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  1. Bella, you are exactly right. It all comes down to experience. Reminds me of the story of when Ben Hogan was at the MacGregor factory rummaging through all of the seemingly identical 1 irons they made for him. He could just "feel" the right one. Same goes for a lot of clubmaking, in particular twisting the head around a shaft partially abstructed with a backscrew. No doubt Mike Has done that hundreds of times before, and knows how far he can go before possibly damaging a hosel. I have done it, but it only takes one new neck crack (at least it only took one for me) to reinforse the whole thing
  2. Thanks! Glad you liked the clubs! Glad to be back on poking around.
  3. Good to hear from you John - still working on "refinishing" classic campers? LOL.. Thats one of the things that got me away from clubs. After owning 14 pre-1970 campers in 4 years, doing 3 complete tear down and rebuilds, and having the basement, attic, etc filled to the gills with parts, my Wife put her foot down and said NO MORE! I am glad she did.. I tend to get a little bit obsessive. Havent had any caampers in 1 1/2 yrs, now I am focused on doing original art, woodworking. I have been making amp cabinets for my Brother, who is an electronics whiz and makes tube amplifiers. I have made
  4. Hi Everyone! FreddieC gave me the heads up that someone mentioned old Persimmonpal.. thought I would hop on and see what was up. I watched the first video, and I also read through all the comments. I definitely have no business nit picking or commenting negatively on Mike's work, everyone has their own way, and hey, at least Mike is still doing refinishing. I will say this though, as a previous writer mentioned, I wouldn't ever twist a persimmon club off the shaft, without first whipping the hosel end of the head. Especially when there is still remnants of a shaft pin in there. On the
  5. Hi Bob, Don't believe the "TP" Model had model #s... Just the TP lido & Oil Hardened. I would go right at 58... wasn't that last year of the SEOM? Nice driver. Looks like you need some screws for that bad boy!
  6. Hi All, I had to remove four inserts from a set of old Armours, and even thoug the inserts were solid "looking", I removed them anyway so I can reset. These will be players. If any of you have seen a crack in the finish, on the crown where the head & insert meet, that is from being played with a loose insert. I decided I might as well take a video to show how it is done, just in case anyone is interested. Oh and SORRY about the attire lol!! I am in my boxers.. did this first thing in the morning, (well, after a few cups of coffee)
  7. If you still need to whip those woods, here is a video that will show you how. Save yourself a few bucks. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s1u3ZNyki4"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s1u3ZNyki4[/url]
  8. That's true Stephen.. I was not too surprised I was outbid.. I thought it would go for 500.00. It does seem like a lot, but then again when is the next time there will be an affordable WWT Driver? This was as close as I ever will come, pretty sure. By the way, I never mentioned, but your 2 wood obviously loos awesome. Dave did a great job. How does the white head look at address? Does it take some gettting used to? What a great find!!
  9. weeicemon I agree 100%. This club is a far cry from being unrestorable.. It actually would come out excellent. I just wish I could do it! Here is why I say that: Crown: Stamp nice, no "soft toe or dry rot or dummy marks. The circular "divot" is a total non issue. Take some paste dispersion, mix in with epoxy, build Mortite damn like you would with any other epoxy repair, let cure, sand flush. I was even thinking that if I had it I may even drill that divot mark out, so there is more surface area for the epoxy to adhere to.. would make it much stronger. Neck: Has some cracks, but I have a
  10. I am not an expert on Mac. Irons, but I am pretty sure that the "VFQ" irons had that face. (VFQ standing for very fine quality) This may not be true, but I always just assumed...The VFQ is similar to the VIP in logo design. As these came out in 61, this stamp is the precurser to the VIP stamps; usually the ones found on Penna VIP toes. Nice find. Lucky thirteen! I found a Wood Bros. Texan at a Salvation Army one time for 1.00. Think that was my best find. Enjoy!
  11. Oh Yes the frankenwood. How culd I forget. Took a long long while to do that one.. had to re-do it 2 or 3 times. Half the club was epoxy and getting a finish to adhere similarly on wood vs the epoxy is a pita! Anyway, I did have fun doing that one. I like a challenge.
  12. Great 2 wood TStephen, and great find. Unbelievable. I totally understand why you wouldnt be into the driver.. It is after all pretty destroyed. I only own 7 or 8 persimmons. Although I have refinished 100s for myself and others, I usually lose interest in them after they are finished. The thrill for me is bringing a beat up club back. I respect the lines, the design, the history of the woods, and really want to do the people who made them justice. Different stokes for different folks. One thing is for sure: We all are affected in some way by these classics.. The more the merrier!
  13. Hi All, Well, as luck would have it, the only WW Special I ever could have gotten, most likely, came up for sale on ebay 4 days after getting laid off. Crazy! I went as high as I could, but was outbid. My question is: Does anyone on this board know the purchaser? Dear Lucky Owner: If you are planning on getting the Penna driver restored, I will do it for free- just pay shipping. I have refinished about every model Mac has made, but this is the Holy Glail! It would be an honor to bring this one back. Send me a PM if you are on, and are interested. I can also send you some pictures of some refin
  14. [quote name='Kathy Marie' timestamp='1422575045' post='10844547'] Thanks Persimmonpal, the pictures are wonderful!! What did players do back then with the leather valises? And is that an open box of cigars on the table?? [/quote] Kathy to me it looks like an open dozen of balls.. Could be seegars though
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