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  1. good point - lame and poor timing on my part to buy just before a sale starts.
  2. Has anyone had any experience with FlightScope on their service and repair side of the house? on Mevo+ or any product of theirs for that matter? I've had reason to doubt their focus on customer service/satisfaction from the sales side of the house, and I am interested in their dedication to product support, in and outside of warranty. Thanks for any insights!
  3. So I ordered on Friday and the new promo started Monday - got in contact with them they said they wont do a price adjustment. I said ok.. If I return it and pay the 3% return fee then order another one I'll still see 7% savings but you are unwilling to just give a little price break? They said no we will not give you a price adjustment... Pretty weak customer service there - kinda sours the purchase now
  4. weird.. I'll make it in the first line of text so it shows better on moble.. Thanks
  5. my inbox was full now its not... should be able to receive messages now
  6. No Trade Interests at this time I have the AP2s and Hybrid left.. will bundle price them at $415 shipped 1. For Sale is a well kept set of Titleist 712 AP2's 4 through PW. They are standard loft, length and lie with DG S300 sharts adn Golf Pride Midsize Tour Velvet grips - $350 Shipped 2. Titleist Vokey SM5 Wedges standard shaft and length with Midsize Tour Velvet grips - SOLD 52* with 8* of bounce - F Grind (May still have magic in it.. had my first hole in one with this club) 56* with 10* of bounce - M Grind 60* with ~7* of bounce - M Grind but had custom grind to remove a lit
  7. I personally like the look and feel of the 913 vs the 915.. the technical claims i feel are accurate though with the 915 launching a bit higher and i get a touch more distance.. That being said I have some 816s on the way and will see if i go back to the 913s
  8. Only used for a handful of rounds everything that came with it is included. Comes with both faceplates (tournament and slope) $350 Shipped to Conus - Not looking for trades on this one TOUR X Slope Technology when you want it, tournament legal when you need it. A Tour X exclusive, Exchange Technology lets you use our patented Slope Technology when the red faceplate is installed and functions as a USGA conforming device when the black faceplate is installed. Dual Display Technology allows the user to easily toggle between the bright red Vivid Display or sharp black display based o
  9. Like new only used a handful of times.. $160 Shipped http://www.voicecadd...00-Swing-Caddie
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