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  1. Would rather walk if allowed. I try to golf late in the day. There usually is no one there to share a cart and really most of the time it is a blast to play alone.No hacker yelling about his bad shot or looking for his ball all day. Listen to music and play at your pace.It does not get any better. PS- The Pro shops all have a mask policy to walk in to pay so why should I ride with a person that I don’t know.
  2. Fort Myers,Naples area for summer golf. Well not this year as COVID 19 has closed some nice golf courses to residents only. This year is a weird year as it seems winter people stayed and the golf courses are crowded. Normally in the summers you can play great courses with really no one on the golf course.Winter time here for golf is way too expensive so I fish and it works out great.
  3. Agree. My Sun Mountain the C130. Old bag .Ripped when putting on The golf cart. They have improved them with the straps.Mine is going out in the garbage this week.By the time you pay for shipping and the repair cost you can buy a new one on sale with a little money added. Living in Florida with the sun and rain it beats the heck out of a bag.Almost dry rots the bag.
  4. The best Driver for a person that swings 85 Mph or less is the XXIO Prime Driver. Bought the Prime 9 Driver on EBay and what a difference It has made for me. Had the Callaway Epic before that with 3 different shafts and there is no comparison. XXIO gets great reviews for a reason.
  5. I have no trouble inflating the tires. Bought an inflatable air pump at Costco and have no trouble. Plug the pump into my charger for my car and takes less than a minute to pump the tires up.
  6. I like the Prime 9 Driver they make but $50 bucks for a dozen of there golf balls would be a real reach for me. Don’t know of any tour pro using the ball.
  7. Fort Myers Florida. I have had no trouble getting my own cart. Makes sense to me as there is a sign on most club houses here. Mask mandatory to walk in To the club house. I book on Golf Now as a single and have had no trouble yet.
  8. Looking for a budget golf bag with a cooler. Anybody have any suggestions?
  9. Best way to get your own cart is to make an afternoon tee time and don’t golf on weekends.I live in Florida and would not ride with a stranger. So far no trouble riding alone. Would pay extra or I would go home. I imagine soon they will push the issue.
  10. I have the xxio Prime 9 10.5 driver and your right about distance and accuracy. The best I have ever hit. The only thing that scares me is if the shaft ever breaks. Can’t replace that shaft and have no idea what would be a replacement for the shaft. Does anybody have any idea what shaft would work?
  11. Anybody using them? I Have the xxio Prime 9 driver and love it Just wondering how there fairway and hybrids were?
  12. Pinnacle Rush Golf Ball for pure distance.
  13. For me. Pinnacle Rush for pure distance.
  14. Choke up about an inch. Will gain distance as it will take the loft out of it. Will be lower with tons of roll. You will hit the sweet spot a lot more too.
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