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  1. My older post was made nov 5th, I’m past the 30 days why was my post removed for being inside the 30 day window? I’d like my ad re listed please thanks
  2. Lots of stuff here today. mizuno st200 TS 3 wood, with an aldila rip phenom 70TS. Golf pride wrap grip with 2-4 wraps. With headcover 160 shipped obo SOLD ping g400 LST 10 degree with a Fuji atoms black TS 6S. Plays 44-1/2 inches. Insanely good club, just need more spin right now. 250 shipped OBO piretti savona, center shafted pro type. Pics tell the story with this one. Naked paint fill 400 shipped obo SOLD piretti terramo center shafted with a SS wrist lock grip 200 shipped obo piretti limited release
  3. How deep is the 0811x +??? It looks deep to me in pictures, compared to say a g400-410??? I love deep faced drivers but swinging only 101-102 it’s hard to find them that fit. Could the + be the ticket??
  4. Have some interesting pieces I’m looking to move to someone who will get better use out of them than myself. a centershafted CWII... pretty self explanatory. Was one of his earlier pieces w custom stamping. 365 grams with a garsen max grip. Plays to 33 inches 550 shipped A center shafted Savonna in silver. 375 grams with naked paint fill, very cool putter. Has a SS flatso grip turned Parallel with the face to help square it all up. Great piece plays to 33-1/2 inches. Grip has a tear in the very top piece of the cap 450 shipped a nice center sh
  5. Got a set of irons and popped a shaft off to try something.. noticed the shaft has a tip weight in it. Is this stock for the kbs tour 120s?? Or we’re these added, I tend to use a back weighted grip so I’m not sure if these tip weights are really necessary? Unless they’re part of the design of the shaft thanks
  6. Long neck with the white headcover is sold! Other putters still available
  7. Have some piretti pieces that I’m just not using much anymore, ultra rare pieces. Can provide more detailed pictures if anyone would like them. first one is a tour Long neck stainless neck and I believe it’s a carbon body, has some rusting. One off skull stamping. It’s a beautiful piece. Won’t find another like it. Has a super stroke green skull grip on it placed sideways. Comes with the tour headcover pictured. This one is 365G from what I was told when originally purchased $900 second is a LN slant CWII with snow for stamping, top sight line. Flatso long grip also placed sideways on the shaf
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