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  1. We're done here Off topic posts removed again.
  2. We're done here. Everyone can do their own research and decide for themselves.
  3. Posts discussing players legs, face, sexuality,... removed. Warnings will be issued if we continue to get any more reports about this. Also, stop bickering about geography. Take it to PM if you want to continue discussing it. You're derailing the topic and no one else cares.
  4. Political posts removed. It's a violation of forum rules and more than a few of you have already been warned for this. Keep it off of this site.
  5. Restored original ad text, you’re not allowed to remove it once ad is posted.
  6. We're done here. Topic cleaned up for the second time.
  7. Ad cleaned up. @gearbox You can sell for whatever you like but need a definitive sales price. OBO is fine but that means offers below your asking price, not above. This isn't eBay and 'bidding' is not allowed.
  8. Locking this up since it's no longer about golf.
  9. Topic cleaned up. A reminder of forum rules: "While debating and discussion are fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, or purposeless inflammatory posts."
  10. Topic cleaned up. To the involved parties, CUT IT OUT. You know who you are. Take it to PM or put each other on ignore. You're not going to derail this topic with your bickering. DO NOT PM ME TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE OTHER PERSON.
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