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  1. I guess it helps ingraining good sequence because of the slower speed those swings require. I've heard in the past Monte say that every swing change must be implemented with little pitch shots.
  2. Thanks Monte, it's vague but I understand the idea and why I get steep in the downswing with that swing thought. So I'll continue to improve my sequence, hoping I'm less flat with my shoulders at impact BECAUSE I transition better and not the othet way around.
  3. Monte, I bought your 'Use the bounce' video last spring and it totally changed my short game. This series is pure gold: no more chunks, no more bladed shots. BTY I also improved my bunker play and my putting. I thank you for that. Now my question is: could we extend this 'underhand toss' notion to the full swing? When I swing with that thought, I don't early extend at all, I rotate more (I have slow hips anyway and even if my swing speed is around 98 MPH at 68y old, my hips are barely open at contact) and my shoulder plane looks steeper, like I think it should. The only drawback is I tend to steepen the shaft more than usual and to pull the ball. Thank you for your answer and pardon my english, I'm french (from Quebec). PS Anyone's advice on the forum is welcome, of course.
  4. These are the most beautiful clubs I have seen lately. I just crave for them!!!
  5. And I guess your pitching wedge is around 115 and your A wedge a 100 yards. That makes 15 yards gaps for the scoring clubs. Are you comfortable with these gaps?
  6. Can somebody playing these irons with a 95-100 mph driver swingspeed post his precise yardage for the 6-7-8-9-P-G? I'm interested in these irons but I'm afraid the gap between, say ,an 8 and a 9 iron for instance would be more than the standard 10 yrads.
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