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  1. I have a GOAT on the way and I'm looking at getting either a Cuvio or Matera. The Matera has been discussed quite a bit in the forums and appears to be very well liked, but I can't find much talk of the Cuvio. I'm guessing the heavier weight makes it less desirable? Does anyone have one currently and can speak to the feel/sound of the Cuvio?
  2. Just a heads up, but you might want to specify which weights come with the head. One picture has 15 gram weights and the other picture has 10 gram weights. GLWS
  3. Anybody pulled one of these yet to try in a different head? Being that it's graphite, I'm thinking I'll need to use my shaft puller rather than just twisting it out like a typical steel putter shaft. I don't want to risk dinging up the neck on my putter but I'd also like to not ruin the shaft. I really like it, just want to try it in a different head.
  4. 35" Bettinardi Inovai 7.0 Limited Blackout Slant Neck putter that's in mint condition. Headcover is brand new and never used. Stock loft and lie with black shaft and stock Lamkin Sink Fit grip. No trades SOLD
  5. Finally found an original Mil-Spec 350 gram in good condition.
  6. Looking for a Scotty Cameron Classic Newport. Would prefer original but also interested in refinished options. Length doesn’t matter.
  7. Nordberg Halvdan putter with copper insert Brushed black KBS CT Tour shaft 34.75" 3*/70* loft & lie 360 gram head weight Lamkin deep etched grip Nordberg headcover with magnetic closure Awesome looking and feeling custom putter from Nordberg. If you're not familiar with Christian's work, there's a great thread over in the putter forum. This putter is practically brand new, it has only seen 3 rounds of use. One of the coolest looking headcovers you'll find is included. Get a mint Nordberg at a heavy discount off the price of one new. The ONLY trade I might be interested in would be a Byron DH89 stainless with topline. If you'd like for me to adjust the loft or lie of the putter before shipping, I'll be happy to do that. SOLD
  8. I bought the Firm version to put in my Scotty CC Button Back. It could absolutely be the placebo effect, but my stroke felt more repeatable. I really liked it on anything inside of 15 feet or so. I did have one really long lag putt in which it felt completely different than steel and the result was bad. I think that will get better with practice. If these were priced around $100, I'd buy all 3 versions to try. I will add that it changed the swing weight and made the head feel a little heavier. I put on a heavier grip and it now feels very well balanced. 34.75"/352 gram head weight/94 gram grip = D6 swing weight
  9. Are all of Byron's plumbers necks still .355? I found a thread from 2014 that listed the hosel diameter as .355. Just wanted to make sure nothing has changed there. Just picked up a carbon DH89 and might re-shaft it.
  10. Ping Vault 2.0 Dale Anser. 34.5" in length with factory installed black Ping shaft. Came stock with 10 gram weights, but I will also include a set of 15 gram weights as well. The 15 gram weights are currently installed, if you'd rather have the 10 gram weights in the putter I will install those before shipping. Putter is in excellent condition, with just typic signs of use on the sole. Has an Iomic mid size grip and the Ping headcover with magnetic closure is included. No Trades SOLD
  11. Why pay the $200 upgrade charge when you like the way the AD-TP is performing? It's the same exact adapter. As for comparison, the various answers prove that shafts are 100% subjective. I own all of the shafts mentioned and feel like the XC feels farthest from the TP. The IZ is the most similar in my opinion. It's more of a one piece feel like the TP where as the XC feels softer in the butt section. I prefer the TP over all of them, and I would recommend saving $200 and just order a stock shaft.
  12. Interesting. No sightlines on the MXM putters either.
  13. I didn't. I sent it back. Decided it wasn't worth a $250 experiment.
  14. Use Citristrip instead and eliminate the worry about the acetone/laquer thinner eating through the rubber. Plus it stays where you put it. Apply, wait a couple hours, and the paint comes out like butter with just a toothpick.
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