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  1. Went back and looked at the Paypal transaction and indeed , it was Roger Dunn Golf Hawaii. Sorry, no email address.
  2. Bought a club on eBay on 7/15, shipped on 7/16......no update since 7/27.
  3. Picked up a TS3 Driver from Carl’s golf land for $349......
  4. At least you get $65 in eBay bucks.....
  5. Not an expert like some others on here, but I have never seen a counterfeit left handed putter. Looks good to me.
  6. Recently had $20 off $100 but it is now expired. Hadn't noticed anything like that in a while though.
  7. SM6 are $160 per wedge? Sure($150 + tax) at Golf Galaxy, DSG, PGASS, etc
  8. With the coupons, I picked up 3 like new(theoretically, never been hit) sm6 wedges for $78/wedge. Basically half price for an unplayed wedge.
  9. Maxed out the $50 discount with 2 pair of FJ Freestyles
  10. Yes, provided the accepted offer is above $25 and the item is listed in the correct category.
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