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  1. Regarding Medford village vs little mill . It all depends on what you want. Little Mill is a true golfers club, not great amenities, 27 very good holes , solid conditions , hardcore golfers. You can always get a game at mill and lots of fun. Village is very nice 18, solid conditions, pool, tennis and more family oriented. Not a lot of good golfers etc but is run more like a country club while Little Mill is a golf club
  2. It looks like it has 20 gram weights ? Was it ordered that way or was 33” and had extension
  3. [quote name='Townes' timestamp='1426857089' post='11178917'] Appreciate the feedback as I am heading down as well. Assuming access (not guaranteed I know) how would you rate the top 5 courses in the area? Both public and private. Thanks [/quote] Private Long cove May river Colleton Haig point daufuskie island Belfair Berkeley hall Public Melrose daufuskie island Harbourtown Robert Trent jones Robert cupp Arthur hills dunes Hilton head national
  4. [quote name='PreppySlapCut' timestamp='1378567946' post='7811645'] [quote name='Jack929' timestamp='1378425911' post='7804335'] If you are willing to take the 25-30 min drive into nj little mill is a tough 27 hole course with a great membership. Very affordable and has some of the best players in the state [/quote] Unfortunately, some of their best players have moved on. Meisenzahl and Sanders turned pro, Ben Smith joined HVCC, etc. They're still deep, and it's a good little layout, I'm just looking at it from a GAP Matches perspective. It's going to be really tough to beat Philly Cricke
  5. Please remember when comparing these two drivers that the Ping is 3/4" longer than the Titleist. The 913D2 is 45" compared to the Ping which is at least 45.75". The Ping should produce more distance but choose the one you are most consistent with because at the end of the day more fairways is way more important than 8 extra yards
  6. I will take wedge set, where do I send paypal. Payment sent. Thank you
  7. Take the ferry and play Challenge of Manele, you won't regret it
  8. Brand New 18* Adams A12 Pro With Matrix Altus Stiff. This is still in the plastic, never used. $85 shipped to U.S Sold Sold Sold Sold to Jantree
  9. [quote name='minew1545' timestamp='1349998056' post='5783025'] Refinished by Cameron Shop Specs:Carbon steel 33/350 Black/Cherry red paintfill Flangeline Scotty Shop shaftband Gripmaster black leather with red stitching Montana Cow standard size grip(new) Gorgeous! Shows to perfection! Throwing in used but great shape PP headcover. Very rare and is only one up for sale in North America! $395 U.S. shipped UPS with tracking # [/quote] hey just a question, how much did it cost to have refinished? I also have a 33" 350 gram and I am considering sending it in to be
  10. [quote name='HackerDave' timestamp='1349742130' post='5767905'] Sounds like a great trip. Happy you enjoyed Oldfield. I feel the same way about HT that you do. I probably play it every 5 years and then ask myself why I went back. Conditioning is always iffy and I can't stand the cart path only. I will find a way onto Long Cove!!! ;-) [/quote] Dave, next time you go to Hilton Head, please private message me. I can arrange for you to play Long Cove
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