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  1. Looking for some new or practically new golf pants for the season. 36 or 38 waist 30 length no real slim cuts all colors Just as a heads up, I will ask for photos of waist measurements to be sure they’ll fit.
  2. Entirely possible. Very small heat and a nice padded gripper of some kind and they'll typically slip right off. The key is not melting them when you remove the heads.
  3. I can get one. This one is still sealed in plastic. Not an official Augusta piece. From a friend who owns a company that makes these and the yardage books
  4. Cleaning out my office and want to move on some random pieces. Callaway training aid for connection. Big loop goes around your upper body and smaller loop goes around your upper arm to keep you connected. Works really well. $15 shipped Yardage book covers Augusta - SOLD Orange/Teal - $25 shipped Package deal for everything $50
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