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  1. Golf Pride Tour Classic mid size. Getting a little hard to find.
  2. Actually my normal White Tees are are 6000 yds which is where I play 75% off my golf. I play in a week day senior game from the 5500 yard Gold Tees. Normal scores are low to mid 70’s from there, and high 70’s from the Whites. The -5 was a complete aberration
  3. Knocked over one more golf milestone today. Shot my age today, 67 on par 72. Tees were only 5500 yards but hey, I’m 67! My handicap is about 8 so this is my lowest score by one stroke. Lowest to par by three strokes. I have 2 holes in ones and many eagles on par 4’s, need that Albatross next!
  4. I was standing just to right of him when he did that after 3 putting for bogey. Thought it was bizarre to say the least. It was like “Hi Mom”, but they had a camera at the back of the green trained on him.
  5. I also had a Grom back them with the torque strap and it was great. I have recently bought a Black Player 2.0 bought a couple of seat belt covers for the cart straps and they work great.
  6. I got a Black Players 2.0 14 Way in April and here are my impressions. - Quality of materials and zippers are first class (read about the cart strap issue and bought seat belt protector on Amazon…works great) - like secure zipper pocket inside the large side pocket - Stand system works well - got both straps and use the single strap almost exclusively( easy to pop and store while on a cart) - it just has a sexy/ wow factor! Only negative is the 14 way top and slots could be a little bigger and may be on the Player III. We’ll see how long it lasts for the price.
  7. Gotta a Newport Select underneath my WGC FedEx St Jude Invitational cover. Reppin my local golf tournament. Also use a University of Memphis cover during football/ basketball season
  8. Kind of worry about Wilson. They are more of a MacGregor contemporary than current big manufacturer, however.
  9. First set was hand me down MacGregor DX2 Tourneys.
  10. I used Ju Ju’s for several years but now use vintage leather’s
  11. I have owned both MT and DX Tourney irons. I used to think that the DX’s were more entry level and less cost, and they may have been. But I have also grown to think they were more forgiving kinda of early game improvement irons.
  12. Already had the single strap on my Titleist bag that I bought from Vessel. I don’t like the back pack straps when I ride.
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