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  1. I would think it'll be an option soon. Blows my mind that after the success TM had with the Red JD spider years ago, most brands don't add a clean version at least on a bi-yearly release.
  2. Gifted a few of these and so far, perfect. https://www.chubbiesshorts.com/products/the-worlds-grayest-6-everywear-short?variant=the-worlds-grayest-6-everywear-short
  3. Thanks for sharing. I've not "tested" any of them but felt the MMT's to not absorb the ground impact as well as the MCI or even SF.
  4. Are you an MMT player? Curious if you've hit MCI's, Recoil & SF's. If so, how do they compare in your opinion? On this topic, I can't believe companies like Ping and PXG do not offer the 120 MCI's. Up-charge might be double of other graphite but boy they would sell.
  5. Anyone know if these 5 spikeless plan to be sold in Wide?
  6. Yep, I have one specific PLD that i'd love to get that face milling done to if they will "a la carte" it.
  7. Anyone know what Ping calls this face milling? I'm curious if their WRX will get this done and at what price?
  8. Driver face height has me thinking of the J33r 460 Driver. Site is quoting $279, seems they have at least 1 shaft for everyone. Diamana S+, Yellow Smoke...
  9. SteelFiber's 110 Stiffs, very different feel. Both are great non-steel options though.
  10. TY to all posting, research is done. ZX7's w/MMT 105's on the way.
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