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  1. Callaway made the Heavenwood which I think was a de facto 6w because they still offered a 7w a little higher lofted. Just a point or 2 if I recall. Or just go adjustable! I have my Epic Flash 3w cranked to 14 and kill that thing. Golf is 90% between the ears. Good luck
  2. Won’t bore you you with a list. Every Ping and Callaway ever made with the 905R and RBZ as the only outside entries. I buy the hot new release pretty much every year, then return to my GBB. Just can’t kick the GBB.
  3. I’m pretty sure my driver, putter, and Steelhead XR’s are all from 2016. There hasn’t been a new driver that can sniff that GBB for consistency for me. G410 and MAVRIK SZ were close. That driver is just a beast. Don’t see anything knocking it out.
  4. Pretty sure they are universal now? I know the Cally works on Ping. As far as torque not sure. I just turn till it snaps. Haven’t broken anything yet !
  5. I demoed one through Global Utry and ended up with 3. It’s like pushing a button that says “high and straight”. Love pressing that button.
  6. Chippers may get ridiculed around here pay it no mind. Highly skilled players and wannabes reject them but to each their own. I chip with my high lifted 7H. So I can hit it full swing about 160 and then I chip with it. Really great once you dial it in. Takes a minute as the face is hotter than an iron. See the pros chip with 3W once in a while. Love it.
  7. You can try most of the newest hottest hybrids out for $25 on Global Golf. I tried the Ping G425 on their Utry and ended up with 3 of them. They are simply push button easy to hit high and straight. They are not for everyone I know. I simply don’t have the game anymore to hit lower irons. Golf is so much more fun with these clubs. But I’ve always thought hybrids are a love \ hate thing. I’m in the love camp. YMMV
  8. Aside from the coke and hookers which I entirely endorse, nothing is more fulfilling than having that long box on your porch as you pull up. New equipment is the best. Makes me a kid at Christmas again. And it’s OK if it’s used too, it’s new to you. Lessons = BORING
  9. Why wouldn’t you play a smaller club that does the same....ummm because they don’t. This site is hysterical sometimes. Everyone wants to play blades and 75x shafts. I played with a buddy today that bags older Mizuno muscle back looking putty knives. Still carries a 4 iron. I shot an 85 he shot 88. He looks better in the parking lot, my ball looks better in the air.
  10. Yes absolutely 100% correct go Callaway preowned. Got my wife a ladies Epic Flash Star 12* for Valentines Day she loves it. Traded her ladies XR for that one. Can’t go wrong.
  11. I think it’s a specialty club for sure but I love mine. Not gonna be for everyone. I haven’t been able to hit a 4 iron in 20 years and I don’t care. No shame and don’t care about stigmas. I have a bag of shovels and love them. The only problem is I don’t really have anything for that low punch out of trouble. Other than that I elevate everything and the game is much more fun.
  12. About a 15. Honestly just trying break 90 each time out. Bogey golfer. 86-90 good round for me. Callaway Epic Flash with Tensei Blue 75 S. Absolute CANNON. So forgiving and reliable.
  13. Love my 7W and my high lofted hybrids. Just so easy to hit. I know there are a lot of really skilled players here but I need that help. I can’t spell 3 iron.
  14. My 710’s took 3 months. Ordered in mid Nov got them in mid Feb. Two weeks ago I hit the G425 hybrids and fell in love. I wanted them with Tensei Orange and was told that would be 8-10 weeks. Screw that, we are in season now so I just went stock Alta, which actually feel great. FWIW I’m told even with the insane delays on new clubs they are still only 5 days on mods like bending and refinishing etc. Weird.
  15. The Epic Max / Max LS / Speed are the real deal. Hit all at a demo day and made a pick. I usually roll my eyes with the new releases and all the techno nerd marketing speak but these are so legit. The forgiveness of Max is just absurd.
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