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  1. I switched from UTX to the Z Cord last year. The Z Cord definitely last longer but I'm going back to the UTX. The Z Cord gets kind of slick in humidity and rain because it's so firm.
  2. Anyone able to PM me some pics? Sounds like an interesting approach they're going to take next year.
  3. No problem. I played the left dash for a month or so and it did what I wanted it to (take some spin off wedges) but almost too much. Those 30-40 yard spinners were near impossible as well.
  4. I took my Mevo out on the course and tested the left dash against the ProV and found similar things to TXG. It does a great job of taking spin off, but too much for me on those shots from 50y and in. I'm going to be switching back to a higher spin ball for better short game control. Driver had a couple of obvious misreads on spin so I won't include the driver numbers (I find this typical for Mevo when hitting driver). Ball speed for all were in the 165-168mph range. They're pretty close off the tee but left dash can definitely bump ball speed up a little. Biggest difference is wedg
  5. I know a couple of guys that use antiperspirant for their hands during the humid months and they swear buy it. Put it on, let it dry, then wear a glove or don't. There are a ton of kinds but Dry Hands seems like a popular choice.
  6. I think they're staying just not in this catalog for some reason. No updates to them though.
  7. I played the Tour BX for the last couple of years and switched maybe 6 weeks ago to the left dash. It's unlike any other ball I've tested. I'm not a real high spin guy, my irons are all in the right sort of spin windows. I put it in play mainly for full swing wedges, my club has fast greens but they're on the soft side, so I was having to really try to knock spin off wedges to keep them from ripping back. This ball still stops really quick regardless of club due to a higher peak height. My concerns were that fliers out of the rough would be made even worse with the additional drop
  8. Well this could be an expensive spring
  9. The Players 4 looks mostly the same but the small pocket on the side is moved above the apparel pocket instead of on the side of it. Couple of different color options but nothing out of the ordinary.
  10. Didn't he test that at the British last year too because of the slower greens?
  11. Got my 270s today and I think they fit closer to size than the ZIT dio I'm quite impressed with the fit and comfort overall, but can see that some might think they're a little snug. The only concern I have is that they're quite high off the ground so that may be a little weird if I don't wear them a lot. They do look awesome though! Side note: I had some luck stretching out my ZIT with some shoe trees. Just left them in there for a week or so and that did the trick. I hated them the first few rounds but find them really comfortable now.
  12. Ya the Srixon long irons are strong, which is why I only have the 4 iron - it more or less functions as a 3.5 iron for me haha. They launch pretty high for a players cavity but the rest of my setup are closer to traditional lofts in the Miura MC501s. If I played my lofts 2 weak like your setup then I'd hit the ball to the moon with to much spin and be (even more) useless on really windy days!
  13. I've found similar as others comparing the 2020 BX and the previous generation. Softer feel, more spin from the 75y and in area. That said, I've found that the ball is much less impacted by the wind. The previous generation was great in the wind, but the 2020 BX has gone deep on a bunch of iron shots into the wind. Crosswind is similar, but man it goes right through the wind on a flighted iron. Something to adjust to for sure.
  14. I wore mine today for the first time. I'm overall very impressed and would agree with others that they're a bit of a crap shoot in sizing. I wear a 10 in all non-golf Nike's and a 10.5 in the Roche Tours - went with a 10 in the ZIT and they're a bit snug in the forefoot and maybe a fraction short in length. The disc spike in the heel is really really grippy, like blow out your lead knee grippy. I love it. On my trail side I wish there was a bit more than the single on the inside of the foot as I did slip once with driver. My favorite shoes are the Tour 360s so here's a quick comparison: ZITs
  15. I had the fitting on Thursday and it came down to the two that I initially had my eyes on. I liked the 500U 3 iron and the TS3 19 hybrid the best. The 500U 2 iron was great but it leaves way too big of a gap between that and my 4 iron. 500U - I was incredibly impressed how easy it was to control - was able to adjust flight from around 65-100 feet so it would be fine coming into a par 5 or off the tee.TS3 - This is the best hybrid I think I've ever hit. Like the 500U the control was amazing but had the added benefit of forgiveness and keeping ball speed and spin numbers in a consistent window.
  16. Love it! I've played my 910H flat and with a 100+g shaft in it the whole time (PX 7.0 graphite) and the left doesn't come out too often. I like it but would like to see if the new versions allow for a bit more of the high/low control. Such a tricky spot in the bag to get everything you want. It needs to cover so many options.
  17. 4 iron is at 22. Ya I was thinking of that option too. My good buddy has an Apex 3 iron that he uses as a driving iron and it's a cannon.
  18. I have the SM8 58M and I'm very very impressed. I think it's my favorite wedge I've ever played. I had an M grind a few years back and never really got along with it (tended to dig a bit too much) but this one has almost a preworn leading edge and then the rest of the normal M grind. It's very subtle but I find it helps a ton. I'd also say that the launch has come down and spin is very easy to control for me. I like it so much that I'm thinking about replacing my 50 and 54 SM7s with the 8s.
  19. Hey all - I'm looking to add something new to the top of the bag to fill the gap between 4i and 3 wood. I have a TM RSI TP UDI 3 iron with a Recoil 110 F5 and an old Titleist 910H that I play at 18.5. I swap them in and out but neither of them are exactly what I'm looking for so I wanted to see what others might be able to recommend. 3 wood carry - 260 4i carry - 212-215. The goal is to get something that's versatile in terms of flighting it high and low and that I don't have to fight to keep from going left. Ideally something that I could chase out there 235-40 off the tee and isn't a total
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