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  1. Congrats on your soon to be addition. You'll find a way to sneak in some holes. You'll just have to be jonesing enough to be crafty
  2. A coke bath soak with a toothbrush will remove most of the rust. If not, white vinegar will do it. Just keep it oiled after and it will look better besides the small dings. Rusty putters are raging now. I have one and love it.
  3. This is the second putter I had made by Christian and can't say enough great things about the service and quality. 363g head weight and 34" 70* lie angle. Brand new SS GT Pistol 1.0 grip. Only gamed a few times. Thought it would keep my OG gamer out of my bag but I just keep finding my way back to it. The finish is battleworn with copper accent paint around the buttons. Very solid feeling putter. Would run $550 shipped from Norway. Asking $450 shipped in CONUS.
  4. Not sure what size mine are or a way to measure it but I am sure you could shoot an email to Brad Fussell [email protected] or the machinestarter.com websites. He has a bunch of stock machine putter items and he is who I went through for new necks for my machine putter. I would think he has some screws or knows what size they are.
  5. I have the 9' V2 on my lanai and really like it. It's pretty big to roll up every day but I am sure it can easily be done. I bought a perfect practice as well as I have been getting too lazy to walk to the hole each time to retrieve my balls I would think the longer version would be beneficial as it gives you more options for a longer putt but obviously a little more difficult to roll up and store. I would also think the repetitive rolling up and storing would eventually break down the self adhesive foam under the holes. Just my take on it. My bulldog loves to lay on mine and hasn't affected anything with it.
  6. I was expecting the insert with the deep milling to be very soft but have found it isn't on my Hakon CU. Almost in between compared to the deep milling of say a Cleveland HB soft. I think the softest putter I owned recently according to my feel has been the Mizuno M Craft putter. Those things are so soft it's crazy. Regardless, love my Hakon CU and Christian is great to work with.
  7. I am gaming a Nordberg Hakon CU coming from a TaylorMade Spider Tour Red CS putter. I found out a few years ago that center shaft worked better for me but it took a couple of months playing to buy off on the look. Now, it's vice versa as well as my stroke is a SBST. So much easier for me to start it on the right line now. I also dabble in long neck blade putters that also work better for me.
  8. Sorry to hear this brother. I went through the same thing myself. Was single for 8 years being the best parent to my girls and I met and married the the absolute perfect person for me. They are out there man, just gotta get back out there.
  9. Appreciate everyone's comments. Yeah, the blueprints really fit my eye. I may have to go that route unless others have some other suggestions to ponder...
  10. My TM 790s have run their course. I have always preferred a somewhat squarish profile for my irons but they don't seem to make many anymore. Love the look of blueprints but don't have the game for them. Anyone else know if any irons that have a squarish profile that aren't blades? Jason
  11. I put with a CS putter. So much easier to find the right line for me. I primarily use a TaylorMade Spider Tour Red that is CS but my Nordberg Hakon CS with copper insert just beat it out last weekend.
  12. I bought one but returned it after realizing you can't change the weights in the new models. Makes no sense to take that option away after offering it on every previous model.
  13. David at Goodwood has a new model called a Sunday that is a Laguna. Not sure if he has lefties though.
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