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  1. 10 yards from the fairway. If you dump one in the stream every now and then, its only costing you a stroke
  2. I was referring to carrying the stream.
  3. I think 20 yard margin to carry the stream is bit too conservative unless you're in the rough. If you're distances are off maybe you think about it but unless you really need to protect a good round score here, just no reason to layup that short.
  4. Another thought would be to go at the right side of the green and dare that ball to go right as a bit of reverse psychology, especially if the right side of the green is marked as a red penalty area so that as long as you dont go in the water long you can get a favorable drop if it crosses the margin beside the green.
  5. @bortass If you're bunker game isnt reliable i would definitely stop aiming leftside of that green. Especially if you tend to blade bunker shots across the green, which would put you in the water here. Unless your tendency is a big fade or just plain blocks with your short irons, I dont see why you shouldn't just go for the middle of the green. We need to be talking better than 10% chance of the ball going in the water if you go middle of the green here to contemplate laying up short or aiming for a bunker where you may as well of put the ball in the pond as you're looking at the same result for your score or worse!
  6. DDSS Don't Do Stupid....Stuff. If the shot you're facing is going to cost you a penalty or put you in a precarious position unless you hit a miracle shot, then you might want to layup or bail out. Else, go for it.
  7. The problem of depending on your recovery game is that you cant do it most of the round. The percentages and the stress will catch up to you. Especially if those recovery shots don't give yourself a chance a GIR or within easy up/down range. Cant just chip out sideways or push the ball up the fairway a bit and still have more than a half wedge in to save par on multiple holes.
  8. Which would bring the next question up...if you took dead aim at the left edge of the fairway with driver/4w, whats the percentages of the ball being in play vs in the trees either side?
  9. Id have to say you're likely just slightly opening the face going back without realizing it and it stays there. With the wristy stroke, you know you're opening it so you close the face on the "downswing". The former is where a lot of guys miss putts low on downhill right breaking putts(left of lefties).
  10. I cant remember too many details except the darn 4 putt on 15 for a double,(par 3 GIR'd clown hole pin location) Course: Cliffside Golf Course, gallipolis ohio Tees:blue Yards:6292 Rating:70.2 Slope:119 Score:69 Recap: (how man pars, birdies, bogeys, etc.) Birdie/Eagle Putt Distances: Fairways: Greens: Putts: (ball must be on the putting green - if ball is on the fringe, that is an "up and down" opportunity) 3-Putts: 1 4-putt 7 birdies 2 bogies 1 double. Birdied last two holes coming in off the 4 putt on 15 To expand on the 4 putt which is all i really remember of the round.... 30+ first putt from the front middle of the green uphill to a ridge and the hole as 1.5ft below the ridge and greens were fast. Leave it 5ft short because of i carried the ridge with speed, its off the green. 2nd putt trickles over the ridge and is 3ft past the hole. Miss the third and tap in the 4th.
  11. I think if you would get better/more comfortable hitting irons into the green, you shouldnt be stuck on double on this hole unless you're in the trees. Even if you did settle on double for this hole, you may as well get aggressive with your second second shot into the green. Erring long or left on this hole with the second shot would be the play. Looks like youve got plenty of room behind the green to miss if the bunker is your problem.
  12. Im talking about the second shot. If you're short of the dogleg you have to layup to the right which is only good for a back left pin.
  13. Being short severely limits your layup. Layup looks like it needs to end up of the left side of the fairway so you have a better angle unless flag is long left. Unless its down the right edge of the fairway. I wouldn't get hung up on avoiding an uphill lie either. Easier to get the ball up in the air. If it was a downhill lie, I would try to avoid those as they are much harder to hit.
  14. This hole, you just have to avoid left at all costs. In a scramble, challenging the left side will shorten the hole considerably. But on your own, into the trees or short of the corner and you dont even have a chance to go towards the green with your next shot. If I were you, id hit the shortest club that gets you past the corner if you do tug it a bit left. Cant live in fear on the golf course. What course management really is is not doing obviously stupid crap that brings high percentage of bad things happening into play given your skill level.
  15. Pretty big jump to make assuming you're not adding loft at impact. Easiest thing is go to irons with stronger lofts.
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