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  1. compound wont remove anything that you can feel with your fingernail. it will need to be refinished or wetsanded, compounded, polished etc. if theyre light scratches in the surface of the clear, then a compound will help to remove them.
  2. my bushenll is the best thing ive ever bought. better than any club by a mile.
  3. making putts and getting up and downs probably the quickest way. im a mid 70's shooter now and i the easiest way to save a round is not bombing one down the middle, its two-putting and getting up and down for pars. also, try not to think about it much. I used to obsess over it and would always find a way to screw it up on the last few holes. just try to hit the fairway, aim for the middle of the green and go for par. youre gonna get bad breaks through out the round and thats just a part of golf but youre also going to have some of those days where lots of things go right. by the end of the round, youre gonna tally up your score and you'll shoot a 76 and be like
  4. trade the ts pro 7 iron for a TM r510 tp 8.5 with ust v2 tour flight x-flex shaft?
  5. awesome deal on those vr heads. if i wasnt in love with my 9015d id get that 8.5 right now!!!
  6. have to say that slow public course golf is really getting to me...every round now, I start off great. about the 7th hole it all starts to back up and the old guys become just crazy slow. my round starts to turn to s***. by the 14th hole im so "over" the round that i just dont care or focus anymore and what could have been a great round, just turns into a pretty average and forgettable round. hate ny golf!!!
  7. I would loooooooooooooove to see jimenez pull this off but its still waaaaaaay to early. if hes in the same position sunday morning, i'll be pulling hard for him!
  8. Im gaming a 9015d 9.5 with motore f1. best drive ive ever hit and its by a mile. its just perfect for me. the ball flight is amazing and ive hit some of the best drives ever with this thing. i can also work the ball like crazy with this thing and feel super confident doing so. never tried to work the ball in the past with the driver. now I wanna build a long drive version lol
  9. any interest in a trade? i have a set of adams idea pro forged irons. 4-gw with true temper glack gold shafts.
  10. if I could two putt every green with a few 1 putts mixed in, Id be shooting in the high 60's low 70's everytime. my last 5 rounds or so have been in the mid 70's with at least 4 or 5 easy birdie putts missed and a few three putts :( and its not like im hitting bad putts. theyre all burning the edge . one day, im confident that they will all start to drop and my confidence will finally start to go up on the greens :good:
  11. I have a taylormade rossa monza corza belly with brand new winn grip for sale! :clapping:i think you should try it out lol
  12. id trade for an itsy bitsy spider with plumbers neck
  13. I got my eyes on a putter at the moment so im not really looking for a trade. it depends though. if you have say a cleveland classic putter or something thats worth around 50 or 60 bucks, id trade plus cash on your end.
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