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  1. Q Star Tour 6 packs at Golfdiscount for $6.99
  2. Yup good deals. I usually buy Z-Star 6 packs for $10...
  3. Any quality Urethane ball I can get for around $20-$25 per dozen. I don't notice much difference between them...
  4. It's usually a Z-Star because they're the best bang for buck around $20-$25 a dozen. I've been playing Chrome Soft this year because I got them at $18 a dozen. I like the QST for Fall golf...
  5. I had my best driving round since I stopped playing my Cobra SZ400. The shaft in it is perfect for my swing and I wish I could find something like it.
  6. Yes that shaft is a beast! I bought it for under $20 at Golfworks several years ago. I remember hearing about Robert Allenby buying a bunch of them. Anyway, I bought an Attas Coool 7s.
  7. and need a new shaft I can plug and play. I haven’t hit my F8 driver well all year and even well struck shots seemed shorter. I hit 1 today and the shaft snapped near the adapter. I’ve been researching shafts and want something in the 70+ gram range that’s a little more stout than the EF blue. The 2 shafts Ive liked in the past or a Enzo Zone 75 and Saber Tour Vector 75. Speeder 757 Evolution. Kuro Kage XM? Oban Devotion? Budget is under $200 total with grip and adapter.
  8. Standard with 3-4 wraps under my bottom hand or a plus 4, reduced taper grip. I tried midsize CP2’s and felt like I struggled to release the club.
  9. Ping I210...previously were Maltby DBM and Pi5 before that.
  10. I was pondering plastic tees but I seem to bend or break them as well.
  11. > @DaveMac said: > >Mizuno DNA (7i): 85, 5, 5, 5, 4. > Latest software (just updated for the MP 20 release) has the following starting recommendation. (Dynamic Gold 120 S300, C Taper lite X and Project X LZ 5.5) > The reason for the recommendations a moderately aggressive swing (Tempo 5) and a reasonably late release (Release factor 4). Aggression is tempered using heavier shafts and a late release usually responds well to a more tip stable profile. > The Modus 105 X comes in at number 10 and the KBS S Taper S and Tour S come in at 5 and 6 respectively. > These are y
  12. Maltby TE or DBM forged are easy to hit and you can pick any shaft and grip you want for a good price.
  13. The first guy nailed it...True Original or Sketchers
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