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  1. I used to play a Tour AD DI 6, but when I got the Ping G410 LST, went to a VA Nemesys 65S @ 45.25 and really liked it.
  2. I am looking at getting an Autoflex. Was hoping someone could give me some advice on model. I am looking at the 505 and 505X. For reference, my SS is about 98-103 mph. I generally would be considered to have a tempo on the smoother side. For reference, other shafts I have played in the past have been a GD Tour AD DI 6s and current set-up is a Ping G410LST w/ Nemesys 65S @ 45.25 length. I intend on starting the Autoflex at 45.75 and cutting down as needed. So just trying to decide between 505 and 505X. Thanks!
  3. Any idea how much your G400 head weighs? I am trying to pair autoflex with g410lst. Thanks!
  4. Thanks, one follow up. Does anyone know approximately how much of the shaft sits within a ping g410 adapter? My guess from eyeballing it would be about a 1/2 inch to 1 inch?
  5. I was hoping someone could give me some input. I currently have a Tour AD DI 6S Driver shaft lying around. The shaft came from a Titleist 917 D3 and was playing at 45 inches. I then had a club builder swap out the tip from a Titleist to a Ping G410. I was using this shaft alongside my Nemesys 65S last year and decided that I like the feel of the Nemesys better in the Ping head. As such, I have no immediate use for the Tour AD DI 6S as a driver shaft. With that said, I am in the process of testing new 3 woods and 5/7 Woods and believe that I have it narrowed down to the Mizuno STZ FWY or the Ping G425 Max FWY. I am likely going to go with a Ventus red in one of the 3 or 5/7 wood and potentially the other, but figured I would also give the Tour AD DI 6S a try in the 3 wood first before committing to a second Ventus purchase. From my understanding, the shaft would have been tipped 1/2 inch by Titleist originally. In order to convert it from a 45 inch playing length driver in the Titleist to a 43 inch playing length in the Mizuno or Ping, what do I need to have done to the shaft? I was figuring that it would be taking a 1/2 inch off the tip and another 1.5 inches off the butt end of the club? This would get me to a 3 wood that is tipped 1 inch? For reference, my SS with driver is 98-105 MPH. I am trying to get to what would be considered "standard" tipping for this shaft with a 3 wood (I am not trying to make the shaft stiffer than it is). Thanks for any input.
  6. Has anyone purchase the new ST-Z 3 wood? Any feedback? After watching the TXG videos I am very intrigued. I am currently playing 915F 15 degree 3 Wood and 5 Wood and looking for upgrade. I am interested in the Mizuno and Ping425 Max 3 wood and 7 wood (I currently play the G410LST driver and really like it).
  7. I am currently gaming a Ping g410LST with a 65S VA Nemesys at 45.25 playing length at 9 degrees (sometimes play it at . This set-up has been really good to me and I had not been thinking about a new set-up. The Autoflex has me intrigued and yesterday I played with a buddy at my local club. He is gaming the Autoflex with a Tsi3 at 8 degrees. I hit his driver multiple times and definitely hit some good balls with it, however, we both agreed that it probably was a little too low loft for me. I absolutely have loved the Ping head, however, keep reading that the Ping head doesn't pair well with the Autoflex. Has anyone on this board had success with the Autoflex and the G410LST head at 45.25 length? I have weighed my head without adapter and it is 205 grams (including the 12 gram back weight). Thanks for any input!
  8. Thanks all for the feedback, super helpful!
  9. urjc22

    VA Nemesys

    How would people compare this shaft to a GD Tour AD DI6 stiff flex? I am thinking of putting the Nemesys in the Ping G410LST In place of the GD
  10. Hi All - Trying to figure out if a Ozik 135 Putter shaft will fit into a Scotty Cameron Fastback 1.5? I understand that the Ozik is a .370 size tip and fits into a female style hosel. With that said, I have seen this shaft in a Taylormade Spider which I thought had male style hosels. Any tips would be recommended. I am not a club builder and would take it to someone to have the work done but don't want to get the shaft without knowing whether or not it is compatible. Also not looking to jimmy rig it together, sanding and boring would be okay, but nothing more than that. Thanks for the help, Joe
  11. If anyone is interested in a very good condition 917D3 Head (Right Hand 9.5), please message me. I will be willing to let one go in about 2-3 weeks. Will list for $200.
  12. Michael / goduke8 - PM me and I will give you the real low down on Olympia Fields. There hasn't been a $50K initiation fee for a long time so not sure where you got that from. For Juniors (under 35), there is a great deal with very minimal upstroke later (none depending on when you joined). I joined at 31 and will owe nothing else when I turn 35. We have a ton of members from the Western Suburbs. The facility is awesome and just went through a great bunker restoration last fall (all leading up to the 2015 US AM).
  13. Actually, the drive down to Olympia is much quicker than almost any of the other privates (except for Beverly, maybe Evanston and maybe Skokie - on a good traffic day). It generally takes me 32 minutes from River North / Aon center in non-rush hour. Weekend morning from Lincoln Park it takes me about 38 minutes and going back in about 45. The traffic going South is generally much better than going west or north. I too was under the impression that it was a far drive before I went and toured the club and talked to members. 50% of our membership comes from the city now and the other large majority is western suburbs where you can get there in about 35 minutes from Hinsdale. The traffic going west and north on the weekends and just about anytime is a nightmare. If you live in the South Loop, even better where 25-27 minutes is common. And as you mention, the train is actually a nice option. We have a few members that don't own cars and train down every saturday and sunday am ($7 for unlimited weekend rides).
  14. Anyone in Chicago that is overlooking Olympia Fields (especially if you live downtown or in western burbs) is making a huge mistake. I joined their two summers ago and couldn't be happier. The facility has two exceptional golf courses (every bit as good as Medinah or anything else in the Chicago area). The North Course had all bunkers redone in the fall and most of the tee boxes. The remained of the tee boxes will be re-done this fall - as well as the addition of two new bunkers just in time for the 2015 US Am). The condition of the golf courses are phenomenal (and generally put Medinah #3 to shame - due to the amount of "Corporate golf" Medinah tends to get - although I did here the renovation of Medinah #1 is great). The membership is a great mix of new and old with about 60 associate members under the age of 35.
  15. I own a bunch of Patrick's belts. They are fantastic. On top of that, he is a great guy and his service is top notch. Get on his mailing list and he emails you specials where you can get some great pricing on great belts. Joe Chicago, IL
  16. If you want the best option, take the job in Chicago as I (a life-long east coast kid from southern CT) did and you will find that golf is a lot more accessible and your purchasing power is that much greater. I belong to a top 100 course within 35-40 minutes of downtown and I got in as an associate for less than 1/2 of the initiation range that you kicked around above. Feel free to PM me for details.
  17. Depending on where you live, check out Olympia Fields. A lot of us in the city have joined and it is a great facility and very reasonable. If it were located on the North Shore it would easily be $100K+ to join, but it is much less since it is south of city. Little traffice getting there from down town and you can take the train!
  18. You may also want to check out Olympia Fields. It takes about 30-35 minutes from Hinsdale. It is a lot more affordable than some of the ones you mention and is also a much better overall facility depending on what you are looking for. PM me if you want details.
  19. [url="http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/greenfil/item/pm11900571/"] [/url]Anyone try ordering from here? Are these legit? Can't imagine there being fake golf rain suits, but I could be wrong. [url="http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/greenfil/item/pm11900571/"]http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/greenfil/item/pm11900571/[/url]
  20. Currently playing project x 5.0. Count me in for some new shafts.
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