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  1. I pay $4800.00 a year to play Forest Dunes. Expensive but worth every penny. No food and bev. minimums. $20.00 cart fee but I walk alot. Private practice tee at opposite end of the range for members. 1st. class short game practice area. Waiting anxiously for enough members to go private. Great locker room facilities and fitness center. Great food and the entire staff is the best! The best though is the course. Not including the private courses like Oakland Hills, Franklin Hills, Country Club of Detroit., Etc. which I haven't played, I think Forest Dunes is the 2nd best course in Michigan after Arcadia Bluffs.
  2. I bought my Ogio Exodus at the Grand Rapids, Mi golf show for $99.00! Look around. Deals to be found.
  3. I,ve got a 1018 53* KLD and 58* EGG on order. Cuts in line, Ari? LOL
  4. I like em' because that's where the money is. I've played in the same 3 man scramble for about 10 years. In 07' we split up $9800.00! 3K skin, 4k for 2nd. place, 1k in pari mutual bets on ourselves, the rest in side bets. Playin' for that kind of jack gets me real interested. This event has 3 groups per hole the protect the field. NO CHEATING! Yeah, the rounds are 6 hours and it's a 3 day event but I'll repeat, for that kind of jack I can stay focused.
  5. JHR. Great pictures of my home course. Your pics are causing me to drool for our opener on may 1st.
  6. Smokers that leave cigarette and cigar butts on the ground. Smoke if you want, I used to, but I snuffed out my butts and kept a baggie in the cart or my bag when walking to collect the butts.
  7. I'll stop wearing jeans as soon as the following are banned; Baggy, ill fitting, rumpled, crumpled, khakis, 2 inches too long with the bottoms frayed from walking on them. Addidas snap offs All nylon coaching pants, especially the ones with elastic cuffs Pants of any style with a cell phone pocket that actually has a cell phone it the pocket
  8. I play with a goy that plays identical. The only diference is he,s shooting his age or better. He's 76. I cherish every round I get with him.
  9. I bought AP2's yesterday. 1st. time ever getting professionaly fit with the Trackman. All I can say is WOW! Spent about 2 hrs., tested about 15 head and shaft combos. The final results with the AP2 and NS Pro 100; 87.1 club head speed 118.3 ball speed 1.36 smash factor 14.1 launch angle 5344 spin rate These are averages of 10 balls. The AP2 head with V Proto graphite was almost identical. The NS Pro 100 had a tighter dispersion. Enjoy the AP2's, casn't wait for mine
  10. I'm in love! The problem is in my hands the affection would not be returned. LOL
  11. Thanks for all the responses. Went to the shaftology site, lots of good info. The NS Pro 1100 is in play for me. All thats left is live testing as soon as the weather permits and i find the time to make the 200 mile trip each way.
  12. My best is 292 with some roll. Measured by SkyCaddie. Best carry distance is 285, measured by SkyCaddie, soft fairways, pitch mark next to ball. My average is 265-270. Would I be more accurate if I throttled back? Hell yes. But I just can't stop. BTW I love 'calling guys out' with my SkyCaddie. A few have even insisted the GPS is wrong! I just LMAO!
  13. Higgins Lake/Roscommon. Where do you play in T.C.? I played a few TCGA events several years back.
  14. Callaway FT ironsI'm seriously considering FT irons but I don't know a thing about these shafts. What has me confused is the "uniflex" designation. An e-mail to Callaway and Nippon has failed to answer questions. Nippon replied they consider the shaft a stiff flex and only Callaway can answer why they desiginate it uniflex. When I inquired about ordering with a Project X or S300 the salesperson said the iron was designed around this shaft. I thought maybe he was just trying to sell from stock, but then I got thinking maybe he's right. I'll demo before i purchase, but I live over 200 miles from the nearest shop with fitting equip. Just trying to do a little research before I make the trip. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello!First post. Just wanted to say hello to everyone.
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