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  1. Regular Radspeed head or XB? What colorway? hard to tell from the pic. Thanks!
  2. Wow, I forgot to turn on notifications for this post. Thanks for all the replies guys. Looks like we'll definitely be checking out Pawley's Island and Murrells inlet. The guys are planning on a trip down there for next years golf trip so maybe we can plan to visit one of those places. Thanks for all the feedback much appreciated!
  3. Hey guys, My brother and I are looking into buying a condo in SC in the coming year. We're leaning towards Hilton Head since we've been a couple times and have loved it. However we're open to other areas on the SC coastline, only basic requirements in "other areas" are that it be near golf (obviously) and near the beach (wife's requirement so very important). If you have any location recommendations or ideas on where we should also look I'd love to hear em! Thanks!
  4. I've been searching but haven't been able to find a concrete answer. Does anyone know if MA residents can golf in CT without risking a misdemeanor? I know NH, ME, RI are all residents only... Thanks.
  5. That makes sense. I was confused as to why you could select color, tip size, bend but there was no option to add to cart or buy. @AG12 I checked there but seems they only have straight shafts. Thanks!
  6. Cool, I’ll give them a call. Didn’t know if they sold direct since you can’t purchase on the website. Thanks.
  7. Anyone know where I can pick up a brushed black single bend in .370? I've been looking everywhere and no one seems to stock these. Thanks.
  8. Sold out until January! Damn. I've been working on this exact feel after a lesson. I'll definitely pre-order after all the good feedback.
  9. Tried both at a fitting and ended up with the 585's, I've only been hitting them in a sim for the last few weeks but I'm absolutely murdering these irons. They feel great and as everyone else said are super forgiving. I tried, the new Miz, TM, Cally, PXG and none were close for me.
  10. Had a fitting and hit all the new major irons, TM, Cally, Ping, Miz even PXG's. The Srixons were the best for me and IMO felt the best. Ended up with Z585's and KBS TGI shafts which are awesome as well. Moving from Miz 900HM the Srixons feel sooo much better. I highly recommend.
  11. @neverfadeaway86 Thanks for the offer. I don't think the guys I'm going with are willing to spend that much for a round. There are 4 of us going down... Omni ChampionsGate looks really nice, we are landing at 11 on Friday so we're planning our first round around 2PM after grabbing some lunch, which seems to be twilight rates for most places in Orlando. Looks like we could do National/International for the same price as Falcons Fire. Do you have to be a guest at the Omni to play there? I'm going to run it by the guys, but I'll probably switch the tee time to the National course at Omni if possible. Thanks for all the input!
  12. We're heading to Orlando the first week of May for a couple days of golf. We originally had planned to play Falcons Fire when we arrive Friday afternoon. Then the Disney Palms & Magnolia courses on Saturday, but after looking at this list I'm having second thoughts on our course selection. Grand Cypress looks nice, would you recommend that over Falcons Fire? Pretty similar distance from MCO as we plan on landing, grabbing lunch and heading out for a round. Any other thoughts for 36 on Saturday? If you had the option would you do OCN or the Disney courses? Thanks!!
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