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  1. you gotta keep the La Grange -- it really looks fantastic!
  2. They both feel very solid. Not sure I could tell the difference between them.
  3. Congrats! You should go buy a real lottery ticket.
  4. did Gen3 heroes pricing go lower by any chance?
  5. I can't even tell what the La Grange is...is there any more info? I want to get excited but it looks like a long-neck Santa Monica?
  6. there will always be more putters in the future.
  7. Mine came in too. Keeping it in the collection! I've seen a lot of putters, and this putter really does feel solid and responsive.
  8. I don’t remember an Open pair of 5 lows? Was there? Wings for US Open. Tiedye for the PGA. Lucky than good for the Masters?
  9. After a long wait, my bag finally came in. Looking forward to many years with it.
  10. I'm kinda surprised the blue pair of Jordan IVs is getting more love than the Masters pair.
  11. SNKRs app is a problem, and their solution is terrible so far. And I'm honestly surprised to even get this one.
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