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  1. I have waked Augusta National several times . The shoes would really look good at Augusta in a few weeks.
  2. [quote name='HipCheck' timestamp='1331552587' post='4488179'] Through their custom [url="http://myjoys.com"]MyJoys[/url] program, FootJoy will offer a very limited number of pairs of shoes with a unique green sting ray print in celebration of the year's first major. Beginning at 12:01 am EST on Monday April 2, shoes can be ordered with this exquisite leather either directly through myjoys.com or an authorized FJ retailer while supplies last. Available categories include FJ ICON and DryJoys Tour as well as Women's DryJoys, LoPro and LoPro Sport. However... [b]They have set aside five pair for us to give away in advance of the on-sale date! [size="4"]TO ENTER: Respond to this post with your favorite memory walking a golf course (where, playing partners, highlights, etc). [/size] Five random winners will be chosen from the entries. Deadline to enter is Monday March 19 at 2pm EST at which time the winners will be selected. Only one entry per person please.[/b] Good luck! [attachment=1066597:2Y9G4039_resize.JPG] [attachment=1066599:2Y9G4040_resize.jpg] [attachment=1066601:2Y9G4041_resize.JPG] [attachment=1066603:2Y9G4042_resize.jpg] [attachment=1066605:2Y9G4043_resize.jpg] [attachment=1066607:2Y9G4044_resize.jpg] ---------------------------------------------- How winners are chosen... We randomize all the number of posts and the #1 number on the top is the winner. Say there is 1,000 replies from members. We will randomize 1 to 1,000 using a website that has a randomizer. It scrambles the numbers and the #1 is the first place and the #2 is the second etc. ONLY 1 ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD PERMITTED. [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/page/3-golfwrxcom-official-contest-rules/"]<<< Rules for the giveaway >>>[/url] [/quote]
  3. Any news as to what Adams 2012 line looks like?
  4. Anyone have any opinions and/or experiences with Carl Lohren's "One Move To Better Golf"? thanks in advance for your input.
  5. There are two schools of thought on ball position. One position for all shots, Nicklaus, Norman, Price. The other idea is to move the ball back in you stance for different shots, Watson, Snead among others. What is your experience and preferance?
  6. I am hanging back on my right side. Any drills or suggestions on how to stop this would be appreciated. I have lost about 20 yards in the last year. I had a lesson Wednesday and this was diagnosed as my problem. I know this is the case, now I need a drill or a good way to stop it.
  7. I believe this could me the "magic wand" that I have been searching for. I think it could finally get my hands out of my stroke.
  8. I have an extra screw and washer for my R9 460. How do I get the old ones out? Thanks for your help.
  9. I have lost probably 20 yards with my driver. I am hitting my irons shots on the toe frequently. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. I have recently been using a driver that is 1/2" longer than my previous driver and the burner irons are 1/2 to 3/4 longer than wh :angry: at I am used to. Is there any corelation between the two?
  10. Tim Janiga is a good friend of mine. He is as honest as the day is long.
  11. I have had a couple of different heads with no problem whatsoever. I have a FT-IQ ordered. In my opinion Callaway has the best customer service in the industry.
  12. I am planning on coverting a 34" Spider putter to a Belly Putter. Are there any special tricks to reshafting Spider Putters? Thanks in adance for your tips.
  13. Dan, Tip Kockentiet is my good friend. He keeps me in Srixon balls. I think they are the best kept secret in golf. For mw, the zur-s is better than the pro v-1.I love the I-506b irons as well. John Jackson
  14. I was recently fitted by hot [email protected] Edwin Watts. I was told to switch fromS-300 to R-300 in my irons. What will be the playing characteristic differences? Also what shaft in project x is = R-300. Thanks in advance for your help.
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