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  1. Apologies. S300 shafts and GDMC midsize grips. The 3 iron just got a different grip and yes was barely used.
  2. Reposting from yesterday. Price is shipped in CONUS. First to PayPal gets the irons. Mizuno MP20 MB Used sparingly last season. I bought from a friend and don’t know loft and lie but length is standard. 5 iron is 38.5 inches. S300 shafts and GDMC midsize grips. I would rate these a 8.5/10 but could pass for 9/10. PW has most use and 3-6 are barley hit. Price - $800 for whole set, $265 for 3-6 iron (considering keeping 7-pw) Only trade would be similar condition set of MP20 MMC. PM with questions.
  3. Selling a basically new Ventus velocore blue 6x. Price is $250 (SOLD) shipped in CONUS. 44.5 inches with callaway tip. No trades
  4. Selling one item and price is shipped in the US. Scotty long neck tei - $270 shipped - Finish is original and has a few nicks but in pretty good shape. Great candidate for restoration - 37.5 inches. Put in new shaft to try longer putter shaft. You can easily cut to any length you want. - Unsure of loft and lie - No headcover Let me know what additional questions you have.
  5. No box. I wore them for 15 minutes at an indoor range which is why they look unused.
  6. Unloading some Christmas presents and stuff I don’t need. Prices are shipped CONUS and first to pay gets the item. No trades please. 1: KBS Tour X-Stiff Shafts. See for length. I believe they played standard. Note the finish was chemically removed by the previous owner to give a matte finish on 5-PW. 4 Iron still has original finish. This does not affect playability just the look. $70 Shipped 2: Oakley Pants size 34 x 32. In great shape just use 3 times. $30 Shipped 3: FJ Dryjoys Tour XP ¼ Zip Rain Jacket Size Medium. Used twice. $60 Shipped 4: Travis Mathews Blue ¼ Zip. Size Medium, BNWT. $125 Retail. $old 5: Travis Mathews Gray Polo. Size Medium. BNWT. $old 6: Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2. Size 10.5. Basically brand new, used once at indoor range but not for me. $60 Shipped
  7. Thanks Noodle and Broke. Anyone else have some input?
  8. Looking for some help from the experts. A few questions before I go buy Any idea what the 6 marks are on the face? Was this refinished? (Looks to be non-rusting finish) Anything else unique? Thanks for the input. Andrew
  9. Prices are shipped in CONUS. First to send paypal gets the item. Only Trade Interests: Long Neck Putters, KBS Tour V 120 X Shafts, Greyson Size M Outerwear or KBS Hybrid Prototype shaft 95 grams X-Stiff Modus3 120 X-Stiff shafts - $oldMizuno MP-64/4 combo set, 3-PW, with Modus3 120x shafts. Set comes shafted as 3-PW (MP64s 3-6, MP4s 7-PW). See pics for length. Standard loft and lie to my knowledge. Bought from another WRXer a few weeks ago. $old Shipped OBO. Add 7-PW of MP64 heads for additional $old so total of $oldTad Moore Long Neck: Definitely a project or refinish job. 35 inches and see pics for condition. No really large gouges just a lot of rust! $old
  10. I am looking to buy one or two long neck putters and so far i haven't received many respondes in the Golfwrx Wanted to Buy forum. Other than Ebay and Golfwrx, where else can i go to find unique/harder to find used putters like long necks and weld necks? I should mention, i am considering having one build from Byron or another custom shop but the entry level for that seems to be a 3 month wait and $500+ these days...
  11. Bought this from a guy a few weeks ago and doesn’t fit my stroke. Only trade interest would be a long neck Byron, Scotty, Machine, etc. No other trade interest. My Spider X 34.5 inches, all blacked out for color scheme Only rolled indoors. Basically new. See pics. Comes with slightly used cover. $old First one to send PayPal gets the putter
  12. Love push carting for a few reasons: I don’t have to really think about what is in my bag...bring it all!, carts hold adult beverages much better than walking and mine even has a cooler?, lastly it is just plain fun coasting clubs down a hill. Sucks pushing them up the hill but not enough to outweigh the above.
  13. Shoot me any questions you have and prices are shipped and insured. PXG 0311P and 0311T: $old • See spec sheet for all club info • 3-8 are 0311P • 9-PW are 0311T • Nippon Modus Pro 120 Stiff Shafts • Clubs in good condition. See pics for detail and let me know if you need any additional pics. KBS 5-PW Stiff + Shafts: $75 Shipped • The 7 iron was used for testing and is cut to standard length. The other Shafts are brand new and can be cut to length. The 7 iron was used for less than 20 shots. Spine aligned and marked on shaft. Greyson Chenoa Packable Jacket Navy Size Medium: $100 Shipped ($250 Retail) • Worn once but put tags back on. Basically brand new. Travis Mathew Light Blue Good condition Size Medium Worn once. $30 Shipped
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