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  1. Love the Pinehurst bags! Glad to hear they fit 14 comfortably.
  2. Exactly what I did too. 10.5 turned down a click.
  3. Hi there, I need to buy a shaft from eBay for my driver. I noticed that driver lengths are 45.75" from Callaway. Brand-new unused shafts with a Callaway tip on eBay are measured at 44.25-44.5." Does this length typically not include the tip and that is the discrepancy? The shaft is $300 on golfworks. Thanks!
  4. You used this with the pull cart that is at Bandon or did you rent a Clic cart?
  5. Agree with these replies. Their customer service is top notch - just give them a call. Sorry!
  6. There is an older thread on the forum -- you'll find out that Philmont lost their greens 2 seasons ago and I'm not sure if the club will bounce back.
  7. While not irons, Scotty Cameron putters represent the easiest example.
  8. Gotcha. Should be an amazing set. Can't wait to hear about it. Congratulations!
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I love my Gen1XF irons. I'm wondering if I should upgrade to a Gen3 set.
  10. Do you find your Gen3XP are longer than the Gen2XP or Gen1XP?
  11. Thanks, Bonneville. I don't know anyone. I can't seem to crack the upper echelon of CC in the area. > @Bonneville85308 said: > > @stanford88 said: > > would love to hear more about Gulph Mills? Is it that hard to join? > > Yes. If you don't know any existing members fairly well, I'd say forget it.
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