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  1. He bought just about the same equipment I have which are the XXIO Prime clubs. Stupid easy to hit really without much practice. Still was shocked as he has a terrible swing. I got mine used for a great price out of season but he bought his in season. Yikes. He paid a lot but now he has a game so I guess it was worth it for him. My buddies are shocked about his game. No longer is he easy money on the golf course.
  2. Have a friend that couldn’t ever shoot in the 80’s and out of the blue he says “I am going to buy a golf game” I laughed. Well he did. No lessons and he went out and bought expensive clubs. He now shoots high 70’s- low 80’s. I was shocked so I guess it can be done.
  3. Ping clubs are overrated and XXIO woods and Odyssey White Hot Putters are underrated.
  4. The only clubs I use light weight grips on are the XXIO clubs. The XXIO Prime woods come with a real light grip and when I replace them I put on the Golf Pride Tour 25 grips.
  5. Yeah I use them both. I get great deals on the course called Forest Glen in the summer months down in Naples. Now that is a beautiful golf course.
  6. I use it in Fort Myers Fl. In the off months and it does save me money.Never had a problem and I use it twice a week in the summer and play some beautiful courses that they offer for a great price.
  7. I retired to Fort Myers Fl. and have no regrets. The golf is great. Pricey in the winter months but great from May till Dec.for golf. Really reasonable to play but a little warm but you can play 18 in about 3 hrs. In the summer (I know a little warm) but there are great deals on high end courses that are so cheap. The only problem is Real Estate is going through the roof now. Houses have doubled in price the last 2 years. If you love the beach and golf this is your place. Myrtle Beach would be my second choice.
  8. XXIO Prime 9 These woods do it all. Easiest wood to hit anywhere you want the ball to go.
  9. Feel bad for you but I don’t mail for them? I live in Fort Myers and will give you an Example where I can buy them at a discount at the pro golf shop where I shop.There Drive ball sells new at $14.99. All of there balls from Vice are discounted.
  10. Couldn’t agree more. The Vice Drive and the Pinnacle Rush for me are identical. Great balls at a bargain price.
  11. Vice are great balls. Haven’t disliked any of there balls even there cheap ball the Vice Drive. Very much under the radar. Agree the Vice Pro Soft is a way getter ball than the E12 Contact. The Vice distance off of the driver was much longer and the straightness was a little better.
  12. Yeah make sure you go on Tuesday’s. It is half off. Not real golf but a great time. The Fort Myers Top Golf is the one I went to. Try it and I bet you like it. Good food and good beer.
  13. Went to Top Golf and had a blast. Try it this winter. A lot of fun.
  14. I have the Odyssey Sabertooth and have played with it since it came out. Love it. It is a 34. It came with a stock grip and when the Super Stroke putter grips came out and all the hype they had I put one on years ago.With it on I was losing faith with my putter. I thought maybe it was time for a new putter but thought on a whim and thinking what happened maybe I should put a stock grip back on. Well I did and that was the problem. It must have changed the swing weight on the putter. Back to putting great again. Moral of the story is it might not be the length of the putter but the putter grip. Give it a try as it worked for me.
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