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  1. I tend to go full brand with all clubs in my bag. My wedges are a set. Obviously my irons are all 1 brand lol. But I base my woods and hybos around the driver I pick. Makes no sense but neither does my golf game
  2. Bryan Park and Grandover are my 2 favorites that I have played in that area
  3. I just changed to this. I putted indoors quite a lot to get it done but once I took it to the course my putting has been night and day better
  4. I am liking the looks of these. Add on the SIK face and I may have to bite
  5. Well you should not get flamed. There is or was a guy on this board that works in the industry and said that the Greg Norman brand was one of the best in terms of quality
  6. I don't think anyone can answer that as it has not been released yet
  7. Zero help to you whatsoever but I've had a proto hybrid sitting in my cart for checkout for at least a week to two weeks
  8. I did. I just decided 60 was not a good club for me so I went with a 58 and have not had issues since. Could be the 60 was just not a good bounce or something but I made the switch and haven't looked back. Also I have had no issues with floppers using the 58 instead of 60
  9. I use all my wedges plus a 9i. Since I try to use the Pelz method I have a lot of different shots that I can skull and shank
  10. This is the answer. Waste of time asking people on the internet how to fix your swing. Find a teacher that can help before you go down a rabbit hole that will end with severe unhappiness
  11. I like to get drunk one night and purchase irons that I don't need
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