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  1. I bought it to replace a PXG Gen 2 19 degree hybrid, to fit between my 3 Wood and 4 iron. I hit 4 iron about 210, 3 Wood about 250. This fits right in at 225-230, trajectory is more hybrid like, seems really forgiving. I'll report back when I get it outside
  2. I've only got to hit it on my simulator, but man it feels and looks GREAT!! Very neutral looking at address, seems very easy to hit. I have no affiliation with the company, but I got to give a shot out to Discount Dan's. I ordered this on Monday, custom 1/2" short with an RDX Smoke 80 Stiff. It arrived today.......amazing.
  3. Looking to unload a few items, reasonable offers considered, especially on multiple items. 1. Fujikura Ventus Red 6x, no tipping, extremely clean, plays 45" installed. Royal Grip full cord installed with air on it, $250. 2. PXG 0317 Gen 2 19 degree, playing length is 40",HZRDOUS Smoke 6.0, Royal Grip full cord. Great condition, headcover & tool included, $140 3. Nippon Modus 130, 4-Gap wedge, Regular Flex shafts with Z Cord grips, both are literally nearly new, maybe a few rounds, prepped and ready to go. 5 iron tip to end of grip is 37". $180 4. HZRDOUS Smoke 6.5, 70 gram shaft, Titleist tip, plays 43" installed, Royal Grip full cord, in good used condition. SOLD
  4. Hello, I posted these yesterday, but jumped the gun on the 24 hour rule, apologies to the moderator. Following items up for sale, reasonable offers considered, no trades please. 1. Callaway Epic Max LS 9, Tensei Blue AV 65 Stiff, 45.5", Winn grip. Very clean, no marks to note, $old 2. Bettinardi Studio Stock 38, Mint, new green Star pro only cord grip. 35", std loft & lie, custom paintfill, no headcover. $245 3. Footjoy Athletic Pants, 33x32, black pair unworn, khaki worn once. $old for the pair
  5. Hello, this was basically my backup bag, but it's literally just collecting dust, so off it goes, reasonable offers welcome, no trades please. 1. Bridgestone J40 DPC, 3-PW. Extremely clean. I have attached a pic of the specs they are built too. Nippon Super Peening Blue X Flex Soft Stepped 1 time, BB&F ferrules (matching paintfill) Royal full cord grips that have plenty of life. SOLD 2. X Hot 3 Wood, Aldila Tour Blue 75S, 43". Royal full cord grip. Have a little lead tape on toe and heel, sitting at D2. Beautiful condition, rare to find one this nice. $150 3. Callaway Apex Hybrid #3, Evenlow 85S shaft, standard everything, no grip installed. SOLD 4. 9 degree Mavrik Driver with Rogue White 60S, 45". I tried to remove the white lines on the bottom, so it looks a little rough. Play it as is, or get it refinished, SOLD
  6. I recently decided to do some tinkering with iron shafts due to the crap weather up here, and having the ability to compare numbers on a Mevo plus I acquired for a simulator in my garage. Little background, play off a 5, been as low as a plus 2. 39 years old, couple kids, work, wife, etc., don't get to play as much as I used to, simulator should help. 5'11", 180 pounds. Driving is my achilles heel, good short game keeps the scores manageable. 105 swing speed with driver, 90 mph 6 iron. Very quick tempo, medium trajectory, mid to high spin with Everything in the bag. Been playing X100s for a couple years, prior to that Nippon SPB X flex. I had a couple sets of heads in minty condition to experiment with. Enter Nippon SPB X flex soft stepped once, Modus 130 Stiff soft stepped once. I did this based on frequency data collected and figured they would play similar flex. Both sets play off a 29 degree 6 iron, 37.5" length, D4 swing weight. X100's Bridgestone J40 DPC......really the gold standard, consistent, heavy, I personally think they feel fine (not harsh). 6 iron launching at 15 degrees with about 6500k backspin, carry 178, total 182. Pretty solid overall, just lack any wow factor in feel. Nippon SPB X softstepped one time Bridgestone J40 DPC......SMOOTH, ball feels softer if that makes sense, little more sense of a kick, but controlled. 6 iron launching at 16 degrees with 5500k backspin, carry 186, total 190. Nippon Modus 130 Stiff Soft Stepped one time Bridgestone J38 Cavity Backs. Extremely smooth, possibly even more so than the SPB, but really close, maybe, and I mean a touch different feel than the SPB with the flex feeling closer to the clubhead if that makes sense. 6 iron launching at 16.5 degrees, 5500 backspin, carry 186, 190 total. What I learned.....for ME, the Nippon SPB and Modus seem nearly identical both in feel and ball flight characteristics. Both, again, to ME, have a much nicer feel off the face, marshmallow like, or like the ball is staying on the face longer. LOVE the feel!! A healthy reduction in spin with both Nippon Shafts, 1000 RPM. For me.....I like this, most courses I play aren't tour greens, so I have no trouble holding greens, and am happy to pickup a full club. TP5 X used for all testing. My favorite is the Modus 130s at this time, of course the real test will come on the course.....but that will have to wait for some better weather. Long story short, if you like X100 and are looking for a little more feel, little less spin. Or have a hard time finding SPBs but love the feel, I highly recommend the Modus 130. And of course a couple pics of the new sticks.....
  7. Hey all, I don't have the firepower any more. Shaft 1 is a 44" (plays 45" installed) AD IZ 6x. Great shape, nothing to note, $175. Shaft 2 is a 42" (plays 43" installed) AD IZ 7x, again, great shape, nothing to note, $175. Each used for about a season. Would take $325 for both, thanks for looking.
  8. I just got 13 of the original Avon Chamois grips in and had a quick question. I would prefer to install these logo down, bit the specs say they are ribbed. I know it is tough to feel a rib without installing, but these certainly seem round. Anybody install these logo down, issues, is there a rib? Thanks a lot for any help.
  9. Trying to raise some funds for new irons. All prices include CONUS shipping. 1. Cameron 08 Masters cover, was on display only. $100 2. Apex UT 21 & 24, Nippon SPB X Flex, std. Length, loft, lie. $160 for the pair 3. Tri Hot 3, green and yellow paintfill, Ping grip, std. Loft, 1 up lie, 35". SOLD 4. Tri Hot 3, all stock and minty, 33" odyssey grip, SOLD 5. Rogue 95 MSI, TM tip, 60, stiff, plays 45" installed, UTX grip.....$55 6. Rogue 95 MSI 80, stiff, TM tip, plays 43" installed. Best grips masters grip, $55 7. Nike Air Zoom 10.5....new, no box. $70
  10. Lost a bunch of weight, so looking to sell. 4 pair Puma, 6 pocket pants. All 36x32 with v hem, no tips, tears, or stains. All worn less than 5 times. $100 for all 4 pair shipped CONUS. 3 pair Nike golf pants, no tips, tears, or stains. 36x32, $60 for the 3 pair. Take all 7 pair for $140. Thanks for looking.
  11. One of the reasons I was so impressed visiting the Bettinardi Studio.....milled in house. Pretty sure I have heard the make other items for customers.....cant remember specifics though
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