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  1. Bought from Rockbottomgolf for 244.00+. Played one round (11 tee shots). Shaft doesn't match my swing. Will sell for 214.00 shipped or will trade for another driver.
  2. Open to trade offers: 1. Bridgestone X-CBP irons. 5-PW. Project X graphite 6.0. Fresh tour wrap grips. Over-length at 38.5" 5-iron. Only played a few rounds and in great shape. SOLD AND SHIPPED. 2. Wilson Ci11 irons. Maybe played one round. As new as you will ever find them. All factory. Stiff flex. 4-PW. SOLD AND SHIPPED 3. Tourstage Z101 irons. 4-PW. S300. Over-length at 38.5" 5-iron. Nice blue tour wraps. 202.00 shipped 4. Macgregor MT pro cm HEADS. 3-PW. Awesome shape. SOLD. 5. NEW with tags. Adidas golf p
  3. Two sets to offer. Always open to trade offers, but I've owned A LOT of gear, so it will have to be something I haven't had. 1. Ping I200 set. 4-PW. Stock awt 2.0 stiff. 38" 5-iron. stock ping grips. Played very little. SOLD (full price sale will include 1 doz. Snell MTB Red.) 2. Mizuno MP25. 4-PW. Stock Project X 5.5. 38" 5-iron. MCC +4 grips. Played very little. SOLD shipped (full price will include 1 doz. Snell MTB red)
  4. I'm looking at getting a home simulator. I am looking for one that connects to a TV. I will NOT have a hitting bay with a projector and a screen. I will have a net to hit into, and a flat screen TV on the wall. Have been looking at SkyTrak for the mobility, cost, etc. But I'm looking to this forum to help guide my purchase. Any information would be awesome! Thanks.
  5. 10* G400 sft. SOLD Only hit 10 balls on indoor simulator with new TP5 balls (so no sign of use). Option 1: trade my 10* for your lower loft. (This is my preferred option) Option 2: trade my entire club for your entire club. ( choice of shaft below) Option3: you buy my head for $270 Option 4: you buy my entire club for $325 (choice of shaft below) Shaft options (priced for shaft sale only) A: stock tour length Alta 65 stiff playing at 44.5”. $50 B: Enzo tour6 x flex playing at 45”. $60 C: Tensei blue 65 x flex playing at 45.5”. $75
  6. I need to move some stuff based on my activity over the past few snow days. Always open to trade offers, but there isn’t much I’m looking for. 1. HEADS ONLY Adams XTD forged. 4-PW with additional 6 iron. 9/10 condition. 140.00 shipped 2. COMPLETE SET Adams XTD forged 3&4 hybrids, 5-pw. Stock Aldila RIP slt 115 Stiff. Stock ionic grips. 38” 5 iron. Only played a couple rounds. 245.00 shipped 3. Ping sigma G. 35”. Stock everything. Cover included. Great shape. 80.00 shipped 4. Callaway Xj junior girls clubs. Driver is 40”. 7iron is 34”. A Also include 3wood,
  7. SHIPPING INCLUDED. TRADES OPEN FOR DRIVERS OR PUTTERS. F6+. Average condition. Small scratches / marks all around club, but nothing really ugly. 75.00 F8+ awesome condition. 175.00. Sold HZRDUS RED. 6.0. 44” ( 8*-11* cobra tip) 80.00 sold HRZDUS YELLOW 6.5 43.75”. (8*-11* cobra tip). 80.00 Rogue 110msi 60. 44”. (7*-10* cobra tip). 65.00 Bimatrix pink stiff. 44”. (9*-12* cobra tip). 55.00 Matrix black tie 60 stiff. 43.5”. (9*-12* cobra tip). 50.00 Cobra bio cell+ 3-4 (12*-15*) and 5-7 (16*-19*). Excellent condition, stock stiff PX and CHEAP! 50.00 each or 85.00 for both. So
  8. 1. Taylormade SLDR mini- driver. 16* . Great shape (with a small scratch on top near hosel. Tried to capture in pic but it was hard. Head only. $40.00 shipped. If interested, I have several shafts I could install for addd charge. Just PM me. 2. Taylormade AEROBURNER mini-driver. 14*. Stock M flex (senior/ladies). Great shape. $55.00 shipped
  9. I’m part of a dying breed that will listen to trade offers. GolfWRX is responsible for my illness, and I have accepted what I have become. I love those who are willing to trade gear, so I’m open to all offers. Shipping included 1. Cobra fly z+ 4-pw. KBS tour 120 stiff. Shafts were softstepped and left over length (38.5” 5-iron). Excellent condition. Probably played less than 20 rounds. 299.00 2. Cobra bio cell+ 3-4 and 5-7. Hit less than 10 balls each. Stiff stock project x. 140.00 together or 75.00 each 3. Taylormade aeroburner TP. Stiff matrix. Head over included.
  10. Heads only. Easy 9/10 condition. See pics. Set is 4-PW, with an extra 6 iron. $200.00 insured shipping.
  11. 1. Nike SQ 15* head. Great shape and LONG. 35.00 2. Tour Edge Exotics CB2 16*. 30.00 3. Mizuno CLK 17*. Stock sriff Fubuki 45.00 4. Ping G15 17* head. 40.00 5. Nike VR pro. 18* and 21*. Stock stiff project x blue graphite. 70.00 for both 6. Adams super hybrids. 15* and 19*. Stock stiff. 100.00 for both 7. Cleveland Hi-bore 21*. Stock stiff. 35.00 8. Ping Crossover 5. Stock stiff. 45.00 SOLD All prices include shipping. Ping cross over gone. All 9 clubs/heads for 250 shipped. Less than 30.00 shipped per club if you take them all!
  12. Unfortunately, I don't know. I purchased itfrom another wrx'er a few months ago. Doesn't fit my swing, and it's too cool to just sit in my basement. Sorry I don't have more info.
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