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  1. For the most part,the only reason to lay up to a number is if you need really have a lot of spin to hold the green
  2. I'm sure you could ask around to find someone to rent you mevo or if there's any local teachers or fitters that have a trackman or flightscope theyd do a session
  3. Yep. Outside 5 yards a three stroke avg is good. Need to be closer to 2 than 3 from inside 5 to fulfill aspirations of singles digits.
  4. For improvement purposes, count putts off the fringe as putts. You're not winning anything for keeping those putts off your stats, so unless you're playing a california scramble or have bets that involves putting stats, count em. We wouldn't know the difference anyways unless you say something.
  5. You can take that a step further by breaking it out for first putt approach and first putt scrambling as a metric to analyze your approach and l scrambling.
  6. Just a note about driver and banishing from the bag. If it's misbehaving for you at the range and in the course, put it in timeout. However, it should be priority #1 to get it back in play for you in your range sessions. Unless you can put yourself in wedge to 7i range with 3w or less off the tee on most par 4s.
  7. You have to know your tendencies...and then remember to plan for them. Too many guys never take them into account. Plan for the normal result, the miss and slight miss, and slightly better than normal shot. Don't try to plan for the horrible miss, chunks, tops, s%$&!s or you'll be a mental case
  8. Knowing your carry is the biggest thing. If you can get on a launch monitor it really helped me. As far as strategy, most times you never need to blast a club. The few exceptions is you have to get the ball high with a lot of spin to get the ball to hold the green. Learning to flight the ball down and take spin off is more advantageous most of the time.
  9. As a 2 cap I laugh at FIRs at my home course and the fairways literally avg less than 15 yards wide
  10. At that level, I'd probably be tracking wasted shots. I'll explain what I mean. There are 4 general phases on each hole, except par threes. Tee Approach (Tee on par threes) Chipping Putting You can break approach out to account for laying up on par 5s or long par 4s with forced carries of bunkers or penalty areas to the green. Can also break out purring for putting if you're leaving yourself 3+ foot second putts a lot. A wasted shot, including penalties, are shots that didn't advance you to the next phase of the game. Say if you'r
  11. I use aimpoint express. Used to be a more find the fall line and figure things out from there. Still do the fall line thing if it's on more contoured greens with severe slopes.
  12. One is too many most times. Usually only have a swing thought if I'm struggling with something. Sooner I can get off not having the thought the better or I'll end up overdoing things
  13. Mizuno JPX 900 hot metals. I've been pretty happy with em.
  14. Neither are good. However, the result of either depends on what kind of shot that you were aiming for at the time it happens is the key thing. I can survive a slice if I aim for a fade unless it's a big block slice. Same thing with a draw/ with a snap hook result. When you get the horrible double cross is when things turn disastrous generally.
  15. Medium-longish driver of the ball 260-270 carry. When I'm swinging well, its fairly consistent with the occasional block which is an issue. Irons pretty good and straight with the odd pull. Misses are usually thin and pull. Long approach wedges...where I take advantage of my length. Can make a flurry of birdies at my home course. So far this season they are extremely rusty and my contact, thus distance control, is way off. Favorite distance is 110 yards for my 48* which is a 3/4 wedge Intermediate/short wedge game I struggle with at times and can be hot or cold. Chipping is
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