigfoot is just so easy to hit!
  9. I've always liked Patrick Reed! Now I like him even more!
  10. Indeed Patrick is a little chubby but at least his Green Jacket still fits him. Does Mr Dimarco's Green Jacket still fit? Oh wait ,he never got one.
  11. After an 8 year hiatus away from golf I decided to treat myself to a new set of Cobra F9 One Length's with Recoil 110 Shafts. Well, I kinda thought going in it wouldn't work well for me and I was right. Many years ago in my younger years I purchased some Callaway Great Big Bertha Irons. They were so easy to hit but I hated looking at them. The same scenario with the Cobra's. They were super nice to hit but I just could not get past the look. Ended up getting some TM 790's (2017) and I really like them. The only other mistake was getting a Scotty Cameron Putter. Center shafted Newport model, looked awesome. I have never putted so bad with anything ever...lol. At least it was easy to sell for a minimal loss.
  12. isitour

    Putting Mat

    I have experienced that when I put the mat on a carpeted surface. Slight break ,not as much as a cup. I have mine set up on a concrete floor and it runs straight. I also use a cheaper no name mat on carpet that has a right to left break. I actually like that.
  13. isitour

    Putting Mat

    I bought the PuttOut Mat, Mirror and Pressure Put Trainer. I'm very pleased with it. The Pressure Putt trainer is so much fun to use! I'm sure there are better mats out there depending on how much you want to spend but the PuttOut mat is excellent for the 6ft and in range.
  14. I'd take 10 Patrick Reeds over Sergio or "El Cheapo" ...
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