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  1. Locking this up since no one wants to talk about the tournament.
  2. Political posts removed. No politics per The Terms Of Service. We will suspend members who continue to ignore warnings about political posts. We will also remove posts that disrupt the forums.
  3. Do I really need to remind you guys to knock off the politics? You want to keep talking about this - fine. But please consider this your one warning.
  4. Topic has run its course. Will reopen if there are any new developments.
  5. Clean up on aisles 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 completed. We will start handing out warnings and suspensions if this thread gets derailed again. Content will be moderated for now.
  6. Topic cleaned up. Let's keep the off topic bikini posts out of this thread.
  7. Thread cleaned up. Length of shaft as stated is just over 44". Tipping of shaft is standard TM tipping.
  8. Let's keep responses on topic and not derail this thread arguing about other JT issues or the Ryder Cup.
  9. We're going to keep this topic from derailing any further by requiring moderator approval for all posts. Do not contact us if you don't see your post. It may take a few minutes or a few hours till it's vetted.
  10. Enough is enough. We tried to keep this topic open. Thread is being cleaned, warnings are going out. NO more personal attacks. Do we really have to remind some of you at this point?
  11. And we're done here. This should have been shut down a few pages ago.
  12. We're done here. Topic is moving in the same direction as the other topic that was closed.
  13. - MEMBERS MUST CLOSE THEIR OWN LISTING once the item(s) is sold, traded or no longer available by clicking on the >>>"Moderation Option"<<< button and Lock. If you cannot figure out how to close your listing, please PM a moderator or REPORT! your post to have it moved to the BST Archive Forum or have a Wanted to Buy listing deleted.
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