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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I love my Gen1XF irons. I'm wondering if I should upgrade to a Gen3 set.
  2. Do you find your Gen3XP are longer than the Gen2XP or Gen1XP?
  3. Thanks, Bonneville. I don't know anyone. I can't seem to crack the upper echelon of CC in the area. > @Bonneville85308 said: > > @stanford88 said: > > would love to hear more about Gulph Mills? Is it that hard to join? > > Yes. If you don't know any existing members fairly well, I'd say forget it.
  4. would love to hear more about Gulph Mills? Is it that hard to join?
  5. All of the branding in the store was removed (signs and logos), and golf galaxy has the putters on clearance. Really surprising. I game an Indy and like it a lot. Unless they dropped odyssey and Callaway it is unlikely they don't carry them anymore. The 2018 models have mostly sold out everywhere. The 2019 models will be in store next month. Pre-orders just started Friday.
  6. Surprised to see Toulon leave my local golf galaxy. Does anyone know what is going on?
  7. I bought and installed the grips too. I have used them for 2 rounds so I can't say much about the caddie feature. Bigwyoming did a great write-up. I use an iPhone X. I didn't have any problems with the pairing process (the iPhone X camera was spot on) or on-course performance so far. My major gripe is that the putter sensor didn't fit the butt end of my Toulon putter. Otherwise, it has been magical. Battery does get drained on the phone but easily completes 18-holes to 30-40% left. And the Apple Watch app is very fast and accurate -- most surprising and pleasant feature. I hope they'll
  8. Those Indy putters look black on top? different variation? The latest tour pics from Sanderson Farms shows a couple versions. had to look them up. looks promising!!!! Sorry, meant to post those myself! Well done! I have seen the Atlanta have at least three different necks. So, I think Toulon has a head that's as versatile as their San Diego. Hopefully will see multiple options available through the Garage
  9. Respectfully disagree, love my Toulon putter and have experienced outstanding service from their team.
  10. Looks great. Congratulations! I love that putter! Is the garage headcover different in quality from the standard one?
  11. ​Current USGA handicap 7.7 What are your current irons and shafts (be specific) Titleist AP1 with KBS Tour 90 Stiff shafts Were you fit for your current irons? If so, where / when? Club Champion, Philadelphia, PA State why you'd want to attend this exclusive opportunity to be fit at TaylorMade Golf I've been working hard with a golf coach for the past 12-months, and I've improved my ball striking significantly. I aim to lower my handicap as far down as possible. As a data-conscious person, I would love the opportunity to fine tune all of my equipment to the greatest extent to maximize my p
  12. Backstryke was a popular option a few years ago. Will you bring it back with the new insert technology? Would love to see that!
  13. Your experience completely matched mine as well. It was very disappointing.
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