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  1. It's a weird phenomenon.couple weeks ago I had a shot where ball above my feet, grab the hookyist club in the bag, 2h, aim right and the darn thing fades. I'm not sure if it's because I tend to play the ball farther back in my stance to prevent hitting fat or something els e.
  2. Most sports disallow projected/anticipatory decisions for good reason.your only allowed to make them at the time they can go into effect. You can give a heads up thAt you're about to do something but the official can't allow it yet.
  3. There's a reason why the RBs are mum on the design specs of a "tee"
  4. Match play only. No such thing for stroke play. Gimmes are made-up rules so it's between your group to decide how to handle such things as it relates to your game. For handicap purposes you should record the most likely score .
  5. You should almost never give those concessions anytime someone asks anyways. Odds are they'll get huffy and miss it. Which might give you a few holes worth of mental issues they have to resolve.
  6. Just remember this and it will help you get through it and be able to sleep easy...when they ever have to play a competition where the absolutely have to hole out, you will have the advantage. Just pray they arent your partner in a team event though.
  7. I can see this scenario in our league where we have this odd format where you get a point for each hole you win, half for ties, and you can win three points for winning total strokes for 9. You might of lost the hole but your still in decent shape for total. opponents can concede your score for the holes but if you pick up on a hole without a concession you forfeit total.
  8. Thats tame for a sod balloon...we used to have a few at our home course. One used to be the size of half a beach ball beside #1 green. Divots arent evil. People who dont replace them, unless its the type of grass you arent supposed to replace, are evil.
  9. Concessions are ok, gimmes are not. In other words, putt it out unless you're playing match play and your opponent concedes.
  10. Take the numbers over to the flightscope optimizer.
  11. The difference is the glass is half full and half empty question. Accepting what you can do and has it's limits is an empowering attitude. Giving in to the you'll be never be able to do x is depressing and soul sapping. Makes me think of Tom Watson at The Open where he nearly won.
  12. When all else fails, you just have to practice the shot. Either find a way to simulate it or drop some balls at that spot on a practice round.
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