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  1. I quit from November to march every year. Doesnt matter how well im hitting it. Its a good way to reset and get bad swings and memories out of you
  2. USGA/GHIN sell there own green reading maps so...
  3. To gain distance. Unless you'd like to drop on a number behind the lie, I'd trade for distance over a clean ball.
  4. Blast it out of the divot with your putter.
  5. The funny thing with match play, especially playing bestball or scramble format is that strategy can radically change shot to shot. You do things that you wouldn't do in stroke play. Case in point.. Two years ago I had in best ball a straight up the hill birdie putt 6 ft from the hole. My partner was pretty much in jail right of the trees with no chance of going high and a pond to clear. In normal play, he would of chipped sideways and try to make par. Instead, he playes a low skimmer and holes it out for eagle. As a note as it regards to the OP, the game is fair if you agreed to it. People to often confuse "fair" with being "even". Fair is when everyone is playing by the same rules. Even is when skill level is evened out.
  6. Machine calibrated correctly?I didn't think it it was possible to get smash to 1.49 with a 7 iron. Smash is always something to be wary of just because of the club speed measurements aren't always precise, especially with driver.
  7. Generally, I would say that you can't get hurt practicing a thing too much. Again that's generally. The exceptions would be if you cause injury to yourself or you are doing a drill that requires exaggeration of movement . When I think about Diminishing Returns as it relates to golf is focusing too much practice time on a skill that is nearly maxed out and other skills with more gains to yield are ignored.
  8. Usually works out to a quarter-half club more distance off a tee
  9. Or just one great shot that just requires a mediocre putt.. I've had a couple kick in eagles on par 4s but usually when you drive a par 4, it's usually a 20+ft putt.
  10. Curious...are the younger players from Europe as versed in match play today as their predecessors? Or has stroke play become the dominant form since many are traveling here to play collegiate golf?
  11. You've gotta really be good with speed control and green reading. Personally, I'd try to avoid the courses with the slowest greens as they are wreckers of putting strokes unless it's just all casually play and you don't play tournaments much.
  12. Might need to research on how to build and maintain calluses.
  13. Aimpoint express is a good video for really (over)simplifying green reading. There's a lot of experience you have to lean on for reading greens. How competing slopes can neutralize a putt. How the pull of nearby valleys or creeks, like the infamous Rae's Creek an ANGC, effect putts. How grain effects the break. Recognizing what causes a putt that slides instead of breaks, etc. It's more art than science, as such you can't read greens perfectly all the time. You hear on PGA broadcasts all the time, "that putt has been straight all day but the players read it moving left(or right)". There's just some subtleties in greens that can't be read, just memorized.
  14. Not sure I'd call that a callus. I have a callus on the side of my knuckle though it's a subtle one. Have all the normal baseball, golf, working man's calluses as well.
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