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  1. that’s exactly what happened to me when I did my fitting almost 2 months ago. Luckily, some of the bigger box stores still had the i500 irons in stock - so I bought a set as my gamers this season.
  2. FWIW there seems to be 2 manufacturing sites for the Tensei AV Raw Blue shafts that come standard with the SIM 2 Drivers - according to the sticker labels on the shafts. When I bought my Sim 2 from GolfTown, one driver had a sticker that said Head made in Vietnam, Shaft made in Japan, assembled in Mexico. The other driver right beside it (same head loft) said Head made in China, Shaft made in China, Assembled in Vietnam. I bought the first one with the shaft made in Japan. Can’t say if it’s any different to the real deal AV Raw shaft as I haven’t had a chance to compar
  3. I’m assuming it’s Remove the i500 from their fitting matrix or fitting cart. My fitter was told to remove them from his fitting cart.
  4. I just picked up a set of i500s as my gamer set this year. I realize they are 2 years old in terms of retail shelf life, but honestly, that towering high trajectory combined with 1/2 club more distance than my previous set - I didn’t mind buying a set that might be soon replaced. I’m trying to be super careful with them in terms of protecting the from bag chatter. Their replacements would have to be something really special to knock these out of the bag. Feel / Sound is a little clicky, but got used to it after 3 range sessions. Feels a little weird in the
  5. 3 at the moment Taylormade - Long Game Titleist - Irons & Wedges PING - Putter I did try a few times for the bag appeal with 1 Brand - but I could never get along as well with the Titleist Fairways and Hybrids as I do with the SIM line. Came close with Mizuno, but my game isn’t as consistent for the Irons or woods.
  6. For what it’s worth, I’d pay attention to the ground interaction on the T200 vs T300 and match it up to what type of shot you usually play most often with the longer clubs - and what course conditions are like where you play. Also don’t discount the look of the top line - and ensure you’re ok with how they look at address. As an example, I’m trying to build a set this season with a hybrid for anything lower than a 7 iron because of the yardages and the shots I would play from 155 yards to 200 carry yards. I carry my 7 iron 155 yards at 90% effort and I hit my shortest Wood at 210
  7. For what it’s worth, I had a fitting last week with multiple brands and wanted to try the i500 irons. The fitter told me that PING had asked him to pull the i500 iron heads from the fitting cart the day before.
  8. I picked up a used Taylormade Gapr Hi 5 (25*) hybrid last night. I’m planning on turning up the loft to 26.5* which is I believe the max it can go. This puts it in strong loft 6-iron territory. Cant wait to hit it this season.
  9. It’s unfortunate that the TSI3 only comes in 18* and 20*. I was personally hoping for at least a 25* that I could then turn up to 26.5* with the Sure Fit hosel to make it play like a chunky 6 Iron. (Need a club that does 180 - 185 yard carry). My top end carry with my 7 iron is 168 - 173 yards. The TSI1 and TSI2 look too much like a traditional hybrid at address which isn’t what I want for that specific loft range.
  10. So honestly, the TSI wording looks like a line to me at address. I went through an entire Titleist fitting for an hour and not once did I get distracted by those letters. Maybe it’s because it’s meant to look more like an alignment aid at the front of the head rather than at the back of the crown - it seems fine to me. To each their own I suppose.
  11. I’m personally not a fan of having the product name on the crown of drivers - I’d much prefer a cleaner setup like the TSI3. The Mizuno Drivers have the white line around the edge, but no product name. In my case, the product name tends to draw my eyes away from the face and ball because it’s a high contrast area
  12. I’m toying with the idea of black irons. My choices now are between the 19’ smoke apex irons and the new Rad Speed Black Irons and the G710s
  13. Isn’t there usually a “Smoke” version of the Apex Irons as well? Or does that come a little while after the initial release?
  14. Matte Black finish contrasts so well with the ball and grass. If I’m looking down on that, I feel like I’m hitting bombs all day long.
  15. As someone that’s bought a couple of PXG Gen 3 irons from people on the BST forum, I can see how frustrating it would be for the original owners to try an recoup any value. I think I ended up paying more for used irons than what they are retailing for brand new right now. That being said, they are great feeling and performing irons and serve a purpose for a specific distance and ball flight in my bag. Can’t complain too much about that. Then again, this is WRX - so I’ll end up buying new stuff anyway and dumping them back on BST eventually. Such a viscous cycle
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