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  1. Thanks - They came and went in a day on the Canadian site so I wasn't sure. Hopefully they're back up before the season gets going.
  2. Are the AM90s infrared going to be a regular colorway this year or was it just the one time release? Apologies for probably a stupid question but I've been in the middle of a huge home reno so I wasn't paying attention.
  3. I switched from UTX to the Z Cord last year. The Z Cord definitely last longer but I'm going back to the UTX. The Z Cord gets kind of slick in humidity and rain because it's so firm.
  4. Anyone able to PM me some pics? Sounds like an interesting approach they're going to take next year.
  5. No problem. I played the left dash for a month or so and it did what I wanted it to (take some spin off wedges) but almost too much. Those 30-40 yard spinners were near impossible as well.
  6. I took my Mevo out on the course and tested the left dash against the ProV and found similar things to TXG. It does a great job of taking spin off, but too much for me on those shots from 50y and in. I'm going to be switching back to a higher spin ball for better short game control. Driver had a couple of obvious misreads on spin so I won't include the driver numbers (I find this typical for Mevo when hitting driver). Ball speed for all were in the 165-168mph range. They're pretty close off the tee but left dash can definitely bump ball speed up a little. Biggest difference is wedg
  7. I know a couple of guys that use antiperspirant for their hands during the humid months and they swear buy it. Put it on, let it dry, then wear a glove or don't. There are a ton of kinds but Dry Hands seems like a popular choice.
  8. I think they're staying just not in this catalog for some reason. No updates to them though.
  9. I played the Tour BX for the last couple of years and switched maybe 6 weeks ago to the left dash. It's unlike any other ball I've tested. I'm not a real high spin guy, my irons are all in the right sort of spin windows. I put it in play mainly for full swing wedges, my club has fast greens but they're on the soft side, so I was having to really try to knock spin off wedges to keep them from ripping back. This ball still stops really quick regardless of club due to a higher peak height. My concerns were that fliers out of the rough would be made even worse with the additional drop
  10. Well this could be an expensive spring
  11. The Players 4 looks mostly the same but the small pocket on the side is moved above the apparel pocket instead of on the side of it. Couple of different color options but nothing out of the ordinary.
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