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  1. I'll move up to the senior tees when I am no longer hitting mid and high irons to the green on my second shot. I'm 62 and I can play 6700 yds, much more than that and there will be par 4's that I would play as 4.5s.
  2. I like Hal's tweets. The challenge is taking the change from the practice swing to a swing with a ball. At some point you have to own the ball.
  3. I'm 62. My golf hasn't deteriorated since my mid forties, but my body sure has. In my 50's I went through a period where I was 30 to 40 yards shorter off the tee. Traced that to Lipitor and after that pravachol (both are statins). Moved to crestor and the 40 yards were back in two weeks. In February of 2020, I was diagnosed with bilateral frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), then in August of 2020 I sprained my kneck. Together these absolutely destroyed my exercise regimen and my fitness. Think of not being able to move without risking eye watering pain. I started to be able to take swings with my speeds sticks this past August (in July the frozen shoulders hadn't resolved enough and I needed to let go with my right hand in the follow through due to limited ROM in the right shoulder). I played my first round in 23 months October 5. My distance with driver was right where it was 2 years ago : around 240 yards. My golf hasn't deteriorated. I've been trying to restart my exercise regimen. My strength is depressing, getting endurance back is both slow and boring, and ROM exercises are downright painful. One positive, my backswing is shorter.
  4. Good to hear and see you playing well Chris. That swing looks slow and easy, but I know it is crushed. I have been physically unable to swing a club this year due to bilateral frozen shoulder followed by a sprained kneck. I really missed Monte and you in NJ in this summer.
  5. Hi BirdieDoc, Thank you for the feedback. As you note, external rotation is prevented - very painful. I am a very well managed type II, so I am in the more likely group. I have been to an ortho now and they did x-rays of both shoulders and the cervical spine. The ortho diagnosed Frozen shoulders immediately and without hesitation. If I had any history of shoulder injury (which I don't), she would have suggested an MRI but did not feel that was necessary. Cortizone in both shoulders and PT. She did each shoulder separately a week apart and it has only been a few days since the second shoulder was done. I haven't noticed any reduction in pain in the first shoulder. From my reading on FS, the efficacy of cortizone is questionable especially in the pain phase of FS. The PT is having me do ROM exercises. What she has added are ways of extending the ROM while keeping the arm muscles relaxed - these are very effective. I also have tingling in along the pinkies and that side of both hands. I have been attributing this to C7. The Dr. had IMG done on both arms and it found nothing: the nerves in my extremities are fine and healthy. I have been doing Robin MacKenzie's exercises for cervical spine issues and that does resolve the tingling. I am seeing a hand specialist next week to start tracking the Duypuytren's contracture in my left hand, maybe he can address the tingling. Right now, the PT is having me do exercises to address upper body posture for neck and spine (forward head, rounded shoulders bad). Golf season is most likely over for me this year. Even just chipping is quite painful. The Dr. doesn't want to give me a time frame for this to resolve, but I did get "think in months not weeks" out of her. Again, thank you for the feedback.
  6. What a frustrating start to the year. Definitely pinched nerves at c7 AND frozen shoulder.The physical therapist Robin McKenzie has written about both of these and when I check medical sites, there you find his excercises. Surprisingly, the pain relief for the pinched nerves is fairly quick and I am making good progress between improving my posture and doing excercises. At the rate things are going, I will be done with that pain in a couple more weeks, 3 tops. The frozen shoulder is a different kettle of fish. I looked at the prognosis for this and the first stage is a pain stage that lasts 3 to 9 months, which is followed by a restricted movement phase that can last another year, then a resolution phase that can be another 6 to 12 months. Unacceptable. McKenzie has exercises for frozen shoulder and they are all centered on increasing the range of motion. You do the movements right up to the edge of pain with the aim of gradually increasing how far you can move without pain. Even in his book, the discussion is months, not weeks. I tried taking a backswing this past week. P3 was beyond my pain tolerance. I set up my dart board and tried throwing- missed the board entirely as my arm just won't move that way. Waking up each morning goes: hello pain, excercises to loosen the pain points, then excercises to the edge of pain, sit properly, repeat every 90 minutes. I hope I can swing by July. Both the frozen shoulder and pinched nerves can pretty much be written down to having spent the winter sedentary on a sofa reading and not moving. Repetitive idleness syndrome, as it were. Use it or lose it and I have lost it. I turned 60 last November. This is the worst, not my game going bad, just having no game at all.
  7. I am beginning to believe my doctor diagnosed a symptom and not the cause. I am coming to believe it is cervical radiculopathy. I am learning McKenzie and will see if that works. Initial results are promising.
  8. An hour later, it pretty much felt the same. The exercises I am doing are not pain free as I increase the range of motion. Over time, I am increasing the pain free ROM. I am working on strengthening and stabilizing the shoulder while slowly increasing range. Once I am back to normal, I expect to be able to do dead hangs without pain and that they will be beneficial, I am just not there yet. At the pace I am going, I expect that will be another 3 or 4 weeks, maybe 6.
  9. Doing some basic strengthening exercises for my shoulders has been helping. My range of motion without pain is getting slowly better. For kicks, I tried a dead hang. 15 minutes later my 6 yo asked:"Daddy, why are you lying on the floor whimpering?".
  10. I use mosquito barrier on my yard. It keeps them and gnats away for about 4 weeks with each application.
  11. Thank you for the replies. @Soloman1 non-intrusive is my prefered solution. Unfortunately, covid-19 is peaking in my home town right now (1.5% of pop has tested positive) so massage and current won't happen any time [email protected] I can't do a dead hang right now without agony. Maybe after I get past the acute phase. I will check out that [email protected] I have been doing pretty much what you did with some success. Pain in the right shoulder is way down from peak and the left shoulder is a tiny bit better. Not playing golf is easy as all the courses and ranges in the area are closed (though I wouldn't play otherwise, I am mentally closed to the concept of playing through pain).
  12. Anyone here gone through this? A sedentary winter and turning sixty and now I can barely lift my arms above my shoulders without pain. By pain, I mean 8 on a scale of 10 where 10 is kidney stones with renal failure. If you have been through this, did you get out by exercise, steroids shots and rehab, or did it take arthroscopic and rehab? If excercises, what were they. I have noticed a little improvement with rom excercises, but the improvement is very slow.
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