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  1. Bought the ruler & head piece & fastened them to the 1x6 with screws. Had to drill & countersink the holes on the ruler. Had it mounted on a wall with "L" brackets
  2. Selling as a group only. No shipping. Pickup in Lakeland, Tn (Memphis, Tn) Mitchell Golf Shaft Cutting Machine W/ Ferrule Turning Fixture Mitchell Golf Steelclub Graphite Shaft Puller Pro Plus Mitchell Golf Club Length Ruler Measuring Tool All 3 pieces in very good used condition Golf Shaft Cutting Machine W/ Ferrule Turning Fixture $250: Bought this used & was/has not been used much. Very clean with no graphite dust inside. Never used the cutoff wheel. Cut off wheel plastic eye protection guard has been repaired. Includes: Ferrule Turning Arm Installed 1”x42” Felt Belt Ins
  3. Had a strong suspension it was a fake after I couldn't find anything on the web about it. Few other things I noticed: the words "White Hot" weren't stamped on the face, no other name besides White Hot & couldn't feel a separation between the metal & the insert thru the plastic. That's why I said I believe its a painted insert. Gonna drill some holes in the head & shaft & take it with me to the course that has greens around the lakes. When I miss a putt, gonna make a loud scene & whirlie bird that sucker in the water. If anybody asks me what it was I'm gonna tell em a Circ
  4. Looking for some info on this Odyssey White Hot. Don't have a lot of knowledge on Odyssey. Not looking for a value but a what & when. Have searched the net & can’t find anything. Head is a plumbers neck mallet. It appears to be aluminum, porous & non magnetic. Face & insert is milled. Not 100% sure the yellow insert is an actual insert but possibly just paint. The words “White Hot” on the face is painted into the milling & the letters are not stamped. Everything on the sole is stamped & painted. Shaft is stepped with no screened manufactures labels. Grip looks like a La
  5. 1) ZR 2) All-Weather Jacket - Black/Blue 3) After 15 + years not selected for Masters lottery winning this would help offset that
  6. Bettinardi knows how to run a CNC & make putters, scotty is fashion designer
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the reason he posted this topic is to keep from ruining a shaft by trial and error. I agree that "just give it a shot" is an option, but I think he already determined that he didn't want to take that risk without better understanding of the situation. Said he didn't want "invest in the machine right now" & asked "Any one did it with succes?". Ness in post #14 explained how to do it with "success". OP said nothing about "trial & error", those are your words. Op knows his skill limits & since he doesn't have a puller & has been given how to do it s
  8. You've had the loft checked & it's ok. Have the swing weight & overall club weight checked. if it's a stepped shaft, check the steps with another wedge. I've seen the wrong shafts installed in oem clubs before.
  9. I say give it a shot op & try it. You've been given the pros & cons from both sides on this with some tips. It's just a shaft & if you ruin it, so what get another one. Besides you just might be successful & learn something. Yes, 100% a puller is better but if I didn't a one that wouldn't keep me from attempting it. Experience is gained by doing something, not thinking about it
  10. It's somewhere between the "dogs" t-shirt and the black hairpiece. I'm going with the guy casually strollin in the background that's forever linked with this classic pic
  11. This is similar to what's on my stand buffer, You'll need polishing compound too. These are just examples, not necessarily the best price https://www.amazon.c...8/dp/B000SLNQCK https://www.amazon.c...Y4571Y12SS6R828
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