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  1. I've played graphite for about 10 years now. The Recoil protos are the best I have played and you will not notice a difference between them and a steel shaft. I also loved Steelfibers. I have the KBS in my irons now and I feel like they are too light
  2. I'm a DJ fan but I want to see a Sunday back 9 that matters
  3. I'm sorry if this has been asked but does anyone have a link to the shirt Tiger is wearing today? I can never find it online
  4. I tend to not agree with any "traditionalists" who want the game to be played as it always has been yet they have the latest and greatest drivers in their bags and have lasers and gps as well. I'm a wear what you want type of person. I can promise you that 2 minutes after my round, I could not tell you what anyone was wearing in my group. Etiquette to me does not include clothing. What it does include is pace of play, taking care of the course, and making sure you don't kill anyone while you are playing. I don't love music but I also don't hate it. If I want to listen to music I p
  5. Not even sure why I'm arguing in this thread as I'm not a huge hoodie fan either. I would go sweater with a toque with a RLX jacket that is lightweight
  6. Attire shows zero respect for the game. That is a ludicrous statement. And to make a comparison between football and golf is quite honestly humiliating for you. One has actual health benefits for you. Going on a date again has nothing to do with playing a round of golf.
  7. For the record, obviously I am in favor of wearing whatever you want on the course, but if a course had some sort of rules for attire then I would adhere to them if I wanted to play that course.
  8. So what a person wears is what makes his character? What if a guy shows up with "proper attire" and goes around the course not fixing any divots or marks? Is he more acceptable than a guy who shows up in khaki's and a hoodie who fixes divots and ball marks?
  9. I'm not a swing guru or anything but based on my experience playing every type of club imaginable, no. If you can hit the center of the club face then you can hit the center of the club face. The difference between the 2 types of irons will be ball flight. I would think they SGI clubs would hit it higher. The game improvement clubs are just better on off center hits. My opinion of course and I'm sure someone is going to come in and say I'm dead wrong and they will probably be right lol
  10. 1. Prestonwood CC 2. Cary NC 5. 9 4. TM Sim Max 9 degree 5. NO 6. TSi3 7. Yes
  11. I have the same grip for Driver through9 iron. I have that same grip for any full wedge shots. I change the grip when I get into the wedges and I'm doing a 9 to 3 type of shot
  12. I did not feel the need but I did change because I wanted something different. I was playing the AVX last year and just didn't like it after playing a bunch of rounds with it. I switched to the TP5X and have liked it. Sorry guess I'm not really answering your question lol
  13. Way too expensive for me but I noticed EAL wearing this on one of his vids and just loved the look of it https://linksoul.com/products/ls364?bis_id=nn3rmxX&utm_campaign=stock-notification&utm_content=Waffle Hoodie&utm_medium=email&utm_source=back-in-stock&variant=31084626542667
  14. I had the Ansers. Loved the looks of them but the feel was just a little too harsh for me. Good luck as they were nice and forgiving
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