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  1. Just received up a rangefinder for Father’s Day to supplement my garmin S20. In the four rounds I’ve played with it, it still use watch only on 75% of the shots. I do like the laser for aiming point yardages (trees, lips of bunkers, etc.). If I could only use one, I’d stick with the GPS watch, but it’s nice to have options-especially on unfamiliar courses.
  2. Golfworks Jr. Pro Golfsmith Anser copy Spaulding TPM 5 Bullseye wide flange Founders Club Mo Cat Ray Cook Billy Baroo II Odyssey Whit Hot XG #7 Snake Eyes Viper Tour SV1
  3. Agreed on the sales. I’ve played all of the ones you’ve listed, and all are excellent. Most experience w/ Qstar tour because I stocked up last year during a sale. Find one you like at a price you like, and stick with it so you know what to expect when playing.
  4. Played 9 today at Royal Oak-extending my consecutive months played in MI streak to 62. I was totally ready to just add an * due to coronavirus. It was great to get back on the course and keep the streak alive.
  5. My friends and I played 45 holes at Indian River last year in the Sunday before we went to Augusta (we honestly thought we’d be rained out on Monday-hence the marathon). While the conditions were a bit rough, we loved the course and had a blast. Plus, we were playing on a ridiculous Groupon, and paid less than $50 per man to ride 45 holes. Luckily the rain didn’t hit Augusta til late afternoon on Monday, so we had most of the day on course. Again, not for everyone-but we made some great memories.
  6. Just ordered that same net. Before that, I ordered and assembled some Maltby DBMs with some Boyd Blade & Ferrule Co ferrules.
  7. I had a set of the Transitions, and my uncle had a Foiler driver and fairway wood. Unique clubs for sure.
  8. Rahm, but would love for Westwood to get it done.
  9. Golfworks Jr. Pro (1988-91) Langert Transition (1991-92) Hogan Magnum Plus (1992-2006) Mizuno MX-23 (2006-present) reshafted with Recoil 780 ES in 2017. I am thinking about building a set of Maltby DBMs at the moment.
  10. I went last year on Monday. It’s awesome. Get there early. We hung at the range for a while, then once the course was actually open, we walked the front, then hit the merchandise shop, then the range again for a bit (better to see in daylight). Following that we walked the back, then hung at 16 for a while. They cleared the course around 3 due to incoming weather, and we did our best to take our time leaving. If I go again, I would hit the merchandise shop first, as the line mid-day was pretty long to get in. Just enjoy it, such a great place.
  11. This is true. I’ll m assuming the new design makes it easier though-kinda tight to cram stuff in the 2016 model. This is a nit pick though, I really do love the bag and hope it lasts a long time.
  12. I love my 2016 hoofer-the only knock is the lack of full length pocket for rain gear, etc. 2020 model has it, so if I were in the market, that would be my choice.
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