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  1. Everything except for the limited edition/special release ones should be in the catalog linked in my earlier post. Some new styles but mostly the same.
  2. The new aloha HyperFlex are on the site in Canada too
  3. Can confirm we also have a sub committee for disciplinary actions. Don't ask how I know JV
  4. Haig Point does a "member for a day" thing that includes the ferry ride over, etc. I haven't played it in my previous trips but we're going this time around. It's in the neighborhood of $200. As said above, the RTJ course at PD is another strong contender for pure public courses.
  5. Couple of thoughts to add here. 1 - A full bag fit with one of the fitters is $400, not $4000. Obviously Ian has his own pricing but that's in an effort to keep his time available to actually run the business, not just do fittings. I think there are a number of markets across the country that can support this (probably more GTA, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal) 2 - On the YT side, the core of the content and all the technical info we love is from Ian; he's the one we all know is the expert. I agree that Matt added a ton to it and their rapport was excellent, but they can get another person to produce it and ensure it remains high quality. Then the only remaining piece is to get someone else to fill the shoes of the human robot. It sucks to see Matt go, but I think the content can continue to be solid. I think there has been a lot of reaction around this that is primarily driven by the YT presence. That's a part of TXG, but far from the meat and potatoes of their business.
  6. I could be wrong but I really think the main driver from the TXG side is expansion. Ian was asking me at a fit 2 or 3 years ago what the market is like where I live because he wanted to grow beyond the GTA. I hope this gives him the opportunity to do that.
  7. Same here. That's what I was waiting to see. I really like the look of the new Field ones but I prefer the spiked version, personally.
  8. 2022 catalog is up now. https://www.nbkcorp.com/catalogs/files/2022_Catalogs/FJ_S22_FULL_LINE_CATALOG_SRP.pdf
  9. I don't get it either. You have to pick it up anyway, just wipe it off at the same time.
  10. Here’s Rory hitting it. Sounds great. https://instagram.com/stories/caseyfbannon/2727839060427235545?utm_medium=copy_link
  11. I had the exact same thing happen with mine. I bought it from my club and they just replaced it with a new one and sent the one legged one back to Titleist.
  12. Homa is wearing the same ones as Poulter at the RSM today.
  13. Lulu socks and boxers are the best. Been on them for years now. Honorable mention to the low GFore socks. They have rubber dots on the heel that keep them up but somehow don’t rub on your heel either.
  14. Thanks - They came and went in a day on the Canadian site so I wasn't sure. Hopefully they're back up before the season gets going.
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