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  1. They’re beautiful for sure. That’s why I grabbed them. As close to the originals as I’ve seen since the resurrection of the brand.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving all! Just one thing today. Bought these last week and not sure why. Won’t be touching a club until probably March at least. Guess I was bored. Hogan Icon, 4-P with KBS Tour-V 110 stiff. Standard LLL, and in great shape. asking $485 shipped (add $10 if west of the river). No trades please.
  3. Looking to try something new in my blueprints. Need 4-P
  4. Had this made over the winter, and hoped I’d love the canvas more. I plan to have another made just like this, but in leather. Has Tiffany accents and the optional leather rangefinder pocket. Including the MacKenzie trestle sticks that were never used. Bag was used for less than 36 holes and never in wet conditions. SOLD!! Bushnell Wingman NIB - $140 shipped Bushnell Tour V5 NIB - $249 shipped ***does anyone know how to get the photos to stop loading sideways?!? pin 10/28
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