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  1. You could be exaggerating the move and coming in steep and hitting thin which can create that shot.
  2. One, pros are playing on better fairways than most of us mere mortals are accustomed to. Second, if you hit ball first, ground type doesn't matter
  3. For me, this grip allows my right hand to support the club much better at impact and seems to be anti-flippy. My left hand is a pretty strong, maybe a touch more than usual as I'm dealing with a injured thumb right now so my thumb is wrapped around the grip instead of under the palm of my right.
  4. That's one of the requirements to play in competition. The field must be protected lest you also get disqualified.
  5. The Gallia county rain shield works very well down here for golf. Have a weather app on your phone that has lightning/storm alerts. I use NOAA
  6. Picking spots or lines isn't green reading. Those are the result of your green reading. If you're hitting those lines and spots with the right speed, then it is you're green reading. I can understand the putter not always being comfortable. I usually have long honeymoons with putters then for whatever reason it seems like I'm looking crosseyed at them and I can't trust where it's aiming.
  7. Just something to add when doing half swings....you still want to go 90-100% full power on those. When I get play/practice gaps I tend to go easy with 1/2-3/4 swings and the ball doesn't go anywhere. That will definitely fix your too long swing issue if you then start air mailing greens.
  8. Pay attention to where you place your ball. My home course's tee boxes are horrible so you gotta pay attention to subtle slopes. Use your heel or club to press down the ground/grass behind the ball. Its perfectly legal to do so.
  9. You can get electric carts under 1k now.
  10. One of the bad things about carts is it makes finding your ball a bit harder. When walking, you can beeline right to the ball. Riding, you have to stay on the path most of the time and you loose the line.
  11. Bowling as a junior, had a 170s average before I stopped when I went to college. Played baseball and now softball still.
  12. middle to back pin, probably a 48* slightly more than 1/2 swing and let it release to the pin. Front pin is a full-ish 54* to land the ball behind the flag.
  13. With a possible fractured thumb on left hand (right handed), can still shoot around par. Had to change my grip to a kind of baseball-interlock hybrid.
  14. Again, it's hard to really tell without more context. If you tighten up the irons and driving it may lighten the load on your short game. If the long game was tight and your short game is atrocious then park yourself in the short game area for a while. Golf really is a trickle down affair. Easier to make the rest of your game better from off the tee to the green than the other way around. Chipping and putting might make you a better midcapper but that's about as far as you'll get.
  15. Unless you're bubba Watson, good luck.
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