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  1. I'm looking for a Tour AD IZ 6x or 7x in driver length. I would greatly prefer if it has a factory installed Titleist adapter. Shaft must be at least 44" from grip to tip.
  2. Are there any reports yet on the head weights off the shelf? I'm guessing at 45.5", they're going to be around 193-194. But I'm hoping for 197-198, because aftermarket weights won't be available for a while I'm sure.
  3. I had my fitting with a Titleist rep on Saturday. As for the fitting itself, it was a bit disappointing. The weather was terrible, so the rep had to set up under the covered area where the mats are. With the rubber tee, I wasn't able to tee the ball up quite as high as I normally do. Hopefully that didn't affect my launch too much. As for the TSi3 itself, Titleist now has a head that is as fast as anything out there. I have the TS4 and loved it, but it was consistently 2-3 mph slower than my various Callaway heads I've owned over the last year (I have a GC2, so I'm able to keep tab
  4. Have a TS4 8.5* that's in excellent condition. The face and crown are perfect. The head currently weighs 198 grams with the +4 weight installed. I will also be including a +2 weight and -2 weight, so you have lots of flexibility on adjusting head weight. Headcover is included. I love this head, but I've fallen victim to the TSi3 hype. So not interested in trades. I've been on here since 2009, with countless transactions. My eBay user name is coreyua for further reference. $175 SOLD
  5. I'm scheduled to get fitted on Saturday with the Titleist rep at a local shop/driving range. On the Titleist website where I booked my 45 minute fitting, it says they use Pro V's during the fitting. Is this correct? I just found that surprising as their balls would get mixed all in with the other range balls. My biggest hesitation with buying during standard demo days, is I hate relying on numbers based off of range balls. So I was intrigued to read that they apparently use Pro V's. Really looking forward to hitting the TSi3.
  6. 1. RTJ Academy 2. Boaz, AL 5. +4 4. Callaway Epic Flash SubZero Triple Diamond - Tensei Pro Orange 60s 5. No 6. TSi3 7. Yes, would love to give detailed feedback.
  7. I'm interested in trying an Epic Flash SZ Triple Diamond in 9*. I'd prefer head only.
  8. 35" Spider Tour Red with the sightline in excellent condition. Headcover shows a tad bit of wear in typical stock headcover fashion, but the putter itself looks great. Has the Superstroke GTR 1.0 grip. Only trade interest would be an aftermarket driver shaft in x flex and 45" + playing length. Would like to find an AD DI 6x preferably. $125 shipped in CONUS. SOLD
  9. Ping G400 LST 8.5* head only in excellent condition, with no major nicks or scuffs. The head currently has a 10 gram weight installed and will come with an additional 13 and 18 gram weight as well. As you can see, the head weighs right at 203 grams with the 10 gram weight, so this will give you an idea what the other weights would equate to. Headcover is included. No trades that I can think of at the moment. A TS4 8.5* head plus cash from me might tempt me though. $175 shipped USPS Priority in the CONUS only. SOLD
  10. Interested in the AD BB if anyone wants just the G400 head and seller is willing to split.
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