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  1. Q Star Tour 6 packs at Golfdiscount for $6.99
  2. Yup good deals. I usually buy Z-Star 6 packs for $10...
  3. Any quality Urethane ball I can get for around $20-$25 per dozen. I don't notice much difference between them...
  4. It's usually a Z-Star because they're the best bang for buck around $20-$25 a dozen. I've been playing Chrome Soft this year because I got them at $18 a dozen. I like the QST for Fall golf...
  5. I had my best driving round since I stopped playing my Cobra SZ400. The shaft in it is perfect for my swing and I wish I could find something like it.
  6. Yes that shaft is a beast! I bought it for under $20 at Golfworks several years ago. I remember hearing about Robert Allenby buying a bunch of them. Anyway, I bought an Attas Coool 7s.
  7. and need a new shaft I can plug and play. I haven’t hit my F8 driver well all year and even well struck shots seemed shorter. I hit 1 today and the shaft snapped near the adapter. I’ve been researching shafts and want something in the 70+ gram range that’s a little more stout than the EF blue. The 2 shafts Ive liked in the past or a Enzo Zone 75 and Saber Tour Vector 75. Speeder 757 Evolution. Kuro Kage XM? Oban Devotion? Budget is under $200 total with grip and adapter.
  8. Standard with 3-4 wraps under my bottom hand or a plus 4, reduced taper grip. I tried midsize CP2’s and felt like I struggled to release the club.
  9. Ping I210...previously were Maltby DBM and Pi5 before that.
  10. I was pondering plastic tees but I seem to bend or break them as well.
  11. > @DaveMac said: > >Mizuno DNA (7i): 85, 5, 5, 5, 4. > Latest software (just updated for the MP 20 release) has the following starting recommendation. (Dynamic Gold 120 S300, C Taper lite X and Project X LZ 5.5) > The reason for the recommendations a moderately aggressive swing (Tempo 5) and a reasonably late release (Release factor 4). Aggression is tempered using heavier shafts and a late release usually responds well to a more tip stable profile. > The Modus 105 X comes in at number 10 and the KBS S Taper S and Tour S come in at 5 and 6 respectively. > These are y
  12. Maltby TE or DBM forged are easy to hit and you can pick any shaft and grip you want for a good price.
  13. The first guy nailed it...True Original or Sketchers
  14. True's are great shoes. My main pair are Original's but I also own Sensei's and True Motion's. They fit my wide feet and help with balance.
  15. I think it helps my lag putting but I'm struggling inside 10 feet which used to be a strength. I'm not sure if it's getting used to a mallet or what...
  16. Has anyone tried the Ben Hogan Legend gloves? I try to buy a cabretta glove under $12 a pair and they are on my radar.
  17. The MG gloves I tried were the worst for quality. I really like my Puma Pro Formation's....
  18. I hit my Ping I210 9 iron about 160 total and use the 6.0. These shafts feel amazing compared to the DG S300 I played for years. My fitting done by a Mizuno rep suggested a X100 SS or S300 HS. When I did a 2nd trial on a different day, neither shaft was suggested by the DNA. The LZ 6.0 worked and felt the best to me with the Modus 120X 2nd.
  19. You're on the wrong side of the ball, ha. Is it me or do lefties in baseball and golf swing smoother? Anyway, the orange you have is CB so be careful when you upgrade.
  20. How do the Kirkland gloves fit? I noticed they don't have cadet sizes and I'm a cadet L or XL.
  21. I had stitching issues with the MG gloves and their sizing was inconsistent.
  22. Wide feet? True Linkswear OG or Sketchers GG Elite V3.
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