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  1. Looking for an es in 60. Stealth only
  2. Numbers look mizuno like
  3. Staff model and staff model R. A sleeve of each
  4. Something similar to us kids golf
  5. 2 weeks into my wait. I don’t like orders being off spec.....crossing my fingers but expectations are low.
  6. 50. Needs to be hardly used
  7. Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth heads. 50,56,60. Black dot. Heads only. I’m the original purchaser. $225 shipped for the set Ping glide 52. Black dot. Stock cfs shaft. Ping Glide forged 54, 58. Awt2.0 R shafts +1/4” with midsize grips. $235 for the set. Ping G30LS 10.5. Used 2 rounds. Stock ping tour 65 R. With cover. $155 shipped Cobra F9 hybrid. 21. Stock atmos stiff. With cover. $old shipped
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