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  1. Will not break up the sets below - only trade interests are Vokey SM8 48* and Newport 2 @ 33" or 34" - any questions please PM Titleist 716 AP2 4-PW (4 iron head only) Dynamic Gold S300 shafts Standard L/L/L Midsize Golf Pride +4 Grips - $450 shipped Vokey SM6 52, 56 & 60 - Wedge flex shaft, standard length, Golf Pride +4 Grips - $180 shipped TS2 10.5* Driver with Tour AD DI-6s plays 45" - golf pride +4 mid size Grip and original headcover - $345 shipped Titleist 816 H1 23* and 19* - Diamana S+ 70 shaft, golf pride mid size +4 grip, original headcovers - $225 shipped Fubuki x5ct 60 Stiff flex w/ Titleist tip 44" - $100 shipped Rouge 110 MSI stiff flex w/ Titleist tip 42.5" - $50 shipped
  2. I'd gladly pay more for the unit if it didn't come with a mandatory subscription. Big turn off for me which is why I went Mevo + vs. Skytrak currently. I'm fully expecting and will be buying this if it comes in around the $4k mark and offers no subs and similar e6 connect features. I'll be able to reclaim some of my space that I needed to accommodate the radar based mevo +.
  3. " Launch Pro will have 3 cameras. It is going to measure ball data and club data directly so much more advanced system."
  4. good point - lame and poor timing on my part to buy just before a sale starts.
  5. Has anyone had any experience with FlightScope on their service and repair side of the house? on Mevo+ or any product of theirs for that matter? I've had reason to doubt their focus on customer service/satisfaction from the sales side of the house, and I am interested in their dedication to product support, in and outside of warranty. Thanks for any insights!
  6. So I ordered on Friday and the new promo started Monday - got in contact with them they said they wont do a price adjustment. I said ok.. If I return it and pay the 3% return fee then order another one I'll still see 7% savings but you are unwilling to just give a little price break? They said no we will not give you a price adjustment... Pretty weak customer service there - kinda sours the purchase now
  7. weird.. I'll make it in the first line of text so it shows better on moble.. Thanks
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