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  1. Well, maybe my stupidity has finally paid off. I just measured my floor to wrist, at 35 and 3/4 cms, which puts me right at the need length to be white dit, and yes I called ping and they are indeed white dot. i never really paid much attention to the dot becasue its such a subtle color of white. I stand about 6'2 1/4, I noticed that with these clubs that I was hitting the ball a l east 10 yrds further per club, obviously now I see why.. lol With the feel of added distance going up, I felt I was striking the ball better, I have been scoring lower, and my confidence has been great my la
  2. If G10's have no paint on the shaft head in the hosel, i.e, black red, white ect, does that mean they are standard loft? Someone said thats white dot, so I am a lot confused. My g10's are bare in that spot, they were a demo set from Roger Dunn, they wouldnt use a white dot for a demo would they?
  3. I love my bag.. I have about that tied up in mine, yet i payed retail for none of it..
  4. got a dozen bridgestone e6 those are low driver spin, gonna see what i can do with them tomorrow.
  5. What would you say is the better low driver spin balls? Really struggling with too much spin off the driver, looking for a ball that can help me eliminate some of that spin.. thanks a bunch..
  6. how do they compare next to vokeys?How do they compare? of the 2 ping wedges whiich has the great feel / control Im nearly all ping, wedges and putter are titleist/cameron.. but i strike these pings so welll but at the demo day, i didnt hit the wedges.. anyone have any experince with either?
  7. before i purchased my Ping G10's which I love by the way.. I was so close to pulling the trigger on x22's I really like them at address, they felt great.. but then i went to a ping demo day, and about a month later as you can see in my signature, I fell in love wiith ping..lol
  8. I just completed mine as well.. My G10 14* 3 wood is on the way, and I just found the 3 lime dot cameron headcover and lime mid size grip that's getting put on sunday.. i have never been more proud of a set of sticks...
  9. purchased my set of g10's 2 weeks ago at roger dunn.. they were a demoed set, 6,7,8 were the only clubs struck. they still had ghost tape on them.. rest of clubs either had plastic on grip or head.. 5-uw was 404.00 plus tax.. considering i use titleist vokey weedges, I could easily sell the u wedge for 50-60 on ebay, bringing my set of irons down to $345.00 i am bidding on a g10 4 iron red dot and right now its only 25.00 getting g10 for great prices are out there..
  10. Oil can finish for wahtever reason does not spin as well as the black nickel and chrome.. my black nickel wedges spin like crazy.. when purchasing the dude at R Dunn asked me if i prefer more spin and of course i said yes, he advised me to the black nickel.. so that might be part of the problem with lack of spin..
  11. ^^ I have the 15* Neutral with the X Stiff shaft.. But I seem to hit the 17* as good.. So I am thinking of leaving the 15* out of the bag.. plus that diablo headcover does not look right in the ping bag..lol
  12. no need to carry both, right?i have a 17* ping rapture v2 and a diablo 15* 3 wood.. the more i think about it the more i realize there is no need to carry both clubs.. the 17* is more versatile and to be honest only loses about 7-12 yrds in distance.. so if you carried your 3 Wood 245 or your 17* hybrid 230ish which makes the most sense? carrying the 17* and a extra wedge? or the 15* and 17*?
  13. I like golf clubs.. I make the money, I spend it how I see fit.. If I want the newest longest new driver out there, I go buy it.. Thats a luxury I can afford at the moment. Doesnt make me a sucker at all. I have a closet full of $300 True Religion jeans also, I could have spent 20 at the gap, but thats not my style.. So I guess I like to be "hip" lol..
  14. Longest/Most Forgiving?Which in your opinion is longer and which is the most forgiving.. Im in the transition to an all Ping bag.. I feel like there isnt a lot of difference. i feel the pings are longer but sumo's are more forgiving.. is that the pretty accurate? all opinions welcomed..
  15. Currently I hit Callaway Fusion WS irons, and I hit them well, but to be honest I hit my Titleist wedges so much better. I carry a 47* around 140 on a full swing but I seem to control them much much better.. I love the 52*,56*, 60* they are just incredible clubs.. Its got me thinking of moving away from the GI Irons I currently have. So I would like some thoughts and opinions on new irons. I am not exactly looking for hardcore muscle back blades but something in the middle.. I was considering the Titleist AP1 or the Callaway Tour 22. Anyone have any thoughts or other Irons that migh
  16. ^^^ My bag looks a lot like this one..haha.. Driver, 3 Wood, 17*, 20*, 23* Hybrids and my putter.. I don't mind though, I have a staff bag, everything fits very nicely When i go to the range I will also put in my 2nd driver.. I get a lot of looks, some weird some in amazement.. The oldtimers are like wtf. the younger golfers are like damn dude thats a nice set of clubs.. haha
  17. NM, I used one of the wrx sponsors gppgolf.com. nike sumo2 for 118.99 cant beat that..
  18. I am thinking about buying a driver from the site.. Anyone ever use them? www.budgetgolf.com
  19. I have a spare bedroom that look oh so similar.. I just started playing in march and have already went through 4 drivers, 3 sets of irons, multiple woods, mutiple wedges.. haha this story sounds oh so similar..
  20. I carry the Sumo's 2 from Nike.. I agree they are extremely easy to hit, but I disagree with whom ever said they arent long.. I carry a 17* which I hit about 225-235 consitently 20* around 210-220 I use them in replace of my 3 and 4 iron.. Highly recommend these clubs..
  21. Curious if any use this grip.. Also Does Tiger overlap his left index finger on his right pinky?
  22. Thanks for the info.. I think my SS is more like 115-120 to be honest.. I wasnt really warm, I took 10 swngs, witht he last 5 being recorded.. I am going to take your response in with me tomorrow.. A lot of the technical things I'm not familiar with so this was great for me to read.. I think I'm over 100 at least every swing on the tee, probably the 110 I recorded I would say is pretty accurate.. it's just my nature.. I'm 6'2 195 pounds, very athletic.. My concern is this, are the uniflex shafts in my irons affecting my accuracy? Would the x stiff shafts actually help? Thanks a
  23. Left Roger Dunn y'day with a 110 mph Swing on the driver.. This was literally taking about 10 swings with the last 5 being recorded at 107, 110, 110,110, 112. Currently I am swinging a Stiff Flex Driver, uniflex steel irons, 2 of my hybrds are regular and 2 are stiff. The pro said I definitely need to get my driver re shafted to a x stifff shaft.. But my question is this, should I re shaft all my clubs to x stiff shafts? I know the salesman is gonna say yes, but I was curious to what people who gain nothing by way of commission might say.. Reshafter was out till tomorrow, going
  24. My father in law just called me today asking him to find him wedges on ebay. Him and I are just putting the pieces back together on a rocky relationship.. Needless to say the ability to give him a gift like this would not only make my life with my wife 100% better, it would also be the best tool in the world to help reconstruct the relationship with him.. So, I don't want the wedges for myself. They will go directly to him.. and with this gift, hopefully we will be able to get back on the right page.. Im sure we would play alot more golf together and hopefully create a bond through the
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