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  1. Ordered G425 Max 10.5" with Tensei raw orange 6s on 1/11 through local shop. Ordered 19* hybrid with Tensei raw orange and max 3w on 1/21 at same place. I ordered Alta 3w shaft along with Tensei raw orange as it gave me good numbers. On 2/12 I received the hybrid and Alta fairway shaft. No driver or 3w yet. The hybrid is great though. Set at 18 degrees and big flat. Impossible to hook (knock on wood).
  2. Absolutely nailed my thoughts exactly. I have a 54 3.0 SS and a GF 58. Waiting on new order of 60 3.0 SS as the sole grind is much more versatile than the GF. The GF is wonderful but there are just too many shots where I’m grabbing the 54 as I want the benefit of its heel grind.
  3. That’s fine. I’ll just buy a 5-GW2 set and then come on the forums and complain when someone hits their 7 iron 220 yards because back in my day that was a 5 iron.
  4. I’m poking fun at the entirely ridiculous argument that anyone should care what an OEM calls a pitching wedge and how it gets many peoples panties in a bunch. You proved my point perfectly. Who the heck cares and how does a 38 degree pitching wedge in a set you will never buy and is not marketed to you matter? edit: I’m not making fun of you specifically just the general argument. You just happened to be the person who responded. I think having choices in equipment is a great thing. I wouldn’t buy such a set but for those people who hit it all over the face and are constantly 30
  5. I know right. Horschel is a short knocker. Using his 7 on the 192 yd 7th. Speith used an 8 iron and hit it a few yards past the hole. What in the world are these guys hitting from 150? Their putter? No way anyone can gap with those iron distances
  6. I think someone needs to check Rorys bag to ensure there are only 14 clubs. He hit his 7 iron 205 so I assume he must be playing 6 wedges.
  7. I went the other way. Purchased Gen3 T in March and played for 3 months. Miss is low toe - not extreme toe just a few mm. Distance loss on a 7 iron was 20+ yards. Never showed up on my testing as I was just striping everything the three times I demoed the PXG. Went back on TRackman to confirm and I replicated the miss. I dumped the Gen3 and when P770 came out I personally thought that club was what the Gen3 T should have been. For me the P770 had same look, same form factor and distance but with much more forgiveness on my miss. I could argue the shafts I went with on PXG we
  8. currently playing 2020 P770 and I was at a fitting yesterday for a G425 hybrid and 3 wood. Was chatting with one of the fellas as I was warming up who is on Pings staff and mentioned he just ordered G425. I said I heard they slimmed it down, let me hit it just for curiosity. So he hands me a 7 iron demo and a 7 iron of an i500 (which I still pull out from time to time when I want a stress free round). My first comment was literally wow did they slim down the top line. At address it looked to have same length dimension as the i500 with the G425 having more toe height. I turned the c
  9. IMO TM did a horrible job hiding the offset in P790 and P770. I mention both as offset spec is nearly identical between the two sets. I’ve owned, in order: i200, i500, Gen3 T, P790, P770. So I keep a spreadsheet of these specs for comparison. You might be surprised to know the i200 has less offset than P770 in 7-GW. All the clubs I’ve mentioned have close to same offset in 4/5 irons (with i200 having most) then they all start reducing drastically at 6/7 irons - except TM. Add in the poor job TM does in hiding it and it’s annoying. The P770 should have modeled the Gen 3
  10. I’ve been using this for years and did leave the rangefinder on the cart once. The habit I’ve grooved is to put it away in the bag after I laser my approach on 18.
  11. These guys are great! Ordered a Ping putter on 12/11 and received on 12/16. It was packaged like they were shipping fine China. I’ve received many clubs new direct from manufacturer and none of them put the level of care that this vendor did. Highly recommend.
  12. Love Cobra gear going back to the S3 irons. The F9 was probably the best driver I ever played. One thing I don’t care for is the markup on weights. Are the RAD weights unique or can a weight from a prior model be used? Failing that will you still offer tour length? I do love that option but it also means I will not be ever purchasing in store since no retailers near me would ever carry one in stocky (lefty).
  13. Picked up mine yesterday from Moon golf in Florida. Back when they came out in January I spoke with the owner who said he couldn’t get any as they were online only. In September when Ping was showing an October release on their website I figured I’d try again as I really didn’t want to miss out. Since Ping was releasing these to stores they were going to hold one for me. Good thing as the one day I forgot to check Pings website early was the day they released and were already sold out by the time I saw it. I’ve got 3 layers of scotch guard on it so far and will probably put one more
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