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  1. Can someone measure a stock standard cobra f7 3 wood shaft for me?
  2. What’s the latest on this. OP has his shaft at 18 5/8 to the n in rayon and post above says an untipped is 18 9/16. Anyone know for sure ? Is it possibly 18 7/8” like the B series ?
  3. I have the following 2 cobra fairways and wanted to know what exact shaft lengths, end of tip to end of grip, I need to play at the desired length. F7 3 wood to play 43” F6 baffler to play 41.75” What lengths do the shafts need to be to get to these playing lengths.
  4. I have a 1/300 Art of Putting oil can 33” 350g restored by BOS
  5. 1. Golo N7 Limited. Previous owner had it done in a black polymer which didn’t last. I have had it stripped back to original, new paintfill, aluminium parts stripped to raw, new shaft, new post in the knuckle.( I was trying for less toe hang) I do have the original post as well. Plays just under 35”. Red matador grip and original cover. Putter is in great nick with no dings . $390 usd shipped worldwide. Now $350. 2. Toulon Madison Garage with the H6 flow neck. No sightlines or topline. 353g headweight with the 7g weight. Plays just over 34”. No cover. Really good condition. $390 usd shipp
  6. Lajosi Didge putter head only for trade. Finished in gun metal grey and head is carbon steel. Weight is 356g and the loft and lie was originally 3*/70*. Some small marks on the putter,but overall in fantastic shape. No marks on the topline. Looking to trade for a flow neck putter with topline around 360g. Have to put a price on it ,so I’ll say it’s traded. I can also sell this shafted at 35” with lajosi sticker on the shaft
  7. Will Tapatalk or an the golfwrx app be back working anytime soon? Using a browser on a mobile phone is very cumbersome
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