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  1. 1. What is your nearest Titleist fitting location, search HERE MILES OF GOLF CINCINNATI 6400 Dixie Hwy Fairfield, OH 45014 2. City and State? Cincinnati, OH 5. Handicap? 2.0 4. Current Driver Setup? 915 D3, C1 Setting, 43in play length 5. Where you fit for your current driver? MoG Cincinnati 6. What TSi head do you want to test? TS3 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  2. Do you play out of a club or at random courses? Out of a club will be challenging, as most people join as families. My club is a bit younger, so we have a few single guys but I think that's a bit of an outlier. If public golf, I think its just like anything else. Be around there for a while and become a regular. Develop a relationship with other regulars and use their network to find someone. Online dating is always an option, and you can indicate your hobby is golf. I met my future wife on a dating app, we both love golf, and she's everything I could ever want.
  3. Your name is pretty androgynous, but I assume your female. I guess understanding if this is romantic or platonic would help drive the conversation.
  4. For Sale: 4-6 0311P / 7-PW 0331T Gen 1 PXG Combo Set - 1/4" short, Modus 120 X-Stiff, Undersize Grips, Lead tape to swing weight back to normal This was a "frankenset" I used for a long time as I iterated through until I found something I loved. I have recently replaced these with the Gen3s. Love the set, just no use for them anymore. Price: $650 $600 $575 $500 $450 shipped
  5. I'm guessing the later you get into May the safer it gets?
  6. Evening Gents - looking for feedback on a bach party plan we are putting together for yours truly in Wisconsin. Would early May be realistic for the following: Wednesday - Late Afternoon @ Erin Hills Thursday - Sand Valley (arrive Wednesday evening) mid morning and Sand Box afternoon Friday - Mammoth Dunes then head to Kohler Saturday - Whistling Sunday - Black Wolf Any suggestion? We really aren't much for playing 36 in a day, all pretty old man for 30 years old. Any input appreciated.
  7. I just want to go out and say the Target and Old Navy brands are orders of magnitude cheaper looking and fit poorly. Bite the bullet and buy the Lulus.
  8. You guys think this is going to be a big enough improvement over the 915 D2 for a replacement. Feel like driver tech is totally stagnant.
  9. Is it worth looking into the TS3/4 if I am coming from a 915? Or am I burning money.
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