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  1. I guess i should feel like i am trying to hit a slice to get that path less out to the right.
  2. Right but it says face to path so my face is not that bad but my path is way too far in to out. Is that correct?
  3. Does it mean the face is open 2.4 at impact and path is to the right at 12.2 to get the negative face number of -9.8?
  4. What does a minus 9.8 face and 12.2 path mean on trackman?
  5. I have an older titleist vokey wedge with 10 degrees of bounce , 58 degrees of loft and the M grind. They don't make it anymore in that configuration. Any suggestions what I could replace it with?
  6. Does anyone know of a light weight shaft that will generate low spin for a driver? I know it depends on the swing but i would like to hear your thoughts.
  7. I know the XD helps with the draw but I think it may spin more than the XB. I tried the sim max 2 draw and the spin was way too high for me so I thought in general that draw drivers might spin too much. Plus I saw really good reviews on the XB. Also, the 425 max was very short for me due to excess spin.
  8. Does anyone know which driver can be made to have more draw bias with weighting, the TSI2 or Cobra XB? And of the 2 which one will have lower spin?
  9. My problem with the sim max 2 draw was the spin was too high. I may have to try the epic speed as RobS mentioned the spin was reasonable.
  10. I heard the RadSpeed XD was excellent also. I guess I need to try a few more to see what is right for me. Anybody have feedback on the Mizuno ST-X Driver?
  11. I heard both of those drivers are good drivers. The B21 gets good ratings and of course the ping drivers always get good ratings. Anyone hit the mizuno st-x driver?
  12. I hit the sim max2 draw driver last week and I was impressed with the dispersion but the distance was too short. Tell me what you are using and why if you don't mind.
  13. I swing my 7 iron about 82 mph and can only get the driver to 92 to 94. Is that normal or is the driver too slow in relation to the 7 iron?
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