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  1. Yep, I have one specific PLD that i'd love to get that face milling done to if they will "a la carte" it.
  2. Anyone know what Ping calls this face milling? I'm curious if their WRX will get this done and at what price?
  3. Driver face height has me thinking of the J33r 460 Driver. Site is quoting $279, seems they have at least 1 shaft for everyone. Diamana S+, Yellow Smoke...
  4. SteelFiber's 110 Stiffs, very different feel. Both are great non-steel options though.
  5. TY to all posting, research is done. ZX7's w/MMT 105's on the way.
  6. But he states that he loves the sound/feel off the tee, just wants it to be "harder" around the greens. I know, makes little sense but that's why were all on these forums.
  7. I have, played, S400, KBS Tour, $ Taper, Riffle 6.0's. I switched mainly to my body needing relief. That's what triggered it and it's worked well for me. I've tried the MMT 105's, Recoil 125's, SF 95, 110 & 125. IMO SF's feel more like a Project X shaft, could be just for me. I'm hoping to try the MCI's soon and ppl seem to love those. I also liked the MMT & Recoils, all good products.
  8. I have J40's CB's, J15 CB's, X-CB's & HF2's, have not been disappointed. I will likely purchase one of these when available here locally, have not heard if/when USA release will be.
  9. As always, all products shipped via USPS Priority or FEDEX. 1. Scotty T22 1.5 mint, rolled in office only. 34" SOLD 2. Betti BB one Limited Run Blackout mint. 35" $600 $550 3. i200 heads 3-GW, Power Spec lofts. Black w/Red dot in Wedges. SOLD 4. i500 heads, 3 black dot w/Power Spec, 4 & 5 standard lofts. Set was matched with below iBlades. SOLD 5. iBlade 4&5 iron w/Steelfiber 95Stiff built by Ping. 6-9i black dot -heads only- PW Red dot. SOLD
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