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  1. Why pay the $200 upgrade charge when you like the way the AD-TP is performing? It's the same exact adapter. As for comparison, the various answers prove that shafts are 100% subjective. I own all of the shafts mentioned and feel like the XC feels farthest from the TP. The IZ is the most similar in my opinion. It's more of a one piece feel like the TP where as the XC feels softer in the butt section. I prefer the TP over all of them, and I would recommend saving $200 and just order a stock shaft.
  2. Interesting. No sightlines on the MXM putters either.
  3. I didn't. I sent it back. Decided it wasn't worth a $250 experiment.
  4. Use Citristrip instead and eliminate the worry about the acetone/laquer thinner eating through the rubber. Plus it stays where you put it. Apply, wait a couple hours, and the paint comes out like butter with just a toothpick.
  5. Here's one of the new rounded fang he's doing. The dimensions of this one are pretty compact for a mallet (3.78" x 2.36"). You have the option of flow neck or plumber's. Also get to pick alignment aide position or naked. I've pre-ordered this model with a topline.
  6. Took out the white and red paint fill. Looking really mean now. Finally was able to get it on the course and it performed just as well as it did on my Birdieball mat. Head feels really well balanced and love the feel off the face. Officially in the bag. Thanks to the OP for the heads up on these!
  7. Thanks! I use a white Vessel bag, so thing I’m going to stick with the white stitching. Both colors look awesome though.
  8. Are you planning on opening the one with the white stitching? If so, can you take a picture of it outside like the copper? I went with the white stitching on my mallet pre-order, but I'd like to compare it to the copper in the light.
  9. Non-retail Odyssey RSX Milled Collection #2. Put a matte black shaft in it with a Ping blackout grip.
  10. Put a black shaft in it and a Ping blackout grip. Love this thing.
  11. For anyone interested, here’s the head weight of the #2.
  12. I have a MXM #9ht and love it. My favorite version of all the #9/Del Mar type shaped putters. It has a solid, softer feel. A good bit softer than the RSX Milled Collection. But it's not really an insert amount of soft, feels great IMO. For $150 and Outlet Condition, I think it's a no brainer.
  13. I can’t wait to get a matte black shaft in this #2 with some black gloss paint fill. Going to look sick.
  14. Received my #2 today. Due to injury, it will be a bit before I can find out what it feels like. But first impressions couldn’t be any better. This thing looks perfect. I haven’t measured it yet, but it seems to be more compact from heel to toe than most Anser 2 style heads. I’m normally a sight line kind of guy, but this thing naked just looks so freaking good.
  15. Well GolfWRX has cost me money once again. Have zero need for it, but after reading this thread I couldn't resist ordering the #2.
  16. My Newport was 355 grams with the 35 gram weights. Weights were right on the money at 70 grams together. So 30 gram weights would equal 345 grams.
  17. Have to figure out my finish details, but I just reserved the new fang style mallet he's producing. The rounded fang shape is my favorite in a mallet.
  18. I noticed that Golfworks pulled all of their Ping grips from their site. They had all been backordered for months, now they're not even on the site. Has anyone talked with them about when they might return? Have any other sites to buy them at?
  19. Specs: LP 421 Stainless Steel 35” 355 gram head weight. 70/2.5* loft & lie Short slant neck Deep milling New Lajosi LP 421 that has only been rolled inside. Great, solid feel. I custom ordered this putter straight from Kari Lajosi. Has a matte black shaft with a Winn VSN medalist pistol grip. New Lajosi headcover with magnetic enclosure is included. No trades, looking to fund another putter purchase. SOLD!!!
  20. I'm kind of in the same boat as the OP. I've been eying the Piretti GOAT due to the smooth face.
  21. I’m only looking to trade for a Newport 2 of similar condition. 34” Scotty Cameron Champions Choice Button Back Newport. Has been on the putting green for an hour. Can see that it’s perfect and practically new. Grip is still in the plastic. Headcover is brand new and unused. Feel on this thing is amazing, I just prefer the sharper lines of the Newport 2. Just wasn’t able to get my hands on one at release. Traded
  22. If anybody got a Newport 2 but wants a Newport, shoot me a PM. I’ve just always preferred the sharper lines of the Newport 2 over the Newport. Would love to trade for a Newport 2. Wish Dick's wouldn’t have botched my Newport 2 order.
  23. Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport with a black KBS CT Tour shaft. The putter plays 35” and is in perfect condition. It looks brand new. Like new headcover is also included. Has a Winn VSN medalist pistol grip. No trades SOLD
  24. Weights are actually right on the money. So this means the head without weights is 285.
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