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  1. I haven't had a putter roll better than the Nike Origins b2-01, so I've continued to roll it. Wish I could get it converted to a longneck, but other than that, it's just about perfect.
  2. I know he only posted for a short time, but I really loved Mike Maves aka Sevam1, both when he worked with Secrets in the Dirt and on his own. I still go back to him when I'm looking for swing thoughts and feelings.
  3. So, I have rolled this one and it is in fact a nice stick, but I could never own it. The biggest issue for me is how the putter sets up. What makes the new sb2 so appealing (among a few things) is that from address, the putter lines are evenly distributed. The top line and bumper portions are almost exactly the same width, split by a wider but well disguised center portion. The BB8W instead focuses most of the added width along the bumper portion, and it just makes it look very unbalanced to my eye, which is something I can’t reconcile.
  4. As a huge Scotty critic and someone who still finds it disappointing that his OTR offerings have become formulaic since about 2008-2009, I have to say that the Squareback 2 is his finest OTR offering in well over a decade. It feels good, is very forgiving, looks pleasing at setup despite the extra width and as a result, gives you confidence. Not that I don’t feel confident behind a traditional Anser head, but the Squareback 2 just feels even better. It is also unique to the retail putter market in its design and shape, not original per se but unique. I would spend an extra couple bucks just to have this exact flat stick but in carbon steel form. As it stands, I am considering purchasing and gaming while I send my origin to get longneck’d (if I decide to go through with it lol).
  5. Hey guys, I’m officially ready to part with my tp “b” irons. Great set, but I have other projects I want to fund and these aren’t getting much play. 4-PW have kbs c-taper 120 gram stiff shafts, 3i has dynamic gold s300 xp shaft (never played it ). Have some light bag chatter, grooves are full of life and I’d say they play slightly upright, with standard lengths. Grips still have some life in them, but do need a cleaning. 3i grip is pretty shot. Looking for $500 shipped east of the Mississippi or $525 west. pm with any questions!
  6. Socket to sole can't exceed 5" if I remember correctly. Scotty had some illegal early ones as did someone else, possibly Tad Moore? I don't remember. Overall though, the goal of the long neck is to face balance, so IMO there isn't much reason to exceed that length.
  7. Hey everyone, I made some swing changes and with it, some shaft changes. Driver plays at 45", 3W at 43" and rescue at 41.25" (I believe, can double check that one). Rescue shaft's grip is a brand new standard MCC Align with only 2 rounds and 3 range sessions, other two probably have about a half a season worth left on them of heavy use, or a full season if you don't play as often. Looking for: $95 for the Speeder 757 shipped to the lower 48, $70 for the Motore 3W and $55 for the 9.8HB. Reasonable offers considered. Note: Driver shaft has some cosmetic bag wear as you can see in the photos.
  8. Played Twisted Dune in Egg Harbor a few days ago. Excellent condition and really enjoyed the track, save for the sand. It was rocky and hard and just not in anyway well kept. Since it is such a big part of the courses design I was decently disappointed, but not so much so that it spoiled the round. Would definitely like to play again.
  9. I'll go a bit off the wall with my pick. So, up through 2011/2012ish I was playing the best golf of my life. Young, had plenty of free time and didn't spend my money on anything other than golf and guitars. So, I had a pretty dialed in swing. I hit pretty much everything well or rather, comfortably, except for hybrids. I played a 2 iron forever because I hated hybrids, and I think between 2009 and 2011 I went through 6 of them trying to find something that would give me all of the hybrid benefits, but I just could not do it. I would either hit huge hooks or they'd get stuck in the air or I couldn't get comfortable at address, which made me inconsistent (looking at you, Adams PNT). There just never was a "comfortable" hybrid. Then I found the Callaway Diablo Edge Tour. That thing changed my entire life from the moment I laid eyes on it. I remember getting out of one of my college classes, having a few hours to kill and going down to the local golf galaxy, seeing it and immediately being intrigued. It just looked so different than anything else I had had to that point. I bought one there and then, found an Altus, threw it in there and bagged it for two years. Got rid of it for the RBZ Stage 2, which I definitely hit well but I think had more to do with the shaft being properly fit for me than the club being better, and I've gamed that ever since. But recently I got fed up with it after a bad round and said screw it, I'm finding another one. Hoping it'll be here this week.
  10. My club face is actually in a pretty good spot up top, I think this video may be at a slightly hard angle to relay that though. Here is another one taken a few balls earlier from a slightly different spot (the guy who I had record me is relatively new golfer and not too intuitive with the camera, as it turns out) [img]https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/PE0A9VRXJD6N/img-6316-png.png[/img]@nsxguy I'll have a look next time I'm at the range, I didn't feel like my shoulders were inside or outside my target line but maybe. The ball did tail off left pretty much after it disappeared, but this was about my straightest shot with my driver all night. My mindset was perhaps this had more to do with more of my hips not completely turning or my hands catching up to my hips, but I may be overthinking it.
  11. Agreed. Flip the regular TMag logo for the TP.
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