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  1. Not having any luck finding an 8° TSi2 head so I’m seeing if I can find a 9° head. Must be in excellent condition.
  2. Looking for a TSi2 8* head only. Head must be in excellent condition.
  3. TSi3 10° head in perfect condition. Crown is clean as can be. The standard 8 gram sliding weight was replaced with a 3 gram weight (aftermarket) and that 5 gram difference was added back via hotmelt. It was placed low and forward. You won’t find a better sounding or feeling head with that hotmelt added. The current head weight is 196 grams. I will include the OEM standard 8 gram weight if you want to experiment with the head playing around 200 grams. Headcover is included, but no tool. No trades, please. SOLD
  4. I just recently bought a Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier #3, and this is my first experience with a “Laguna” type shape (I’m sure Scotty Cameron didn’t develop that shape originally). I’m in love with this thing. Naturally however, the WRX putter snob in me is having a hard time rolling a Cleveland putter. Are there any boutique guys out there making a great version of this putter? May not even be able to kick the Cleveland out of the bag, but I’m gradually starting a putter collection anyway.
  5. 35" 2021 Scotty Phantom X 5.5 in excellent condition, only been outside twice. Topline and sole are mint (residue on sole is from removing the protective sticker). Comes with the stock 10 gram weights and was ordered custom from Scotty Cameron at 70* lie angle and 2.5* of loft. Has the stock Pistolero Plus grip. Head cover is brand new and never been used. There is a microscopic nick on the neck which I've pictured. You can only see it if you hold the neck right in front of your face. Most sellers wouldn't even mention it, but I'm a believer in full disclosure and listing every detail.
  6. The recent Presidents Day release was my first dive in to the world of Swag headcovers. I planned on gaming this with my Spider or Phantom 5.5, but I now have custom putters on order with both Lajosi and Nordberg. So I need some money to put toward that fund (cliche BST post, I know). This headcover is new and still sealed in bag, Swag sticker is included. No trades please Removing listing.
  7. Kari reached back out to me. He’s been great to deal with throughout our MANY emails. I don’t blame him for needing to take a breather from me for a short bit. Haha. My post was mostly me poking fun at myself for being unintentionally annoying. Anyway, I’m about to place my order for both a DD201 and a LP421. I can’t wait. Have always loved Kari’s work.
  8. Man, Christian really has this customer service thing down to a science. Really a pleasure to deal with. Just placed my order for a Halvdan CU.
  9. I was in conversation with him via email and he quit responding. I think I drove him crazy with questions. Haha. I wasn’t trying to be annoying, but I’ve never built a custom before and just wanted to make sure I had all my details covered. But it sounds like you know exactly what you’re looking for, so you should be good just emailing him.
  10. Yeah, he was very quick to get back with me on Instagram the other day. Which can't be said about most of the boutique putter guys. I was mainly just looking for reviews on different models so I could hurry up and make up my mind on which version I want. I don't know if I want to go with a CU version or one with no copper insert. I bought a Scotty T22 when they came out and wasn't crazy about the feel of the terryllium insert. His CU's sure do look cool though. I'm leaning toward no insert however.
  11. Only trade interest: Byron DH89 Epic Flash SZ Triple Diamond 9* with AD DI 6x shaft at a playing length of 45.25” and swing weight of D2. The shaft has the Tour Green Dot adapter which allows you to go down 2* in loft versus the standard 1* on Callaway adapters. The head is in good condition. There are two tiny swirl marks on the crown that I tried to capture in the pictures. They’re not major at all but can be seen in certain lighting. The AD DI 6x is in excellent condition with no bag wear or dings. Has a Golf Pride MCC midsize grip. Headcover is included. SOLD
  12. Anyone have any new Nordberg pictures or experience to share? I love the look of his putters and I'm considering pulling the trigger on one.
  13. As I stated, the head felt light TO ME. Obviously that's going to differ from person to person. Opinions on putter balance, weight, etc. is more subjective than any other club in the bag. I just like to feel enough mass in the head that it feels like it's almost swinging itself. It's likely that if I put a 60 gram grip on there versus the 84 grams of the Pistolero Plus, I would think the 10 gram weights felt perfect.
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