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  1. SOLD-please close ad I have 3 vouchers available for the renowned UAW owned Black Lake Golf Club in Onaway, MI. They include 18 holes on the “big course,” 9 holes on their par 3 course and a hot dog. Paid $48 apiece, and would like to get $120 for the set of 3. They are valid though October if this year, after that, they still retain their cash value. Jump in this great deal, grab a couple friends and get Up North to play some golf! 50 Off Black Lake Golf Club in Onaway.pdf
  2. No problem. Good luck with your search!
  3. Forgot the 7. Also there are a couple rough spots on the 5 and 6 towards the toe, and on the 5 some finish worn off near heel/hosel.
  4. Not sure if there is. I played them for 12 years, and switched only because I wanted to build a set of Maltby DBMs. If interested, I’d consider selling. 3,4 are still shafted with dynalite gold S300. 5-p are heads only. If interested, let me know and I can send pics/figure out a price.
  5. I’d agree. Anything Maltby falls into this category.
  6. I have not had that problem. I’ve installed them on .355 and .370 tips without issue. For the hot water, I do soak them in water from the keurig, so it’s a bit warmer than from the tap. Maybe hotter water will help.
  7. I agree on that call. They are match play bulldogs. Also, the TV gripe that match play doesn’t work because stars could exit early seems very wrong. Match play, where every hole matters, is so much more entertaining to me. They should play more if these events. Maybe it makes sense to do it in the fall when NFL is going to win anyway.
  8. I gave away a Ping K15 3 wood because it just went straight.
  9. 13.2 was lowest index last year. I’d say with 20 attempts, in Thursday/Friday conditions it would likely be 90-115. Seems like any miss gets penalized quite a bit. I’ll pass on the $600+ greens fee though.
  10. The first round of our annual golf trip is labeled “Half in the Bag.” We play a stableford with a 7 club limit from the forward tees (rest of the even is from middle tees). I’m wondering if anyone has ideas on how to incentivize/ add strokes for people who choose to play with less than 7 clubs. The handicaps on the trip range from 6 to probably 50, with most guys falling into the 22-28 range. Our 6 plays off 0 for the trip, with everyone else getting 80%. So I’m curious if anyone has a good idea for adding handicap strokes if players choose to use less clubs (ie, if I am a trip hcp 6
  11. Honestly the component stuff, specifically Maltby and back in the day Snake Eyes (2 lines I have experience with) is so good, it’s hard to argue against it. The value is there, and even if the resale is low, it really doesn’t matter. You could build 2-3 component sets of irons with shafts you choose for the price of most OEMs. I’m not saying the OEMs are inferior in any way, but just that the pricing is where it is due to marketing and contracts.
  12. All of the Maltby heads are great, and I’d assume the same for the shafts. I play the DBMs, KE4 TC driver and the Moment XI putter myself and have built the trouble out chipper snd a couple hybrids for others. The only negative ever read about is resale value, but with the amount saved vs oem prices, who cares-just donate to first tee when it’s time to upgrade.
  13. I went with the 2.5” as I was advised the shorter neck would yield most toe hang. In reality, it has almost no toe hang. If face balanced= 3:00, this might be 4:00. I’d like to find a neck option similar to the spider slants, so probably 1” if not less. Even though it’s quite the opposite of my snake eyes sv1 (8802 style, full toe hang), I have putted well with it. You’re correct, I like a really heavy putter.
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